As promised, here is the follow up tutorial for performing an untethered jailbreak on iOS 5.1.1 using the traditional DFU method. This tutorial is for the latest version of RedSn0w 0.9.12b1, and only works with A4 devices and below (A5 devices are not compatible with this method). If you want to use your A5 device — iPad 2, the new iPad, or the iPhone 4S — then see our previous Non-DFU mode tutorial for RedSn0w.

In most cases you should use the Non-DFU method for jailbreaking your devices, even if it’s an A4 device. The exception comes if you have a lot of media stored on your A4 device or below. If you have a lot of media on your device, the iPhone Dev Team advises that this traditional method for jailbreaking may be a best practice due to iCloud syncing issues.

Take a look inside for the full walkthrough…

Note: Again, this works with A4 devices or below only. If you have a newer A5 device, use this tutorial.

Step 1: Connect your A4 device or below to your computer.

Step 2: Place the device into DFU mode.

Step 3: Download RedSn0w 0.9.12b1 and run.

Step 4: Click Jailbreak.

Step 5: On the options menu, ensure “Install Cydia” is checked, and click next.

Step 6: Once your device is back on your Lock screen, unlock it run Cydia. Congratulations, your A4 or below device is now jailbroken using the iOS 5.1.1 untether.

As always, we recommend you watch the video to get a good grasp of the entire process, especially if you’re new to jailbreaking. Which method did you use to jailbreak your device? The traditional method, or the non-DFU method?

  • What about the sn0wbreeze method ? Is it similar to this one or to Absinthe ? From what I know, it’s similar to redsn0w’s, since it uses the limera1n exploit. What do you think ?

    • Sn0wbreeze is a much simpler jailbreak for A4 , but absinthe is better for A5 devices (Iphone 4s and ipad 3 ect…)

  • I have some trouble with absinthe jailbreak on my iPhone 4. After i jailbreak i can’t use my safari for web browsing but i can use my internet connection in other apps like twitter or path. How to fix this? Thanx

    • I’ve the same problem.. how to solve?

    • That is a bug with the jailbreak at the moment, dev team are working on it, untill then i recommend dolphin browser, free from app store 🙂

      • Jordan James Brotherton

        u can use google chrome than safari its like the same free 🙂 if u hate it and u want flash too than i will recemend puffin brouser lite or full wich (lite:$0.00 NOTE u have 12 days to use the flash) (full $2.00 u have infinity days)

  • Q why is media a problem ? becaus i have an ipad3 ”fully loaded” withe stuf and i down’t want to restore, (5.1.1)

  • Worked on a friend’s iPhone 3GS with redsnow and it was having trouble jailbreaking it, hacktivating it, etc. Sn0wbreeze I think is more effective and easier.

    • Jordan James Brotherton

      use the nontheaterd redsn0w if u dont want it in recovery or DFU

  • The only use is for installing custom bundles…

  • Having issues with jailbreaking with Absinthe, so this is definitely handy.

  • how to i upgrade my 5.0.1 jailbreak to 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak using redsnow ?

    • Restore your device, and then jailbreak it.

      • thanks.

      • how do you get redsnow??

      • Head over to the iDB Downloads section and look for the latest release of it there. It’s easy.

  • itunes error #14 when restoring with custom ipsw from itunes
    what can i do to fix it?

    • I got the same error #14 when using 5.1.1 9B208 to create the custom ipsw. I worked around it by using 5.1.1 9B206 instead. Hope this works for you too.

    • Hey, you should run IREB in the background and go through that process, don’t click ok and leave it running, install your IPSW and it should work (PC only) I don’t know anything that prevents errors like that on mac….So i have both 🙂

  • After jailbreak a white cydia icon appears.
    Unable to open it too. Just crashed right back to home screen.

    • fixed it with the “Just boot” option in extras. hope its a permanent fix.

      • After a lot of tries and issues found the best way to jailbreak my UNLOCKED iPhone4:
        Step 1: Using the latest red snow go to Extras and click the “Just boot” option
        This will do a tethered jailbreak.
        Step 2: In cydia search for “Rocky Racoon 5.1.1 Untether” its available in the default bigboss repo.
        and install it.
        Thats it !

      • This Rocky Racoon is amazing! I’ve been looking for something like this for quite some time now.

  • Tactical Gear

    hi,my ipod touch 4g running on ios 5.1 tethered jailbreak goess with error an wont update. When i do the normal way to restore with itunes yet i got this both error 21 and 1601 when im trying to do different ways.. can anyone tell me how can i restore into ios 5.1 eligible or may be update it into iso 5.1.1 to be able for me to jailbrake with this tool?

  • This is the only one that worked for me.. Thank you so much. Mine is 3gs 5.1.1 new bootrom. Thanks again 🙂

  • do i have to use RedSn0w 0.9.12 beta 2 or RedSn0w 0.9.12 beta 1 ?

  • I always get ‘Unable to retrieve data’ Even when i select my own ISPW, i have a great internet connection and i have tried both mac and pc, any suggestions?

    • I have iphone 3GS, so if anyone has a suggestion please help me!

  • I’m really afraid to do this? As I’m scared to block My phone or for it not to work probably? Even on this website my phone is crashing:/. Please reply back to if you have any support advice or sugguestions! Thanks I’d really appreciate this

  • mine is ios 5.1.1 itouch 4g ..first i jailbroke it with absinthe then i opened up cydia after then it rebooted then appstore and cydia and many more were gone then my friend said to jailbreak it again using redsnow then i did, then nothing happened

  • Will this delete everything on my phone ? Contacts , pics , music ? I have an iPhone 4 5.1.1 . I just hope everything stays on my phone ! Someone help me ! Email me!

  • Jay

    I jailbroke my iphone 3GS (iOS 4.2.1) using both GreenPoison and RedSn0w (after I read somewhere that GreenPoison would not work for iphone 3G). In both cases I was unable to receive Cydia packages. Does Cydia work for the iphone 3GS? If so, what do you recommend I do. I would like to add the MyWi app to my phone. However, although I am able to launch Cydia, I am unable to get the app (or for that matter any others). The All Packages folder is empty. Can someone help me out?

  • Sarah

    If I jailbreak in DFU mode, will all my photos automatically be on my device after it has rebooted?

  • Janette Aw Sovan

    After iOS 6 release, so we can updated iOS 4.3.5 to iOS 5.1.1, if please could you let me know.

  • Sabrina Lee

    okay weird question but my son had dropped my older iphone in the sink so he took it apart to dry it and it works only He broke the power button in the process is there still a way for me to jail break my iphone 3.1.3

  • Thank you for this tutorial <3 It was immensely helpful! I used the traditional DFU method on my iPod touch 3rd gen. 😉

  • Matt

    I have an iphone 4, and ive downloaded redsnow, put my phone in dfu made, and then clicked jailbreak, it says that it is installing firmware, and then it says waiting for reboot. my phone reboots, and then nothing happens… the redsnow program remains stuck on “waiting for reboot” and it does this every single time. help?

  • Jordan James Brotherton

    when i put on dfu it was in recovery wich shows the plug and itunes my device is ipod touch 3rd gen and iOS 5.1.1

  • JJ

    Works on ipod 3g too?

  • FP

    This method DID NOT WORK on my iphone 4 (A4) running iOS 5.1.1. I cannot get any method to work. So frustrating.