The City of Cupertino has released a new set of high-resolution technical drawings for Apple’s upcoming ring-shaped Campus 2 facility. The official documents depict the iSpaceship building, including underground parking space for nearly five thousand cars and a massive auditorium where Apple will hold media events.

So if you thought past media events were magical and spellbinding, Apple’s future press conference are bound to knock your socks off once Campus 2 officially opens some time in 2015…

The City of Cupertino just released a new set of renderings and drawings related to Apple’s Campus 2 facility.

These include the following material, provided as downloadable PDF documents:

We noted last month that the all-glass structure won’t replace Apple’s main corporate headquarters at 1 Infinite Loop in Cupertino, California. Instead, it’ll become research facility office space for an additional 13,000 employees and will provide an additional 300,000 feet of expansion space for future growth.

One of the intricacies detailed in the newly released drawings include a massive underground auditorium with just one purpose we can think of: media events.

So come 2015, when the building is scheduled for completion, this is where Apple will likely hold keynotes to announce future products.

Here’s this auditorium.

You can see the stage, backstage and auditorium sections on the left and a huge circular exhibition space on the right.

And this below is the cross-section look at it.

And perhaps not related, but nonetheless interesting: Apple’s huge underground parking space for a whopping 4,300 vehicles.

Architectural design is credit to four design studios: London-based Fosters + Partners, San Francisco-based Arup North America, Philadelphia-based OLIN Landscape Architecture and Urban Design and Santa Clara-based Kier & Wright.

More information about the Apple Campus 2 project can be found at the official City of Cupertino website.

If these drawings are anything to go by, Apple’s future media events are bound to capture audiences worldwide unlike any other venue before.


  • JerseyD

    Maybe they’ll invite iDB there

  • JerseyD

    The Microsoft campus has the largest parking garage west of the Mississippi

  • Designing a ring? Why not design a building which has the outline of the apple logo?

    • Then they would be screwed if they ever changed they’re logo

  • Aric Bolf

    Applying lessons learned from their many events. I can already see news stories about how Apple re-invented media events.

  • ChiefSpecialK

    This is so they can stop the signal from getting out!

  • Pavelbure

    Hmmm, underground auditorium, say goodbye to live blogging during events. Unless the have a nice wifi set up.

    • Falk M.

      They already have that.
      It was at one media event when Steve Jobs wanted to show off a feature, but to no avail as the WiFi was overloaded so he asked all live bloggers to turn off their WiFi for a quick demo.

  • It take off into outer space on domesday

  • sasan akbari

    It really looks like to Arena where gladiators fight there!!! 😀

  • Master Bruce


  • Alan

    Only some buildings on the new campus are dedicated to “research” – If you look back at Job’s presentation to the Cupertino board you’ll notice he points out which buildings they are. Essentially the rectangle buildings on campus 2 are the research buildings. From that presentation I took away that everyone in the current leased office spaces will move to the spaceship.