As 9to5 Mac first reported, Apple has released an updated version of iOS 5.1.1 for the iPhone 4 GSM. The build for this latest version is 9B208, while the previous version was 9B206. Interestingly enough, the release is only for the iPhone 4 GSM, and it’s likely a small bug fix given its slight build number difference.

Either way, we recommend that you hold off on updating until given the all clear is sounded with regard to jailbreak compatibility. Make sure your save your iOS 5.1.1 SHSH blobs so that you can take advantage of a future downgrade if need be.

You can head over to our downloads page for the download link to iOS 5.1.1 9B208.

We’ll have more details on this latest build once they become available. This latest version will reportedly not update your baseband.

  • Someone should update and test if Absinthe works, as well as downgrade method for 4S/iPad 3 and 2.

    They must sacrifice.

    • Can you be that “someone” and sacrifice to test the latest updated build and let’s us know the outcome.

      • i did it, and it says the device is not supported.

      • Thanks


  • i tried untethering but i had to restore and now i have 9b208 build. -___- what now?

    • Justin Stein

      test it out for us

      • Anonymous

        It will not work. I tried as an experiment even though I don’t really like Jailbreaking. 9B208 will not work.

    • Anonymous

      Just download the 9B206 build and restore it, as long as Apple is signing 5.1.1 you can restore any build of it.

    • try latest redsnow tethered JB then untether using rocky racoon. i did

  • iphone 4 still on 5.0.1 JB & not yet updating to 5.1.1 , so should i download this 9B208 ispw or just to keep it like that ^^ wht guide….

    • Eric Morgan

      you knew they were working on5.1.1 jailbreak. now you’re stuck. dumb ass

    • Down load the build you need and restore to that build.. .. Asking as apple is signing any 5.1.1 you can upgrade to it

      • Anonymous

        Thanks, i got the old build earlier today and its untethered!

  • Anonymous

    Holy shit. That was quick. So given I have my blobs saved for the first 5.1.1, can I still restore to that firmware version in iTunes? Or am I now stuck on 5.01? (I haven’t upgraded to or jail broken 5.1.1 yet as I was holding off a bit).

    Will it still work if I hold down shift in iTunes and restore my iPhone to the first 5.1.1 firmware? (I have it saved).Or have Apple stopped signing it?Should I use TinyUmbrella instead?

    Stressed and confused!

    • Anonymous

      There’s no need for SHSH blobs, 5.1.1 is currently being signed. You can freely restore any compatible build of 5.1.1 as long as Apple is still signing it.

      • soon or later like u said i have to update to 5.1.1 or wys Apple will stopped signing 5.0.1
        need your support m confused

  • Jonathan Schober

    I can confirm that the BB will NOT be updated, the BB file binaries are exactly the same

  • I couldn’t even upgrade my 5.0.1 to 5.1.1. So that’s the least of my problems right now. I couldn’t upgrade be it thru itunes or from the iphone software update itself from my 4s. I’m already jailbroken on my 5.0.1.
    If someone can help me…

    • You must remove the host file,and save it somewhere.Then try to update through itunes.If that doesnt work try to put your phone in dfu mode and then restore to factory settings,after fresh restore try to update.

      • Akhil Magotra


    • Akhil Magotra

      Remove the host file or just rename it,
      windows path:


      Then download the latest version of redsn0w, and put ur device in dfu mode.
      Then restore from itunes with iPhone3,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore , by shift clicking the restore button.

      • I’m using 4S though.. so iPhone4,1_5.1.1_9B206_Restore

    • if any one can’t upgrade to 5.1.1. Here is my best experience . erase n reset all setting while plug in your cable with itune. after restore it will ask to update to 5.1.1. it should work perfect.
      absinthe 2.0 is for all att version to jailbreak.
      absinthe 2.01 is for Verizon n sprint to jailbreaks. since I got 3 iPhone 4s. just test it out n it work like that. trust me. 2.0 absinthe is for att version. 2.01. Is for cdma . anyone reading this will helps a lot.

  • updated to the new firmware nothing supports it trying to download 5.1.1 see if it still signed….lets hope….

  • APPLE IS STILL SIGNING 5.1.1 (9B206)!! get it while you can from iDB download page just to be safe if you have accidentally updated or didn’t make it in time….

    • Downloaded from iDB and installed using owned dfu mode in redsn0w…fyi…

      • pwned dfu…damn auto correct

      • Anonymous

        Thanks for the info 🙂

    • Anonymous

      I have a problem, so i restored to 5.1.1 9B206 (I made sure) from 5.0.1, when i tried to jailbreak using absinthe 2.0.1 for windows (I am windows) it said device not recognised. Anyone know howelse i can jailbreak? Iphone 4 ios 5.1.1 first build thanks 😀

  • Jex

    I tried to update but shows build is updated one.

  • Osorio11

    On an related, and for me issue of the utmost importance: I own an iphone 4GSM and have Siri via Spire. I have been on 5.1.0 earlier this year and there was an alternative (Spite) which was gone after a week.My question: is Spire updated for use with 5.1.1, because otherwise I can spare me the trouble of updating, as Siri is too important to me to keep using.
    anyone who can shed a light on this: please feel free to answer my question.
    Thank you in advance,

  • can we update now from 5.0.1 to 5.1.1 9B206 ??????
    or apple want let us ?????

  • I’m guessing when I updated to 5.1.1 today it wAs this one cause absinthe tells me that my device is not supported. This sucks really really bad

  • This sucks really really bad. Cause I updated before IThis sucks really really bad. Cause I updated before I saw this post and so I tried with absinthe and it tells me that my device is not supported. And I had to break my last jailbreak cause I had to take my phone into apple to get it fixed. So I was waiting patiently and now I’m screwed. Does anyone have any ideas saw this post and so I tried with absinthe and it tells me that my device is not supported. And I had to break my last jailbreak cause I had to take my phone into apple to get it fixed. So I was waiting patiently and now I’m screwed. Does anyone have any ideas

    • Eric Morgan

      who the FUCK doesnt know not to “accidentally” upgrade by now?

      • Look earlier in the day you could update to 5.1.1 to have an untethered jailbreak. When was the last time you could remember apple released the same software with a different build just hours later

    • Download the ios 5.1.1 ipsw with the 9B206 build from iDownloadblog download page and restore to this version, apple is signing all the builds of ios 5.1.1

  • Is this Only à problem for people Who didnt allready updated??

  • They probably found the exploits they think were used for the untether and they patched them in that build. They made it seem like a small unimportant update so no one would be suspicious and when they find out that the untether no longer works, they’ll be sure to patch it in ios 6 since apple probably thinks that they’ll be using the same exploit.

  • I have a iPhone 4 GSM currenly running on iOS 5.1.1(9B206)
    I tried to plug it in iTunes and push the search for update button, but it said that my iPhone was up to date.

    • It will say that.. Both 5.1.1 are up to date… Apple just pushed out a tweaked one … To get to the jailbreak one download the Ipsw from iDB downloads and on a PC hold down shift and click restore a window will pop up.. Now find that ipsw you just downloaded and click it.. iTunes will now restore to that 5.1.1..

  • Anonymous

    Oh myyy !!

    Now I can’t update to new 5.1.1
    Absinthe dosen’t suuport this version
    What a bad luck I have

  • do we know whether this update is beneficial or not? like, what did they actually fix?

  • Ok,don’t worry…just shift+restore and i am go back to the oldest 9B206…i allmost lost my JB possibilities!Now i get back my JB 🙂

  • Yuval Marcus

    I will confirm for everyone. As of Saturday, May 26, 2012, you can restore to 5.1.1 9B206 without any SHSH blobs because Apple is still signing it.

  • Here is good tip n trick.
    absinthe 2.0 use for art version only.
    absinthe 2.01 for cdma version.
    I have 3 different iPhone 4.s and test it out . it work just like that.

  • lucky me upgraded friends i without realizing and i could still downgrade so it means that there still signing original i 4 5.1.1.

  • Apple is NOT signing 9B206 (older) build anymore!

  • I just did it right now. It still signing 9B206. Just use this instruction guys

    Using TinyUmbrella to edit host file:

    You can alternatively use TinyUmbrella to change the host file back to normal.

    Download TinyUmbrella for Mac or Windows

    Click on Advanced tab

    Uncheck “Set Hosts to Cydia on exit”

    Solve “This device isn’t eligible for the requested build error” while updating your iOS device

    • THX, that helped!
      I was editing it manually before .. I would like to know what’s the difference 😀

      Did you used DFU mode, Pwned DFU mode or Restore?

  • i guess i had been wise to wait n kept my 5.0.1 jailbreaked version, till all of these storms end up 😀

  • im on 5.0.1… is there even a point to rejailbreak yet? ihavent really noticed any bugs on my iphone so far ..

  • I got the 9B206 and the absinthe says that he cant jb my iphone 4 gsm

  • Anonymous

    Okay so my iphone 4 is now 9B208 software, i try and restore it manually using the 9B206 HOWEVER, i get error 3014, any solutions to this? SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE.

    • is your tinyumbrella using your host file?.. make sure that ticked off.

      • gxxgle you to
        be and video step buy step there

    • do you have your shsh blobs saved for 5.1.1 9b206
      if you do use redsn0w 911b4 works perfect..
      need more help let me know

      • Anonymous

        omg i just tried restoring it to 9b206 and its actually getting somewhere, i dont know why =/ but thanks for helping anyway!

  • waste of 30 mins no good don’t do it, first save your shsh for 5.1.1 for redsn0w new version and tinker around all you want,,, have fun trying to brick your phone on the iphone 4

  • I downloaded the Absinthe 2.0.1 and I’m trying to jailbreak my iPhone 4S version 5.1 (9B179) but it says “Sorry, the attached device is not supported. What do I do? This is my first time jailbreaking I have no experience :/

    • You have to update your iPhone 4S to iOS 5.1.1
      because Absinthe only supports A5-Chip Devices with 5.1.1 installed!
      A4 Devices (and older) can be on 5.1 AND 5.1.1

      • Thanks! If I update to 5.1.1 it will go to 9B208 but will it let me jailbreak it? Is there a way I could update to 9B206? Any help would be much appreciated

  • the question is….. what next now?!!!!
    for the ppl who didnt update to ios 5.1.1 in the right time!

  • Llanero Solitario

    im downloading ios 5.1.1 for iphone 4 from the download section, but the files that are being downloaded are not the ios, itunes wont recognize them. can someone tell me please what am i doing wrong? i tried on 3 different computers all on win 7

    • Change extension from zip to ipsw. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, you shouldn’t even open jailbreak section.

      • Llanero Solitario

        hey man, with all due respect, do you want to help people or you just want to fool them?

      • Llanero Solitario

        i know how to do that but i really didnt taught about it. but thanks for the advice. just the way you said it looks kind of sarcastic. ill keep you posted. Peace out

      • Llanero Solitario

        despite your sarcasm and rudeness, i have to say that your tip did the job. i downgraded and jailbroke iphone 4.
        thanks a lot buddy

      • Sorry for the rudeness :(. I had a bad day. I apologie.

    • Anonymous

      you can down load with Mozilla Firefox,

  • Anonymous

    i have an iphone 4 GSM and itunes says there is no updates why would that be ??

  • Hi all, For those with using iphone 4 build 9B208, i found it is not supported. To fix you need to download IPhone 4 5.1.1 (not the B208) found in the download section and do a shift restore (on PC) or alt restore (on mac) and choose the build that you just downloaded.
    Once Restored then runAbsinthe and it should work just fine. Took me a few hours to work out, but it works good.
    If you want me to post a you tube vid, let me know.

  • dont worry download the ios 5.1.1 9b206 from the download section and restore using this firmware and anyone who has already updated to 9b208 download the 9b206 from the download esction and restore again…… i tried it and it work

  • Anonymous

    Guys to close this subject there is a new version of absinthe 2.0.2 that supports the…
    Run across it at the absinthe site I downloaded it, then I upgraded to and jailbroke my iPhone 4 GSM!!! So NO WORRIES!!!

  • Absinthe 2.0.2 that supports 9B208 is out.

  • Ali Maabreh

    Dear idownload blog, is it safe to update and jailbreak now? after the latest version which is 9B208? please help..

    • Anonymous

      I found that there is an update for Absinthe 2.02 that supports the new built 9B208..
      I downloaded and upgraded my iPhone 4 to that built 9B208…
      I run the absinthe 2.02 and the phone is now Jailbroken and everything works fine…

      I added a comment here but my comment was removed…
      So maybe you should wait, but mine did work…


    • wait no news for 208, if u had 206 u can jailbreak easily with absinthe..

      • Anonymous

        Check at the Green Poison site…
        There is an updated version Absinthe v2.0.2 that supports 208..

      • yeah theres an update, but they didnt say it supports 208… please paste the link

      • Anonymous

        I tried to post the link but it won’t let me… Anyway I am running 208 jailbroken
        with absinthe 2.0.2 google for greenpoison and it will take you to their site..

      • Currently undertaking the process. But I think everybody else is too. I’ll keep you posted.

  • Anonymous

    I would like to report two successful iPhone 4 GSM Jailbreaks with the 208 built with
    absinthe 2.0.2…

    Although it doesn’t make a difference, one was done with a Mac and one with Windows…

    Just for the record!!!!

  • Ilham

    iOS 5.1.0