Fret not Windows users, you can now download Absinthe 2.0 in order to perform an untethered jailbreak on your iOS device running iOS 5.1.1. The procedure is pretty much exactly the same as it was for Mac users, beside a few minor details like running Absinthe as an administrator, and the self extracting zip file. Outside of that, if you can follow the steps from our Mac tutorial, you should be fine to use our Windows tutorial as well.

Check inside for the full dedicated tutorial for jailbreak your iOS 5.1.1 device on Windows, because hey, we love our Windows readers and viewers!

Step 1: Download Absinthe 2.0 for Windows from our dedicated downloads page.

Step 2: Extract, and right click on the absinthe-win-2.0.exe icon and select Run as Administrator. This first file is a self extracting zip file. Once you do this, a new folder will be created on your desktop called absinthe-win-2.0 with the necessary files.

Step 3: Open the absinthe-win-2.0 and right click on the absinthe.exe icon and select Run as Administrator.

Step 4: Connect your eligible iOS 5.1.1 device, and verify that Absinthe recognizes the correct name of your device.

Step 5: Click the jailbreak button on Absinthe, and let it run. You should see a progress bar.

Step 6: Eventually your device will appear as if it’s performing a restore, this is normal.

Step 7: Once the device has completed the “restore”, you should notice the Cydia icon on your Home screen.

Step 8: Once Absinthe reports that the process is complete, you can close Absinthe and disconnect your device.

Step 9: Open Cydia and let it configure itself for the first time. Congratulations, your iOS 5.1.1 device is now jailbroken untethered!

Were you able to successfully jailbreak your iOS 5.1.1 device on Windows? Let us know how you fared in the comments below.

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  • someone PLEASE HELP

  • my keep saying you have to run as a aministartor and i keep clicking on the run as administrator and its keep syaing that

  • What do you do if your phone finishes rebooting, but the absinthe progress bar still says “Waiting for reboot- not done yet, don’t unplug your device yet!”

  • Aaron Lang

    Worked first try !!
    Its my first time using Absinthe compared to what i normally would use… (RedSn0w).
    I’m shocked to see how simple the process is! I’m now a Unteather Jailbreak Fan !

  • zaka2012

    It is amazing I cant believe how it was easy for me to Jail Break my New Ipad2′ 5.1.1 version through Windows I’m enjoyed actually it about 3 minutes from blogers

    Thank you Blog team

  • How to download jailbreak applications from PC and sync with iPhone:
    I saw Cydia requires a Wi-Fi or Cellular Data network.
    How can you download jailbreak applications from computer (not from iPhone itself),
    similar to using iTunes (from my PC) and sync with iPhone.
    Can I do the same now after jailbreaking.

  • thanks to dev team 

  • m having ipad 3 ios 5.1.1 ut when i open the absinthe it does not recogonize my device please help me!

  • I Jailbroke my iPhone 4 last week and the Installous was missing from the Cydia package, my friend got this in the package when he jailbroke his phone and he gets free stuff from the app store that you normally have to pay for so why have I not got this in my package?

  • how to unlock iphone to get network after jailbreaking?

  • This worked flawlessly for me. Thanks a lot! 🙂

  • Does anyone tried on the iPad 2?if yes please tell me how was it.thanx

  • michalides04

    Hi, I have already jailbroken my iPad 2 Wifi (5.1.1) on Windows 7 with almost any problem, but when I wanted to jailbreak my girlfriend´s iPad 2 Wifi (5.1.1) it didn´t work.
    After clicking Jailbreak button n Absinth 2.0.4 the bar stopped in the first part “Beginning Jailbreak, this may take a while” and it didn´t move at all…
    Can anybody help me?

  • I’m 59 years old and not very computer literate, but after a few tries I was able to jailbrake my 3G Iphone.If I can do it,anyone can!!!! Thanks for all the great help!! I searched and tried several sites, but this was the BEST!!!

  • i did everything but its not recognizes my phone what do i do

  • i did the download but it dont recognizes my iphone 4 what do i do?

  • I have been over the tutorials read everything several times….my problem is with the installer itself. It extracts all the Rocky Raccoon files, but there is no other .exe file anywhere, and if I right click on the absinthe.exe file with a right click and say run as admin I get another linux type box and it says something about overwriting the files that are already there….it is almost as if the application is not there but the supporting files are……any help would be appreciated I have been at this for 5 hours now…..sigh

  • It working!

  • jes getme

    keep getting ” iphone 3,3
    have a iphone 4

  • I’ve had problems with networks after doing this. The iphone were “searching” until it had “no service” and when I retracted and re-inserted the sim I got an error message. Please help, I’m doing this for a friend

  • disqus_gaStkI21Fd

    I cant intall the apps it shows error?

  • can anyone help me. mine stop at waiting for reboot. dose jailbreaking take how many hours?

  • im using windows

  • I am having problems downloading Absinthe it

  • Jonathan Martinez

    okay nobody seems to have my problem. okay so ive done everything downloaded it opened it up with administrator. and i get to the jailbreaking part and it starts the blue bar move tiwce then and on my phone and the arrows that go around and round are doing that but then they just go away so the download never finishes. can anyone help me with my problem please.

  • Eddie

    Yes it works well and just fine. But is there a way to unlock after jailbreaking. Firmware is 5.1.1

  • it wont work with ipad 1 5.1.1 🙁 Help?

  • Shantel H

    Worked super fine. Spent ages trying getting into DFU mode as my sleep button is broken as I thought I needed to – didn’t realise all jailbreak to not require. Wasted 2 hours ! Thank alot

  • thneibat Abdelmadjid

    thnx bro it works

  • L4

    Thank you very much, i was afraid of this because my power button is broken. Amazing video.

  • jj

    I hv a windows 8, wat do i do?

  • Mikin Bhakta

    See I did all that but when I clicked on Cydia it said preparing files or something like that then it restarted the iPod after it was done then Cydia dissapeared and so did my app store icon? Do oh know anyway to fix that?

  • Alphmichaels

    Question on use of Absinthe. I have a 3GS with current iOS @ 4.1. Old phone, I know. Previous jailbreak was in December, 2010 in SE Asia where I work. Can I use this product to “upgrade” from noted version to current and are there any caveats I need to observe or work around? Thanks. Merry Christmas!!

  • nikunj

    i have a error from passcode.i am aallredy done my pssword dissable then why?