Jailbreakers who use the popular WhatsApp messenger will be happy to hear that Delicious, the folks behind biteSMS, have just released a handy new tweak for the client.

Quick Reply for WhatsApp hit Cydia today. And as you may have guessed, it enables you to quickly reply to incoming WhatsApp messages from anywhere in iOS…

For those who aren’t familiar with WhatsApp, it’s a cross-platform messaging service with somewhere in the neighborhood of 50 million users. The iOS app will run you $0.99.

And if you’re using the app, you’ll definitely want to grab Quick Reply. Once installed, you’ll be able to respond to WhatsApp messages from your device’s Lock screen, home screen, etc., via a biteSMS-esque popup window.

If you’re interested, you can find Quick Reply for WhatsApp in Cydia, in the BigBoss repo, for free.

Update: As noted in the comments below, the tweak is actually only free for 7 days. Then it’s $1.99 for a one-year subscription.


  • billypuntove


    I love the guys behind BiteSMS. Always thinking of what’s convenient and developing it right away!!!

    • Giel Konink

      it is gone !

  • billypuntove

    From the Cydia description:
    “It’s FREE for the first 7 days, so try it out and if you like it, support us and buy a copy”

    Just thought I’d let everyone know and maybe the article could inform readers, too. ($1.99 for one year)

    • Melvco

      Thanks for the heads up! We updated the post. This tidbit was tucked away at the bottom of the tweak’s description in Cydia, and we missed it.

    • Thanks! You dont know how many times i wish i could develop a tweak for whatsapp.. Lol.. It was a struggle having to go to the app everytime i had a message come in! Thanks! Now im gonna go buy it..

  • Now add Viber, and go fuck Android. This is what Android users used to brag about.

  • Even better quick reply tweak coming soon, no need to rely on another app

  • BiteSMS for IPad, please 🙂 ofc, specifically designed for it, it should be 🙂

  • No texts me 🙁

  • abhay gulati

    2 years ago i wrote to these developers! And there were others who echoed my pleas. Im so happy its finally happened 😀
    Thank YOU!

    • It’s not really the developers fault. There’s no way to do this with iOS unless you jailbreak. Blame Apple.

      • abhay gulati

        I’m not blaming anyone dude. Just happy its done!

  • Well_Said

    What’s biteSMS?

    • maurid

      A jailbreak app in Cydia that works as the regular Messages.app but on steroids. The main selling point I would say is the QuickReply feature

      • Well_Said

        But intelliScreen X has similar messaging feature on the notification centre.

      • not everyone have intelliscreen.

        biteSMS is feature packed in ways you can’t imagine. allows you to works everywhere with messaging without interrupting what you’re doing

  • JaeM1llz

    This is awesome, I wonder why they opted for a subscription payment system this time instead of a one-time purchase. Either way, these guys deserve it. This is messaging the way Apple should have done it.

  • jvkeizer

    Awesome! 🙂

  • lets get one for facebook messenger already

  • i LOVE this tweak so much !

  • Awesome!!! If could have the QuickCompose feature (as biteSms) it would be something magic!!!

  • 1 year subscription? It means every year I will have to pay again!

  • I tried this tweak before(when it was onlyna tester) and kept duplicating responses and sometimes keyboard wont show up. Please someone tell me if these issues have been fixed. Thanks in advance

  • does not appear in bigboss repo for me :/

  • nice 🙂

  • cant seem to get it to work with 3g 4.2.1 just crashes when i open settings any idea ?

  • what’s the name of the jailbreak app/tweak where you write something in notes and it change what you wrote?

  • Jonathan Gunn

    LOVE IT! Can you make one for KakaoTalk now? 😀

  • pmcarrion

    The price has increased to $2.99 per year…

  • A quick reply for Voxer would be amazing

  • Hi. I have updated my whatsapp and this quickreply stopped working. Whatsapp stopped buzzing too!! So any help plz

  • I thought i left a msg over here!!
    Nwy i love wat this program can do, but it stopped working ever since i updated my whatsapp 3 days ago!! So any suggestions or help plz??