DreamCoin is one of those jailbreak tweaks that is so goofy, you almost can’t stop yourself from laughing out loud. As you can probably tell from the video within, even I was barely able to contain myself.

DreamCoin is nothing more than a glorified Activator toggle that sits on your Home screen. You can assign it one “dream” aka, an Activator action, and execute said action by tapping the coin residing on your Home screen. Dreams? Coins? Is this real life?

The premise behind DreamCoin is simple, but the story that accompanies it is as silly as all get out. Not to mention that the developer pilfered that coin icon straight from the brain of Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamoto.

Try it for the laughs, but you’ll most likely delete it afterwards. Free on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. What do you think?

  • I seriously don’t get whats so funny about this tweak xD I’m from germany maybe thats why I’m missing something? Wanna laugh too xD

  • Hhmmm..HAHAHA kinda cute ~

  • Thies Verhave

    at 1:40 Jeffs evil laugh

  • davimount

    That’s useless and useful at the same time… weird.
    Mmm… Downloading. ^^

  • I don’t really get what’s so funny…

  • slowdeath

    May Dreams come true Jeff.

  • It’s completely, and utterly ridiculous, that’s what’s so funny.

    • Shadowlink

      I’ve seen you do videos of more ridiculous apps then this…

    • Kok Hean

      Remember the tweak to check for an app uninstall?

  • I use it for creating new messages quickly, works a charm. Thanks Jeff!

  • love Jeff’s wild laugh

  • Best Review of all Times !! I had to laugh because Jeff laughs, not because of the tweak…
    I didn’t expected a review like this from you guys! Gj 🙂

  • humbertqz

    what’s the name of the jailbreak to swipe up and show de multitask???

    • Zephyr I believe?

    • zephyr is the name

      • humbertqz


    • Zephyr

    • Zephyr

    • Codvisp

      Yes Zephyr is what u’re looking for! But why not use the simple Activator Gesture of “swipe from buttom” to show the switchbar?! 😉

      • humbertqz

        thanks a lot !! 😀

  • There is a other tweak like this that uses the dog from mario cart as the icon ..

  • Jeff thinks he’s good enough to call other’s people work ridiculous, he’s just forgetting how great people do great things starting with simple ones, and that no one do jailbreak tweaks just to pleaze egocentric people like you, they do it for the sake of freedom and creativity.

    • Just like a developer is free to create what they want, I’m free to voice my opinion. You can’t have it both ways.

      • Have an opinion doesn’t mean you’ve the right to denigrate the image of the creator of the tweak. Your video was ironic, as much as this entire post, and being like that, showing your opinion disrespecting someone’s work and image is very unprofessional.

      • His opinion of the tweak is his own view if he thought it was the worst tweak ever that’s his choice, I for one would rather someone reviewing something to give me 100% honesty then to glorify it to keep people happy, if the developer of the tweak can’t handle criticism then they should just stop creating because nothing is perfect and criticism comes with the territory

      • your coment is very controvertial, if he has the freewill to act like that, ironic, and be seen as just “his own view”, why can’t I do what I am doing? It’s my own view.
        Also, own view, as I sayd before, is different, you may say, you may tell others what your thoughts are, but never, EVER, make fun of others.

      • Clifford Bareng

        @Arthur Ribeiro:
        Chill out man! This is not a perfect world. Dont be too ambitious… to make it perfect

      • Clifford Bareng

        Hey Jeff!!
        Keep up the good work.

      • Laughing like a hyena was a little much though. As someone who like to promote the jailbreak community should bring yourself above that and gave a profesional review instead it came off as mockery of the app.

      • How about this, you try reviewing literally hundreds of items that duplicate existing functions, or have absolutely no use, and then get back with me. You two state that I don’t have the ability to develop a tweak half as good. Well, on that same note, when you review thousands of tweaks, then you will have some ground to stand on 🙂 I’d like to see you try to keep yourself interested long enough even to do a 5th of that. Either way, it’s your opinion, and you’re happily entitled to your opinion. I’ve voiced my opinion, you’ve voiced yours, and that’s that.

        I do appreciate you watching, and I hope that this hasn’t turned you off from watching future content. If so, that’s understandable, but I stick by my earlier sentiments, and have absolutely zero regrets for making the video, and being spontaneous like I was. I had no intents going into the review and video for it to come out like that, but it did. It was real, and not fake. It wasn’t contrived, and it wasn’t an attempt to be “ironic” as you state. That’s how I felt, what you see and hear is what you get with me, and if you’ve been a viewer for any decent length of time, you’d already know that. Still, I apologize If I offended you in any way.

      • That’s in the writing business you may also hear constructive criticism once in a while. I still like IDB though and will continue to visit the best iPhone blog! Thanks guys! Plus 99.9% of your videos are spot on. Another word too, you think it be nice to hear some crtitisim, other than everyone just being a brown noser

      • It’s nice to see that you would rather kiss his ass than see that it’s nice to be have a little of professionalism when talking about other’s people work

      • I’m not sure what your comment ment? Elaborate please. When I give criticism and i also give praise

      • Jeff, you’re such a good guy..

  • People start projects, sites, and communities with good will, and end up a little famous and a great egocentric jerk … sad, but also very common.

    • Yeah, you already said that. Jeff made a funny review of an app that’s CLEARLY made to be ridiculous. Stop making stupid assumptions about people you know nothing about and be on your way.

      • Sorry, did he say it was meant to be funny? Do jeff knows much enough to laff ironicly at his tweak? Ironic isn’t funny by the way, is mean.
        If jeff makes posts on this blog, it’s for the public, and the public has a voice, and an opinion about everything, I aint shut up because my opinion is not the same as yours, I know nothing about jeff, but I know the way he just acted like, and it was egocentric, mean, and judging. So why you don’t stop telling people they can’t expose their opinions in non-private websites?

      • Judging? It’s a blog, get over yourself. Do you want me to passively praise everything that comes across my desk or do you want the truth? And for the record, no one was bashing anything. I LITERALLY thought this tweak was one of the most hilarious tweaks I ever reviewed. No where did I call it bad. Stop putting words into my mouth.

      • Sorry, are you used to forget the things you write in the comments? Read the TOP comment ”
        utterly ridiculous “, that’s worst than calling something bad.
        I don’t ask you to praise everything you see, just to respect others people work, liking it or not.
        Do you know what I think it’s hilarious ? As much as small this tweak is, it’s well structured and very creative, even if it’s simple, you think it’s hilarious to make a tweak like that, but you yourself haven’t created anything like that, isn’t it ironic to laugh at other’s people work for its simpleness while you haven’t done anything better or even near it?

    • MohzeenHansrod

      Why the hell are you getting mad? Jeff is not BASHING the tweak, he’s laughing along with it. OBVIOUSLY this tweak is meant to be satirical (“A coin for all your dreams”) albeit still serve a purpose. Y’know what, Jeff? You should get the mod dev to say what he thinks about people judging you and calling you “egocentric” for laughing WITH the mod dev, and giving him exposure.

      Arthur, go back under your bridge.

  • The Developer should have made the Settings better…

  • Syed Ali

    I think you guys need to share this pill ur all havin? I feel normal :/ …

  • i guess the word “Useless” it is a way bit tinyer to discribe this “tweak”

  • ReanimationXP

    It’s a good thing “Open DeviantArt” is there..

  • its funny video thnx for that nice laugh 😀

  • LMAO

  • ZiiG

    Tried it…deleted it.