Yeah as far as crazy rumors go, this one could be among the craziest. A new report is out this morning claiming that Apple is set to release a revamped version of its third generation iPad this summer.

The difference between this tablet and the one that Apple released three months ago is that it’s supposedly going to be thinner, have better battery life, and its Retina display is going to be made by Sharp…

DigiTimes (who else) reports:

“Apple is reportedly set to launch an upgraded 9.7-inch iPad in the summer of this year with the device shipment volumes expected to increase starting September, according to a Chinese-language Apple Daily report citing sources from market watchers.

The upgraded iPad is said to feature indium gallium zinc oxide (IGZO) panel technology to allow the device to feature an even thinner design and longer battery life. Panel supply will be shifted from Samsung to Sharp, the paper noted.”

Interestingly enough, there were rumors leading up to the iPad launch that Apple was going to use Sharp’s IGZO panels in its new tablet. But the production quality of these panels wasn’t up to Apple’s standards.

It’s believed that this, among other problems, forced the Cupertino company to go with technology that made its tablet heavier and thicker than its predecessor — details the new iPad has been heavily criticized on.

Is it possible that Sharp now has its act together, allowing Apple to revert back to its original plan to make its new iPad thinner than its previous-generation tablet? Sure it’s possible. But is it likely?

If Apple started churning out these “improved” iPads, what would they sell for? The same price? How would early third-generation iPad adopters react to being stuck with 3-month old outdated hardware?

I guess what could happen is that Apple could change the way it makes the iPad — thus bringing about the aforementioned changes — and just not tell anyone, similar to how it quietly released the improved iPad 2 earlier this year.

The whole thing still sounds crazy to us, but it’s possible. This is Apple we’re talking about.

What do you think?


  • I’d go into Apple and complain, I’ve bought around 4 of the new iPads within the past few weeks and I’d be super pissed if all of them became outdated with a new release.

    • JerseyD

      Shut up. Even if it’s true that doesn’t make the other new iPads outdated. Heck I wouldn’t even consider the iPad 2 or iPhone 4 outdated yet. It’s technology, stuff is always going to get better and cheaper really fast. And if Apple got a good deal with new suppliers I would expect them to make the improvements and not worry about butt hurting cry babies.

      Plus the people complainig are probably the same ones who will line up to gobble it up anyway.

      • ReanimationXP

        You’re gonna tell someone to ‘shut up’ and be an ass because they’d be upset that their yearly-refreshed device was significantly upgraded after 3 months? An iPad is a large investment just like a computer. Nobody wants to see it outdated that quickly.. it means you should have waited, and that Apple should have taken their time with the release.

    • J M

      What need did you have for 4 of them?

      • One for me, one for Mum, one for Dad and one for my girlfriend.

  • My bet some guy in china heard summer and thought this summer, but it was supposed to be next summer or March.

  • jawadahsen

    When the source is digitimes, there is no point in reading the article..

  • Solowalker

    Yeah, totally not going to happen. When has Apple EVER done something like this? If it’s ever happened it’s probably been once. They just don’t do it. They made a decision and they’ll stick with it until next revision which won’t be within the same year. The iPhone 4S was supposedly the backup plan, too. Did they release another iPhone 3 months after that? No.

    People just need to use some common sense. Apple hasn’t gotten to be the most profitable company in the world by giving customers the finger like this rumor suggests. Not going to happen.

  • I held off on getting the iPad 3 after the ho-hum reviews of its battery life and size. So, for me, it may actually push me over the edge to upgrade!

    One option Apple could offer would be in essence a “Warranty Exchange” (plus a processing fee) of the first gen iPad 3 to this upgraded model, then sell the first gen iPad 3 as refurbished. This would inconvenience those who bought the iPad 3, but want the upgrade.

    Or, maybe the rumors of an iPad “mini” will incorporate a smaller size and this newer Sharp technology?

  • Biggest piece of bullshit I have heard this year. There’s no way this could be true.

  • more battery life….!!!….wow wow wow…:))

  • bozo_z_clown

    Why would they do this? What competitive product is this addressing?

    They can wait until April next year to do this and still maintain a comfortable competitive advantage.

  • i fully expect the screen technology they used on the macbook with retina display on the ipad soon though

    • macbook retina and the new iPad have the same pannel it’s called IPS 🙂

    • David Villamizar

      If you mean the panel fused with the backplate, I don’t think that would be possible since in the iPad there’re processor, memory and stuff between the backplate and the screen.

      • ReanimationXP

        I believe it’s fused with the front glass, not the backplate. The iPad / iPhone 4/4S are designed this way too.

  • Dan

    would suck for people who already bought it imo

    • Gucciipad

      Sucks for me

  • Possibly A6 processor onboard too?

  • Apple is not that dumb. Crazy article.

  • “How would early third-generation iPad adopters react to being stuck with 3-month old outdated hardware?”
    Just ask anyone with a samsung or a HTC

  • Pfft. Has DigiTimes EVER been accurate?

  • I totally doubt it! No way they would

  • twited21

    It could be just the same iPad but it supports European 4g band widths after all they did take a lot of stick for branding it 4g when it didn’t support it in Europe
    Wait and see there might be some truth in this but I dont think it’s going to be the next gen but a tweaked current generation

  • No one will ever believe digitiimes anymore believe me!

  • Bollocks

  • Dante Riccelli

    Yea, this would make Apple less popular and shrink in the market. If they did this the consumers would think that Apple will do this with all it’s future devices. So then people will not trust Apple anymore and move on to the second best company.