So, you’d like to downgrade your iOS 6 beta install back to iOS 5.1.1? If you’ve ever dealt with downgrading firmware in the past, then you know how much of a pain it can potentially be. Fortunately when it comes to downgrading beta firmware back to public firmware, it’s extremely easy.

That’s because Apple is still actively signing iOS 5.1.1 due to the fact that it’s the latest public firmware available. Hence, you can easily downgrade without any tricks, host file changes, SHSH blobs, TinyUmbrella, etc. Literally, all you do is hook up your iPhone, go into DFU mode, open iTunes and downgrade. Watch our video inside to see how utterly simple the process is…

Although I have a habit of placing my device into DFU mode whenever I perform any kind of upgrades, downgrades, etc. Our YouTube viewers have been quick to point out that you don’t even need to go into DFU mode to successfully downgrade either, making the process all that easier.

Yep that’s all there is too it, simply hook up your device to iTunes, and click restore to go back to iOS 5.1.1.

Follow the video tutorial above, and you will be back on iOS 5.1.1 in no time. What’s your experience been like when it comes to downgrading?

  • edd

    i have an iphone 4 ( 4.3 ) and I cant update it to 5.1.1 ( I dont want to update to 6.0 ) but when i try to restore i get error 1600. I tried everything to fix it does some one has an idea ??

  • EV

    Is there a way to upgrade iPad2-3G from iOS 4.x to 5.1.1 right now without having to update to 6.0 and then downgrade to 5.1.1? I have all SHSHs needed (5.0.1 and 5.1.1), but never got around to updating iOS before 6.0 came out. I have been playing around with iPhone 4 by updating it to iOS 6, but it’s been a pain downgrading even with all SHSHs saved. Any suggestions on how to go about it without risking a big headache? Thanks in advance!

  • RAJ

    can anyone help me out with downgrading problem…i upgraded to IOS6 …now my phone is not getting the SIM card…so i want to downgrade…i followed the Videos but it Says…Ipohne cat be restored…An error Occured…Please help me anyone

  • I cant find my iOS 5.1.1 firmware? where is it?

  • Jay Jay

    I tried it so many times and it gave me an error, I have the beta 6.0 on my iphone 4 and I tried mostly all the 5.1.1 to downgrade it and its still not getting me no where.

  • i want to downgrade iOS 6 (not beta) to 5.0.1 so i can freaking jailbreak, been without jailbreak since it messed up when i had 5.0.1 and had to restore to 5.1.1 and couldn’t jailbreak it, heeeeeeeeeelppppp

  • I am doing all that you say above but itunes show me an error (3194)!! Help me please!!

  • i cant find my ios folder, how do i get to it?!?!?!? i have a Toshiba, i have no idea where to go, please help me, im at the stage where im looking for the ios 5.1.1 i cant figure it out, help PLEASE

    • you need download the restore ipsw 5.1.1..but you cant downgrade your device if youre upgraded to ios 6

  • Lee

    I have NO WORDS for how I wish I had NOT come across this video. a WARNING that you are resetting your phone wouldn’t come amiss, as well as the fact that NONE of the things you show are on my macbook/itunes. NONE of it.

    • Millsy2010

      Of course you’re resetting your phone you dunce. Youre replacing the entire operating system.

      • Lee

        Don’t call me a dunce, you anonymous arse. I had everything backed up, but when I tried to install the backup, it had overwritten itself. I had followed proceedure, and by the looks of it MANY people did and STILL lost their data. So, if you’re going to be a c**t, don’t bother.

  • Gelios Zyklops

    iPhone 5 iOS 6 downgrade

    Anyone succeeded yet ?

  • tunii

    when i click on restore i always get error (3194)..

  • How do I get the Downgraded software selected? I have iOS 5.1.1 installed on my mbp but when I click Restore, it forces me to restore with iOS6…(I cannot see iOS 5.1.1 or a list like shown in the video)

  • can i do this on ipod

  • How do i get the ios 5.1.1 file

  • Jasmine

    Thanks sooo much I really needed this and it was the first thing that popped up in my search engine

  • Koko

    Everything got erased .
    There wasnt a file for ios 5.1.1 anywhere. 🙁

  • If we skip this do we have to back up our data???????

  • Rushit

    HI Guys,

    I have iPHone 3gs, I update my phone to iOS 6 but now I am facing
    error “Temperature your iPhone needs to cool down” before it was
    running perfectly on iOS 5.1.1

    when I am trying to restore it into iOS 6 or iOS 5.1.1 and when
    selecting .ipws restore file it throws error of non compatible firmware.

    Firmware I downloaded from apple download link.

    So I dont know what to do can anybody suggest me what to do?


  • does it keep all the data you had before you downgraded

  • Kandyn Robinson

    I can’t find the firmware file and now my iphone won’t even turn on…Help me pleaseee…………….

    • Leon


      • Kandyn Robinson

        Thank you, but I actually called Apple and they helped me….I apreciate you trying to help.

  • no name

    can’t downgrade error 3198……

  • What happens now that Apple decides not to “sign” for 5.1.1 anymore? I’ve tried this over and over but it keeps saying Apple cannot verify the iOS 5.1.1. What kind of shady policy is it not to continue support on your older products?

  • I downloaded the iOS 6 update because I was tired of seeing the software alert…..I should have known better, so now like everyone else, I want to downgrade…….all the steps work EXCEPT, when I hold shift and click on restore in iTunes. I have downloaded iPhone4,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore ZIP file, unzipped it and cannot find any firmware file within that downloaded file. What am I doing wrong?????

  • i can not find my iOS 5.1.1 file
    How do i find it?

  • when i upgraded my iphone 4 ios 5.1.1 to ios 6, i encountered alot of problems, it automatically shuts down. How will i restore my ios 5.1.1 software back? any idea please need help.tnx

  • NiNe1ZeRo

    This video is a load of crap! I’ve tried all that and it took it right back to ios 6. I couldn’t even see firmware showing when I clicked restore, and btw I had to hold alt, NOT shift. This is what happens when you have developers who tweak their phones and computers trying to tell normal people how to make something work.

    NOW I have to reload everything on my phone and it solved NOTHING. F*ck Apple and F*ck this douche bag!

  • james penrose

    i think apple is not authorising any downgrades from 6.0 i followed the
    instructions in the video as accurately as possible and even i’m getting
    the 3194 error. i really would want iOS 5.1.1 back. cause ios 6 is total shit

  • messa

    i can’t find my ios folder after clicking shift+restore???

  • Nallely

    I have to jailbreak my phone right???

  • MARJ

    waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh how could i prevent having this 3194 error in my itunes

  • Not working alas – tells me my device is not eligible…..

  • Guest

    So not sure

  • No too sure if I’ll get an answe from this post since its old, but can I update from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 instead of 6.0.1? I don’t have any shsh blobs from 5.1.1, but is there anywhere I can find the firmware to shsh it on my

  • Does anyone have a copy of the 6.0.1 .ipsw file? I have looked for it and downloaded several zip files that were supposed to contain it and nothing. Please help!

  • error 3194 help me

  • please help me grayout wifi for i phone 4s

  • demi.reichardt

    I am trying to go back to ios 5 but everytime I go to restore I am unable to choose a file to downgrade! can someone please help? I am getting really frustrated!