Apple has taken a lot of heat over the use of the ‘4G’ term in the name of its latest iPad. While the tablet is indeed LTE-capable here in the States, it isn’t in most other places. And some folks found that misleading.

Perhaps its most public battle has been in Australia, where Apple has been getting sued by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission over the moniker. But the headache appears to be almost over…

The Australian reports that the Cupertino company has agreed to pay $2.25 million in a settlement over the 4G iPad confusion. And although the presiding judge has yet to approve the payout, we imagine Apple is in good standings with the court.

Since the original complaint was filed earlier this year, Apple has been nothing but accommodating. Not only did it quickly change its advertisements to remove the ‘4G’ branding, but it also offered refunds to early iPad-purchasers that felt misled.

It’ll be interesting to see what the fallout in the rest of the world is, as Australia wasn’t the only country concerned with Apple’s ‘misleading’ advertising. $2.25 million isn’t chump change to the company, but multiply that by 10 or 15 countries and it starts to sting.

What do you think of the settlement? Fair deal?


  • Bryan Lim

    I am ashamed of the country I live in… honestly, the new iPad IS 4G compatible. If only some idiots did some research showing that 4G isn’t available in Australia this dispute wouldn’t even occur. Bloody Idiots.

    • australia does have a 4g but not the same as the american 4g. may be you should do some research

    • Seems I should be ashamed of my countryman. :-

      Bryan, 4G technology is clearly available to us here in Australia. That’s why some of the new Android phones (such as HTC) are advertised as 4G but haven’t had lawsuits slapped on them. The iPad has a 4G network band that is incompatible with our (and most of Europe’s) network frequency. End of story.

      So, if you did some research you would clearly find that you are indeed the bloody idiot.

    • Wow ashamed of your country (or just the country you live in) instead of a company that made a mistake to proceed with advertising they were warned not to use. Maybe you should move to another country (or your home country). As others have said, maybe you should do some research, then you will see how 4g is confusing here in my country.. Mate.

  • They broke consumer law, they paid the price. No argument really. Obviously why they co-operated so much.