Apple today finally posted its WWDC keynote talk to YouTube. The presentation saw CEO Tim Cook and other executives take the wraps off of iOS 6, unveil MacBook Pro with Retina display and more.

A lot of people prefer YouTube over any other video delivery system. So, if streaming the keynote through Apple’s website isn’t exactly your cup of tea and you’re not comfortable downloading the entire presentation as a high-definition iTunes podcast, enjoy this YouTube clip on whichever device you happen to use.

Me? I like my Apple keynote on my Apple TV…

And if you don’t have the time to sit through the entire keynote, perhaps just watch a few minutes at the beginning as Siri pokes fun of Google’s Android code-names, Samsung’s phone (and refrigerator), venture capitalists and Facebook’s Instagram deal.

She also shared a quick joke, asking “how many developers does it take to change a light bulb”?

Here’s your keynote.

The full presentation runs one hour and 54 minutes long.

Did you like how Cook & Co. handled product unveils?

  • Yay! Downloaded 🙂 1080p ftw!

  • jose castro

    “Woopy” i guess

  • Wael Abdo

    just aint the same without Steve…

    • Agree…Tim Cook presentation not as powerful as steve Jobs.

  • impressive presentations and features….typically Apple !……..but under “features for china” in OS Mountain Lion,…..hope people will stop thinking Singapore is part of China, or worst, capital of China as some even said……please read / look up the world map or atlas….

  • argggggghhhhh i dont know wat to do anymore if i should buy a macbook pro and use the mac and my windows

  • shinx2ran

    Jobs have his own funny sides and the way he joke is really good. I hate the part when presenting the part of the iphone with so many crew. they should put Cook as the only main character in WWDC