Since it debuted back in 2007, the iPhone has become somewhat of a point of reference for other smartphones. It seems that every time a new handset is released, we hear: “is this the iPhone killer?”

And it looks like the same thing has happened with Apple’s digital assistant. “Siri competitors” seems to be becoming a popular meme, as we’ve already seen one from Samsung, Google, and now LG…

LG introduced “Quick Voice” yesterday, a digital assistant aimed squarely at the likes of Siri and S Voice. The feature will start arriving on a select few of the company’s devices later this month.

According to BGR, the voice assistant will [initially] only have access to 11 applications. But will make up for that with the ability to search the web for things like weather and stock quotes.

If nothing else, LG’s announcement confirms that Apple has done it again with Siri. Companies seem to be legitimately threatened by the feature, and are obviously devoting a significant amount of time and resources to produce their own solutions.

But as with the iPad, Apple has jumped out to quite a lead in this space and it’s not looking back. The company recently announced its first major update for Siri, which will include several new features and in-car support from auto manufacturers.

Will anyone be able to catch up?

  • another company trying to copy Siri…. great keep trying

    • Shadowlink

      Yeah because apple doesn’t copy…….

      • SimonOrJ

        Apple actually copies from Jailbreak community. And Google as well.

      • Shadowlink

        Yeah I know I was just being sarcastic I guess I should have put (sarcasm) somewhere lol

  • Siri is too good to defeat now. Forget it LG.

  • Siri is too good to defeat now. Leave it LG.

  • To have something like Siri, there need to be the simplistic design, facts and also the fun of talking to it.

  • Another poor asian clone company that can’t come up with their own innovations. The sales figures will show who the public prefer! Go back to eating dogs LG!

    • M_AlO

      Dude, kinda racist..

      • Falk M.

        He didn’t say every company or most or anything is like that.
        All he said is that it’s another Asian “clone company”.
        While I wouldn’t particularly say LG is the typical “rip off” company, it’s no secret that in Asia a lot of “inspiration” is taken. Calling this out is perfectly fine as long as you don’t make it seem like it’s an exclusive Asia issue or that every company there is like that.

        Racist is much more reading all that into that neutral statement.
        As you auto-associate “asian” + “copy” to the – granted – common stereotype.
        If we want to get rid of prejudices and stereotypes we have to ignore them, even when they are spoken out clearly. Just move away from the shi* spitter (in case of hate speech and such stuff)

        I know I broke that principle myself, but I guess this view on the “racism” and all that issue is way too uncommon, so it should be passed on, breaking it’s very principle to support it for a while.
        Paradox I know.

      • M_AlO

        Okay, I get what you’re saying, but isn’t the “Go back to eating dogs..” comment racist? I think so..

      • Falk M.

        Oops, didn’t see that phrase before.
        You’re right, pretty racist a**hole.

        (Mind you: normally I don’t insult people (on purpose), but racists have lost all respect in my eyes)

      • M_AlO

        Well, I love insulting racist assholes! So, don’t mind me, go ahead and insult all you want.

        If that^ sounded like sarcasm, it’s not.

      • Falk M.

        Well whilst I’ll let some bad words slip, I still give too much about manners and I don’t wanna spread hate, as you can’t fight fire with fire.

        And no, didn’t come across as sarcasm at all. 🙂

      • M_AlO

        Lol, okay then..

  • Charles Valdez

    Siri? An Apple innovation? Please.

    • Falk M.

      Next time read the article, it didn’t claim it’s an original Apple innovation at all.
      But thanks for playing…

      • Shadowlink

        He never said it was the article it’s the blind fanboys that claim

      • Falk M.

        Well, apart from one guy who posted a comment like that (after Charles’ comment by the way) I see nobody claiming that here in the comments.

        And usually you’d reply to such a comment instead of creating your own comment thread.
        So it leaves me wondering who (from here) he’s replying to?

  • In order to beat Siri … Somebody gonna have to get KITT from knight rider and shove him in a phone lol

    • lmao or Tony Sharks Iron Man A.I.

  • the fact that every company is making a “Siri Competitor” is what’s making it the best.

  • insp1112

    Ahhh. Don’t even think about it. I tried it for once. That’s a piece of crap like s-voice. Well, little bit smarter than s-voice.

  • That’s why Apple in the front of the row , It creates and the other companies just clones

  • Falk M.

    What a cheesy picture! gawwwh!!! >_<

    • Falk M.

      Really the pic is so cheesy, please remove it LOL…
      Jebus Christ…

      edit: adblocked it myself now – leave it there if you want 😀

  • @facebook-100000592569208:disqus i was thinking JARVIS but KITT wors as well