All you have to do is just say the word Barrel, and people take note. Yes, Barrel, the staple jailbreak tweak, and arguably one of the most compelling reasons for jailbreaking your iDevice when it comes to visual modifications, has been updated.

The new mode (transition), is called Whirl. It’s safe to say that mere screenshots don’t do Barrel, or this latest update any justice. On that note, head inside and take a look at our full video breakdown…

We know that Barrel has been out for quite a while, but it’s remarkable to think that the developer still cares enough to provide updates from time to time. If you remain one of the few who has yet to try Barrel, then you purchase it for $2.99 on Cydia’s BigBoss repo.

Do you still use Barrel on your jailbroken device? What do you think about the new “Whirl” mode?

  • Dan

    fun tweak but I always end up turning it off after a day or two

  • Does it still break FolderEnhancer?

    • jose castro

      it shouldn’t… there is a folder enhancer fix in the tweak it self in the settings for barrel…

      • Yeah, I used to have it and that didn’t seem to help much, but I just re-installed and it seems okay for now. Thanks!

    • No. I have both and they work fine

  • I find that Random is the best mode of all. Plus when you show your friends its pretty damn cool. ;P

  • Does this tweak drains battery??

    • no more than iOS 5.x does. I haven’t noticed any extra drain since I loaded Barrel back when Absinthe 2.0 was released.

  • Gus Me

    How is this on memory? I have quite a few tweaks installed and recently deleted a few of them because of memory issues…

    • ive had barrel installed since my 3gs….. ill admit i have never looked at the numbers, but i have never noticed any sluggish issues with barrel…..unless i have too many UI tweaks installed, of course. 🙂

  • Johnathan Jennings

    I have to have barrel installed or my home screen is all laggy. It sucks

    • Winterboard fixed that lag issue with an update that they released some time ago. There’s no need of Barrel…
      If that’s the reason you have it installed, you can remove it now.

  • seyss

    It now forces you to install libhide, tweak behind all bugs related to white springboard icons… Nice touch huh

    • Outhig

      You can turn that tweak off though.

  • When I used it, long time ago (when there was only one effect), this tweak was a REAL battery drainer. What about now? Anyone complaning about battery issues?

    • Only when you got a very detailed and extensive theme enabled in my opinion.

  • awesome app/tweak :)…. one of the first few things i install after jailbreaking my iphone:)…. my favorite transition is “cube outside”…. and the coolest thing about Barrel is the fact that the developer quite often releases updates with new transitions to check out… well worth 2.99 for an quaility program and constant support 🙂

  • I have it installed, just so that winterboard runs smoothly.

    • Winterboard fixed that lag issue with an update that they released some time ago. There’s no need of Barrel…

      If that’s the reason you have it installed, you can remove it now.

      • Haha okay I’ll remove it right now, thnx 🙂

  • MagicDrumSticks

    Zephyr truly deserves a permanent implementation into iOS. It’s one of those tweaks that I can’t live without.

    • Gestures to switch between apps are included in iOS since 4.3 on iPad…

  • Also worth noting that you now get a Barrel icon for quick setting changes. I am down to 3 pages on my phone… first page using HTC Weather Widget and 4 icons below it… 2nd page with Dashboard X widgets enabled with Weather and SBS settings and 8 folders using Infinifolder… and the 3rd page with My IP widget and Jukebox. So I don’t get to see the Barrel effect often, but when I do, I still enjoy it. Just loaded up Whirl and it’s a cool one.

  • Does anyone remember the vortex transition? How can I get this back? I know barrel 2 has it but that’s a cracked version which is unstable. Can I change one of the integers in the plist to get vortex back?

  • hamid

    yeah its cool but what if it was available on nonjailbreak iphone.
    please find a way to install it on nonjailbreak iphone
    thanks alot.

  • Tiir

    keeps putting me on safe mode mind helping me pls???