Making good on its promise it made last month at its I/O conference, Google has updated its Google+ app with full iPad support. The app has been optimized for Apple’s tablet, and looks great on its Retina display.

Other new features in the update include a new Events section and the ability to start and join Hangouts. Keep reading for the full rundown…

The headlining new feature in Google+ 3.0 is obviously iPad support. The update has been highly anticipated ever since Google showed off a preview of it during its June developer conference.

But there are a few other interesting new additions as well. Google+ Events is a lot like Facebook Events, allowing users to share upcoming happenings with friends and family, and invite them along. Then there’s Hangout creation, which is pretty self explanatory. Users now have the ability to start and stop Google Hangouts from their mobile device.

The new Google+ app is universal — meaning it works on both your iPhone and iPad — and can be downloaded from the App Store, for free. Oh, and while you’re at it, don’t forget to add iDB to your circles.

Have you tried the new Google+ yet? What do you think of the iPad version?

  • jose castro


  • forumiphone

    ı thinks google + stand strong but yes google+ has buts because

    ı sing up for google+ but ı can t fınd my friends
    even ı cant find anybody ı know
    if google + solve this problem ı am goıng to use more often then now

    ıt need ads or somethıng lıke that in Turkey %95 of ınternet user have facebook
    and %35 has twitter

    google + has tons of feature but ıt ıs feels lıke abandoned city;you want to visit but you bored after day one.

  • Mads Teland

    If you did have FullForce and toggle Google+ to fullscreen (old version) on iPad and updated and you will see same as the old version and you can’t toggle it off before FullForce has been updated 🙁

    • SimonReidy

      I had that too at first. I just disabled FullForce under the mobile substrate settings in SBsettings. Then the proper iPad version will load.

  • Love the G+ iPad app, but where is the messenger 🙁 that is the only thing missing…