If you happen to own a newer WiFi only iPad 2,4, you undoubtedly know what it feels like to be left out of the fun. That’s because the iPad 2,4 is one of the very few iOS 5.1.1 devices that can’t be jailbroken with the new Absinthe 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak tool. Outside of the Apple TV 3, you’re among some pretty lonely company.

Fortunately, it looks like all of that is about to change. During the initial release of Absinthe, the team of hackers stated that iPad 2,4 support was coming soon, and it looks like that statement is holding true.

A few minutes ago hacker, planetbeing, sent a tweet looking for iPad 2,4 owners to assist in making the jailbreak a reality:

Unsurprisingly, it didn’t take long for someone — that someone being @Sharkxp2003 — to respond to the call of duty:

While it’s highly doubtful that that many jailbreakers actually own an iPad 2,4 — this is the revised version of the iPad 2 with lower power consumption due to a new chipset — there are obviously some of you out there who are feeling a bit neglected. Don’t worry, your time to shine is coming.

Do you own an iPad 2,4?

  • what about unlocking the 04.12.1 :/

  • Is it because of the smaller chip, the is causing jailbreak problems with the iPad 2.4? I hope theyiris it sooni

    • I think it was because the dev teams didn’t have an iPad2,4 to test the jailbreak on.


  • * they fix it soon 🙂

  • Anonymous


  • If they get iPad 2,4 doesn’t that mean they should be able to get ATV3, it’s the same chip set, right?

  • So the new iPad 2’s being sold have this new chipset and it brings better battery life?

    • Kok Hean


  • Off topic, ipad2 gsm jailbreak with absinthe 2.02. Install all cydia tweak, running smooth. After sometimes reboot the ipad, all jailbreak tweak from cydia not functioning anymore. Anyone, pls help…..

  • Ipad2 gsm jailbreak with absinthe 2.02. Install some cydia tweak like sbsettings etc….after sometime reboot the ipad. After reboot found that all cydia tweak not funtioning anymore. Anyone, pls help…..

    • try a reboot, or restore and re-jailbreak. or uninstall some tweaks.

      • tq 4 reply, already try to reboot & rejailbreak…also uninstall & install back some tweak…but nothing happen….setting cydia tweak in Settings also dissappear….

  • could they possibly try to find out what’s still wrong with some iDevices out there with “could not connect to lockdownd. Aborting” and nothing proposed can fix it?
    my only option now is either stay with non-JB, or fall back to 5.0.1

  • mayb cydia not fully compatible with new absinthe jailbreak….:(

  • i have a ipad 2 wifi 16gb… i got no problem with the jb it running smoothly.

    • try to on and off….if nothing happen to your cydia tweak after that then your ipad got no problem…

  • look! Alex is a pirate. Noticed “Game of Thrones”?

    • Ehmm not really he could just be someone, who likes to cheat. By editing the hash-code or just modifing the game I always do that makes game way more fun!!

  • Clinton Reid

    what is a Ipad 2,4…how do i know i have a Ipad with a chipset 4….

  • Caleb Robison

    I am more than confident i have an iPad 2,4. I am new to jailbreaking but I have jail broken an iPhone 4 and a 3GS (both on IOS 5.1.1) with no problems. However, neither Absinthe or Redsn0w will finish installing on my iPad. How can I verify that I do have the iPad 2,4? Is there an estimated date for the fix?