Shared Photo Streams is a new feature in iOS 6 that allows you to selectively share photo albums with friends and family of your choosing. Unlike the My Photo Stream feature which is geared only towards individual photo sharing amongst iOS devices and computers owned by you, Shared Photo Streams brings a social element to iOS photography.

The streaming element comes from the fact that you can dynamically add or remove photos from a shared album and they will almost instantaneously appear or disappear on demand. Album viewers can also comment and like your photos, and you will receive push notifications any time someone does so.

Take a look at our full video walkthrough above for a look into how Shared Photo Streaming works.

Will you use Shared Photo Streams, or will you stick to more “traditional” photo sharing via Facebook and Instagram?

  • M Last

    really really cool!
    I can’t wait :))))
    thanks for video

  • Omar Plumey

    Looks like something I would use.

  • Well_Said

    Jeff Benjamin shows a lot of passion for apple products.

  • imot65

    iPhoto’s Photocast resurrected for the iDevices, no?

  • seyss

    We can hear the echo from your new office. Damn I feel ashamed to know that much about you.

  • I would be content with just being able to EASILY sort and separate photos on my iPhone / iCloud.

    I do have separate Albums – but, you really don’t, because the main album still references the photo, even though I put it in a “vacation” folder, or “work” folder! So, in essence, I have 2 copies showing.

    But, what is frustrating, when I try to “clean up” my main folder by deleting out the photo, it will ONLY delete it from BOTH Albums/Folders!!! Why???

    Why can’t I just keep a photo in folder/album A or B or C or ??? Instead of being forced to have to keep it also in the main camera roll…. It just doesn’t make sense to me!

    And while I’m ranting – why won’t Apple’s camera just let me chose at the time I’m taking pics which album/folder I want my pics to go to??? Really, how frustrating it is to take a bunch of party photos, then have to later “move” them to a Family / Friends Album/Folder. Or, pics for work, then have to move them later.

    Come on Apple – the user experience REALLY needs a “boost” here with the way the camera app handles photos and sorting.

    Do you agree – or am I just a “nut” ranting???…..

    • insp1112

      Good point! Dude!

    • jgr627

      Nut ranting, what’s wrong with the simple dumb proof system they have right now? If you want to get fancy you can buy the iPhoto app…..but the system they have is perfect and I wouldn’t change it for any other experience

      • apples is for dumb people is that what you’re implying? It’s not a nut rant, who would want to buy an I-device but only to end up being on the computer to do simple thing such as moving photos around? I also hate that they put all your picture in your camera roll, and even if you create a album on your computer and sync it, the problem is that you can’t delete the sync photo on your device the only way to delete is to go back on your computer to delete the photo from the album and re-sync which is stupid.
        I do like cloud but for some reason the album created from the photosteam would randomly delete photos and only 3 or so would remain.

    • If you want true photo albums, organize them on your computer by using the photos in your Photo Stream, and then let iTunes sync your folders, allowing you to sync only the folders you want to have on your wiresless device. Have you not figured this out yet?? This is most basic. The albums made on the phone on-the-go are references to save you valuable space in case you didn’t have the $$ to front for 64GB. Who wants multiple files?…that’s stupid. You can thank them next time rather than ranting.

    • Kino

      I agree 100%. You hit every complaint to the tee!

  • SimonReidy

    This is probably the most useful feature added in iOS6 for me. Given my entire family have iPhones and iPads (and they all suck at sharing photos clogging up my inbox all the time ;-)) this will be a very useful alternative to emailing or manually uploading photos to other websites. I noticed there was an option to make the stream public on iCloud too, which could be very useful in some circumstances as well.



    • Why would android copy this when all our photos are loaded to Google Plus where we share them as easy? Good to see Apple is catching up!

  • Nice, now all people will be able to share photos, only for those who we choose to show! God, I will use this when iOS 6 GM comes out in fall! Now imagine, in ios 7 this feature + Facebook (integrated with photo stream) will allow us to like and comment directly, without logging in to super slow Facebook app! <— mix of intelliscreen X + Facebook + photo sharing 🙂

  • Why the heck is this not available for the iPod Touch??

  • I have ios6 on my 4s with the update from yesterday and no photo stream sharing. Maybe it’s only on ios6 on the ipad?

    • no it is on the 4 and 4S as well. go to your photos…look at bottom…tabs…photo stream and places. if not, reinstall.

  • Loopthree

    Nice!! Great video 🙂

  • my only issue is that albums are not interactive… it would be perfect if i make a share photo stream for my family and they can add pictures unto the same album instead of just me.

    • Great idea!

    • This is your phone space…tough to monitor who adds and how much. Especially if public.

      • It would be fairly easy to implement basic permissions on the “share with” list for posting privileges. When using photo streams with the Apple TV for a screensaver, it’s natural to want to allow multiple family members to post their photos to a shared stream that shows in the living room.

  • will folks who receive shared photos be receiving FULL definition images that they can download and edit (e.g. my husband can take those pics i take and add to a family album he’s creating)?

  • Shared photo stream is awesome!
    Not same as Instagram or Facebook. I share my pictures with exactly who I want, one person or a group and we comment back and forth.
    All without extra apps is brilliant!
    This is a great feature that should have been mentioned a bit more in the keynote.

  • DanBarraclough04

    Is there a way I can allow others to post to my shared photo stream? I want a PhotoStream for example I can call “Dogs” and allow my family to post pictures into it? At the moment I can only see its letting just me post photos into it.

  • I just updated to the ios6 and it won’t let me stream photos to everyone.. only certain people. Why is that and what can I do to fix it?

    • Same problem, my wife can share with me, but I can’t share with her. WTH?

    • I figured it out, they have to have an email address in your contact list. I didn’t have my wife’s email (becasue it’s memorized) Once I added her email to contact, I could share with her. Hope this helps!