Being overly paranoid about my passwords, I’ve traditionally resorted to using a bunch of tools to keep my login credentials safe, ranging from brute force solutions that involve keeping passwords in an encrypted text file up in the cloud to pricey utilities such as 1Password.

The problem is, these time-sucking tools involve daily management and require that I adapt my workflow. Wouldn’t it be nice if my Mac could automagically recognize me by way of my iPhone? Enter KeyFree Login, an iPhone app from car maker Ford that puts all password managers to shame with its ubiquity and simplicity. It’s magic, really.

By enabling Bluetooth on both your Mac and iOS device, you’ll be automatically authenticated to Facebook, Twitter and whatever websites you use, each time the two devices are in range, no setup required whatsoever, just by standing next to your computer…

PSFK reports (via Cult of Mac) that the app – created by advertising agency Ogilvy Paris and inspired by Ford’s NFC-enabled key chains that let you unlock your car doors just by walking up to them – works in tandem with your Mac and an accompanied Chrome extension.

Upon pairing your iPhone with your Mac, the app automatically authenticates you to all your Internet accounts when your iPhone is close to the computer. Walk away and all of the authenticated websites get logged out automagically.

No buttons or typing required.

There’s a video that explains how this works, have a look.

Unfortunately, the implementation doesn’t support other browsers (yet) so you’re out of luck unless you’re a Chrome user.

Be that as it may, this brilliant solution is quite easily what we’re yearning for from Apple in both iOS and OS X.

KeyFree Login was not available on the App Store at post time because a new version is launching shortly. Likewise, a dedicated page on Ford’s website was also unavailable at press time.

Isn’t this the best password manager you’ve ever seen?

  • Eric Armstrong

    “you’re out of luck, unless you’re a Chrome user”. Wait so you’re saying there are other web browsers besides Chrome? Never heard of them.

    • Rafael Damasceno

      There is Firefox, Chromium, Opera, Safari, IE. Firefox is actually good and perhaps the best competitor to Chrome.

    • I do find it “odd” that they would select Google’s “Chrome” for this feature instead of Apple’s Safari….

      Besides, wasn’t Google recently busted for bypassing Safari’s Privacy Settings to secretly collect user’s browsing activities???…..

      Just saying…..

  • Eric Armstrong

    Their webpage and app are still unavailable by the way, so thanks for the tease 🙁

  • There is only one word for this….

  • samdchuck

    Their was a jailbreak tweak to unlock your mac with bluetooth from your iPhone, it didn’t really work, either didn’t lock or didn’t unlock or extremely long waiting period for it to do so.

    In any case, the keychain in OS X is pretty secure, saving your passwords via them seems safer than this. Also it’s from a car maker, not sure if I trust that even a little.

  • M_AlO


  • In the demo you enter your passwords on the Mac. Surely they should be stored on the phone???

  • cruzcontrol1001

    Awesome now only if they made my iPhone my key fob for my mustang hell to the yeah

  • best article I have ever seen.