Taking a cue from the jailbreak community, Apple has added the ability to update your social networking accounts from directly within iOS 6‘s Notification Center.

Using two new buttons in NC, users will be able to post new status updates to Facebook, and new tweets to Twitter, all without ever leaving the drop-down menu…

This is great news, for both Twitter and Facebook users, who previously had to perform a tedious routine to post updates — launch the application, open the Update dialogue box and type their text.

Of course, jailbroken users have had a number of options for posting updates to Facebook and Twitter from anywhere in iOS for quite some time now. Tweaks like Twitkafly, Activator, and Fusion all come to mind.

  • So who paid for the Cydia tweak that just came out that does this ?
    I bet the Dev of it is pissed ..his tweak was paid and now it’s part of IOS.. Still he’s got a few months to make some cash on his tweak..

  • Awsome !!!! Cant wait.

  • Facebook and twitter from notification center so why not iMessage/SMS?! That would be a pretty good replacement for bite SMS as you can access notification center from everywhere

    • Totally agree, maybe iOS 7 lol.

      • jose castro

        or maybe ios 6 untethered 😉

  • Apple most definitely has it easy when it comes to developing new ideas. Apple developers need new ideas? Just go check Cydia. Done. 🙂

  • Now only if they did this with the text like IntelliscreenX and who else is updating?

  • Well now I don’t know what to do. I just finished jailbreaking for the second time in the past year. I waited for the jailbreak to 5.1.1 for a long time.

    Now I like very much what I see in IOS6 and am waiting for the next iPhone in October.

    Can’t wait to update!!! 🙂

  • Dylan King

    It looks like A4 devices will get most if not all of the features.

  • Dylan King

    Also, nothing was said about the new iTunes stores in the keynote

    • christodouluke

      They did say they were redesigned, though they didn’t show them off. You can see the new stores on their website

  • I’m still using Fusion and Quick Tweet. But, overall am impressed with IOS 6–regardless of how much of the advancements originated in the JB community (I’ll take them via Cydia or as stock apps). I just wish ISX and some sort of QC/QR messaging system was integrated. Also, wanted hands-free, not that steering wheel tap system.

    • Apple totally took something from Fusion :/ Well, they have it easy, just go in to Cydia and check out new things an later integrate it in upcoming iOS versions… And they can reserve some features for a veeeery long time

  • Marek Ratvaj

    Am I the only one who doesn´t give a sh*t about deep facebook integration?

  • Nice changes, but I still see myself using Fusion more than I would the new NC buttons.

  • Wael Abdo

    The notification center is getting sexier by the moment…

  • in ios6 beta 2 and 3 its gone, well at least i dont c it