With its in-house mapping solution in iOS 6, Apple basically pulled a Siri in that folks in Cupertino have limited this headline feature to the iPhone 4S and iPad 2 or later (full iOS 6 device compatibility list is here). Now, I realize graphics-intensive 3D Flyovers require A5-enabled devices. But turn-by-turn? Seriously, Apple?

Worry not, those crazy Russian hackers have cracked the code to run the new iOS 6 Maps on the iPhone 4, complete with 3D Flyovers and turn-by-turn navigation – without even using Cydia…

There are some caveats.

For starters, turn-by-turn navigation is implemented sketchily, at best.

Secondly, the hack needs some work as a whole as it feels incomplete and rushed out.

And thirdly, you’ll have to rely on a poorly machine-translated version of the instructions on how to install iOS 6 Maps on your iPhone 4, unless you speak Russian.

The full guide is available on the Russian website iGuides, which gets the kudos for sticking it to Apple and their tendency to fragment the iOS hardware with exclusive features.

With that off our backs, here’s a three-dimensional Flyover view in Maps running on an iPhone 4.

Take that, Apple!

Wow, hip-hop addict much?

The jailbreak community could be already work on a fully functional Cydia hack for this and I have a hunch it’s going to be pretty popular.

Are you aggravated that Apple with iOS 6 Maps left out older-generation hardware?

  • jose castro

    now make them port English to it hahahaha

  • thepies


  • some people cant afford to get the latest hardware and companies need to think about there existing customers. I moved to iPhone cause android companies started to forget about existing customers, now apple is doing the same. Shame on you Apple shame on you!

    • datz sad….idk but in steve job era…dis would not hav happen….

      • why did not 3gs / 4 get SIRI then, i am sure that steve was still alive when that decision was made?

      • have you eva tried siri on 3gs..??…it ll fuk up your device….i have tried…now on iphone 4 it works i agree….but my point was leaving siri was one thing but features like icloud tabs, photo stream sharing, etc etc makes ios fragmented…nd just to make sure they have have a pie chart showing 75% of users are on ios 6 they have allowed ios 6 to be installed on 3gs otherwise they would have enabled everything or dropped everything. because from where i can c ios 6 is not offering anything BIG new to 3gs…:|

  • srikanth003

    that was fast!! take that apple… for not mentioning feature fragmentions when compared to android in your keynote.. features are what that makes an OS complete…

    • I hate to admit but you are right…:/

  • SimonReidy

    New Apple maps: Now with more Russian and mandatory hip-hop.

  • I don’t mind that iPhone 4 doesn’t get 3D because I’ll never use fly-over and don’t care; but turn-by-turn? Hell, I have four apps that all do turn-by-turn. There is no hardware restriction keeping me from it… That’s just a ploy to force upgrades, and make clever hackers.

    • Clever hackers….damn funny…:D

  • Hell yeah this again proves that Apple keeps ignoring older products by saying that it’s hardware is to weak. BS.

    • Atleast they give something….ask android owners…they get sh!t in d name of updatez….:|

  • Hi all,guys)thanks for ur replies:)(I’m a developer of this tweak) i’ll post the instruction in English a little bit later)i hope cydia update will be out soon and you’ll be able to install 3denabler directly from it

  • Elmar Abbasov

    ok,russian here…you can bother me about translate of instructions if you don’t know how to use Google translate 🙂

  • Translated version:
    1. You need to download file

    2. Connect your iDevice through

    3. Write these commands in terminal
    apt-get update
    apt-get install mobilesubstrate

    4. You need do download file on your iDevice. You can do it through FTP, or any file manager for iOS.

    5. Enter that command in SSH terminal
    dpkg -i file path/file name

    6. Reboot your iDevice

    • jose castro

      alreaady on it people .. i like it

    • How do I perform 2 and 3…?

      • Use an app such as PuTTY


      • can we do it with putty without jailbreak

      • No, PuTTY requires SSH to be installed from Cydia

      • hey thanx 4 reply …..i send u a tweak also about my problem im stuck with the .deb file i dont know at what place to download it into my iphone through ftp client plz help

    • How would someone SSH into their device, OpenSSH is in Cydia.

      • SSH is installed by redsn0w (for iOS 6 users)


    • hey plz help me i m stuck with deb file how can i transfer it with ftp client without mobile terminal bcoz i cant access to the cydia sp no mobile teminal plz help any reply be appreciated

  • Seems like a lot of work! What about the 4s version without running iOS6

  • Tech N9ne in the building.

  • your saying take that apple fact is “your” the ones that are going to have horrible battery life and a microwave in your hand. Its to much for the A4 processor as you could tell from the video

  • apple_man9


    1. Open Cydia add source: http: // apt.iguides . ru.
    2. Install 3DEnabler

    • oh really..!!!…i didnt notice d hidden cydia on ios 6…

    • There is no Cydia on the iOS 6 beta 1 developer jailbreak.

      • You don’t need Cydia, iOS 6 beta 1 is for developers only, it enables SSH. You can do all this via SSH.

      • how via ssh plz explain more???

    • MohamedHassabo1

      But there is no cydia in ios 6 beta. Do you mean this for ios 5.x.x?

  • jailbreakers are awesome! 😀

  • Steve Lang

    So I guess this will require a jailbroken iOS 6 device?

  • Leo Sack

    Working on 3GS.

  • do u need iOS6 on iPhone4 to use this? can iOS5.0.1 do this?


  • sasan akbari

    Big thanks to developers!

  • Andre Grey

    jeff should make a video showing how because this is not working for me

  • There is no Cydia for iOS 6 yet 🙂


  • круто=)))

  • -.- When will you dipshit developers learn? There’s a reason Apple doesn’t have the new Maps fully-integrated on the iPhone 4. The processor just can’t handle it!

  • I also would like to add the jailbreaks since ios5 have been complete shit. Don’t put out a jailbreak if it is going to fucking delete Dock apps or brick phones from booting up. If you can’t make a jailbreak work fully at least 90% of the time, don’t waste your time!

  • I really hope this works on iPod 4g hahaha

  • Not at all, but I am VERY aggravated that they implemented the new Maps without having street view and TRANSIT DIRECTIONS!!!

    It just goes to show that Apple is willing to let their users suffer so that they can get Google out of iOS. Honestly it’s like removing Google as a search engine, or having Ping integration instead of Facebook. It’s NOT equivalent.

  • where i should download that file plz reply

  • where to put this deb file in my iphone plz help

  • disqus_s9rERcpIG9

    i did everything and i was i able to get the 3d maps working but in 3d mode the buildings and landscapes are flat not in full 3d. why am i not seeing 3d?