Unless you slept over through yesterday, you’re well-aware that Apple’s boss Tim Cook had a little chit-chat with technology columnists Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher, his first major unscripted media appearance since he took over the CEO job last August. We’ve been covering the most important talking points throughout the day.

Also available: video snippets plus a 17-minute clip highlighting the interesting bits. So take your time, skim through the articles and watch Cook respond to smart questions and dodge controversial topics before taking this poll. We’d also love to hear your honest opinion on how he handled this major media appearance…

So, how did he do, honestly?

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  • His answers were very political. I also agree that Siri falls short – she was a fun gimmick at first but when the chips are down, she is crippled and lacking in functionality/ability. In short, she is nothing more than a Beta. The “Mic” button on the keyboard on the other hand does a spot on job of recognizing my voice, taking dictation, and executing the tasks that I need.

    I don’t think that AI is where we want it to be and on top of which, Apple is very stingy with its iOS based devices and functionality.

    We need to see big changes in the way iOS looks and flows and we need to see big improvements in Siri.


  • Aric Bolf

    My two favorite comments he made were:

    1. I am not Steve
    2. I don’t like to say what others are feeling.