If you’re receiving a HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error when trying to download packages in Cydia, don’t worry. Practically everyone is getting that error now because Cydia is so incredibly busy now.

It’s the whole “drinking from a fire hose” analogy. There’s just too much traffic to handle all of the request because of the recently released Absinthe 2.0 jailbreak for iOS 5.1.1…

The thing that makes this jailbreak more significant than any other before it, is that it’s compatible with so many devices from the get go. Along with that, the Chronic Dev Team did an outstanding job getting things in order from a logistical standpoint.

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a Mac and Windows simultaneous release like we did today. Not only that, but Absinthe 2.0 works with Linux out of the gate too!

Cydia will eventually smooth out, but you’re going to have to be patient. This is an unprecedented jailbreak release, and everyone wants in on the action.

What’s your experience been?

More iOS 5.1.1 untethered jailbreak coverage can be found here:

  • Antonio Velez Remesal

    If you keep trying it will work! 😉 just don’t give up! I pressed install winterboard about three times before it installed correctly! 🙂

  • arthur balagtas

    Yup that’s my problem.start from yesternight,im trying to install “Sbsettings” to no avail.Guess i have to clear the smoke then try it again some other day.thanks alot!

  • Jailbreak completed on the second attempt. Heading over to the PayPal donate button. Great work. Thankyou.

  • Damn it, the problem is, I actually paid for PKGbackup and I can’t get it downloaded because of this bull. I understand that the server is under load, but they should make sure they can deliver their digital products to their customers.

  • WHOA! WHOA! WHOAAA!! MIGUEL, MIGUEL, Miguel… chill with the reply copy paste on here. LOL. I mean, your free to do what you like on here but dang!


    • Right? lol wtf talk about getting old

  • Anonymous

    I downloaded Absinthe 2.0 this morning on iphone 4S Verizon and it seems to be working well aside from the error 500 message which I now understand why.
    Do i need to redownload Absinthe 2.0.1?
    If so , How?

    • Yes please im wondering the same thing and cant get an answer anywhere…..Does 2.0 auto update to 2.0.1 if your already jailbroken with Absinthe or do i you need to download 2.0.1 and yes if you do how do you do this….

  • I am still getting the error on some repo’s. Looks like people are still going mad.

  • on settings, change from user to developer
    search for libhide then install
    after respring try downloading whatever it is that you were, it should be fine… it worked with me

  • Awsome! no lockdown error -5! Only the 500 error in installing SBSettings! Brilliant!

  • Anonymous

    Getting a lot of these 500 Internal Server errors. Wait of Cydia to stabilize.


  • skll will

    You guys are pure geniuses, thank you!!!

  • try downloading thing as many times as it takes, it took me 7 tries to install winterboard cause of this error

  • I ran into a problem when upgrading my ipod touch 4g. Something went wrong and had to restore, lucky thing I backed up my data but I gotta put all my music back on which sucks. The jailbreaking went smooth. Now i just gotta wait for the cydia repositories to clear up.

  • If i keep trying i can install everything but now my icons are turning white and safari has the videos icon. Strange.

  • One Word: “LOVE the way you WRITE Jeff! <3 😀

  • Jovani Hernandez

    craked sources work fine

  • Clemens Jason

    thank God, i thought my jailbreak fails so i rejailbreak it again 😛

  • thank you for the update i though my jb was busted haha.

  • Anonymous

    honestly all this takes is a bit of patience, there is no need to restore or anything,
    sometimes it may take a few tries but eventually the download will work, the whole idea that restoring works isn’t true just a waste of time. Admittedly waiting sucks but honestly we get access to all this cool stuff for free so there is no point, or need to complain.

  • have yourl seen the evasi0n update in cydia..anyone install it??

    • I got it. I still have all these errors. I assume it’s because everyone in the world is using it

  • getting the same error and jailbroke 6.1 gonna wait now that i know !!!

  • shutting down wifi and use Edge is getting more results here in Belgium..

  • I am getting this error with my 6.1 Ios Jailbreak. I cannot even install winterboard. Please help.

  • Ryan

    I’m on iOS 6, is this error caused by the same reason?