Google’s Chrome has beaten Microsoft’s market-leading Internet Explorer to become the world’s leading web browser, according to research firm StatCounter.

Chrome has been on the rise since its September 2, 2008 release, steadily chipping away market share from Microsoft’s product which has been losing ground for years now.

For the week ended May 13, 2012, Google’s product has managed to match Internet Explorer on a global scale for the first time…

A week later, Chrome climbed to a 32.66 percent web usage share while Internet Explorer nosedived to a 30.44 percent share. Firefox marginally improved its #3 ranking and currently has 25.8 percent share.

Here is a snapshot of browser usage stats by StatCounter.

As you can see, Apple’s Safari has seen a spike in usage recently, grabbing an 8.33 percent web usage share between May 21-27.

Chrome owes its lead to strong gains in India, Europe and South America. Internet Explorer is still #1 elsewhere, including Japan, China and the United States, where Microsoft’s browser enjoys a 37 percent share versus 26 percent for Chrome.

Last year Chrome beat out Internet Explorer, becoming the world’s top browser for a day. It’s been chasing Microsoft’s browser ever since.

Macquarie analyst Ben Schacter thinks Google is working with Apple to bring Chrome to iOS devices. If true, Chrome for iOS should help Google own virtually all the searches.

A beta version of Chrome hit Android devices running Ice Cream Sandwich in February.

Whichever way you look at it, Chrome beating out Microsoft’s darling is a pretty major accomplishment – in just three years.

And if Chrome comes to iOS, I have no doubt in my mind that its market-leading status will include mobile.

Would you prefer Chrome for iOS over Apple’s stock Safari browser?

  • Anonymous

    Yes, but you can bet Apple will kill half of it’s functionality

  • yes safari sucks ass except the nice history/bookmark part!

  • Chrome ftw.

  • Dan

    I’m surprised people still use IE. I’ve been using chrome for years now, everything works better

  • If Flash Player and Java turn to be features of iOS Chrome, I would surely choose Chrome.

  • i still prefer firefox over the other browsers
    i thinks its the best

    • It’s super bloated compared.

  • Safari is great on iOS… I have no problem with it

    I doubt chrome would pass safari in iOS

  • opera rulz!!

    • It used to.

    • Кирилл Шин

      Lol, bro)

  • Interesting write up for sure. I doubt Chrome will make it to iOS though to be honest.

  • I really hope they will release Chrome for iOS, especially on the iPad. I hope it has flash. It will be awesome.

  • Yoda says: “Impossible it is not, to see Chrome for iOS but hard it will be for Google to achieve.”

    Right know other web browsers such as Skyfire provides a very limited experience similar to that of Chrome but its functionality is extremely limited (no embedded java, embedded flash is limited to webpage-only, no flash game support what so ever). Likely Apple is going to play this way to Google when they release Chrome for iOS, if they actually do. Obviously, Apple will not want for its customers to get lured by the real power of Chrome.

  • So, if apple doesn’t allow all of its features, when is it coming to cydia? 😉

  • Anonymous

    Am I the only one that likes Safari?

  • Chrome is THE best and fastest thing out there and the synch rules.

  • Laszlo Gaspar

    Chrome will always be better than internet explorer. Chrome is just built from the ground up for browsing and nothing else. internet explorer on the other hand is just plain awful.

  • Mutahar Rahman

    Yes I will