Water damage. It’s a concern on the minds of nearly every major smartphone manufacturer out there, and their customers. And while companies like HZO and Liquipel are trying to change that, their technologies aren’t quite there yet.

So while we wait for some of the new-aged tech to mature, there’s still plenty of physical case options to choose from to make your iPhone waterproof. And if you happen to be a minimalist, you might want to check out the Case Marine…

Gizmodo points to the Case Marine, an iPhone case that measures just 0.25mm thick and promises to protect your handset from all water damage. And we’re not just talking about a few rain drops here, but up to 32 ft. of H20. Wow.

The accessory, however, has a few caveats. It won’t protect your iPhone from bumps and drops, and there’s no opening for the headphone jack. Now, at 0.25mm, you could easily fit another case on top of it. But you’re on your own with the headphone thing.

At any rate, you can purchase the lite version of the Case Marine for $15, or a thicker, premium version for $38. And if you’re in the market for a water-proof case, and can deal with the caveats, this seems like a fairly decent option.

What do you think of the Case Marine?

  • LifeProof. Bumps, drops, water, dirt, snow, and I can plugin the headphone jack.

    • Yeah I love it.
      But this is for people who don’t want the bulky case.
      Plus life proof ranges from $90-100 bucks….

      • They are $80

      • My perception must be bad then. I mean, the 4S itself is pretty slim, but I don’t find the LifeProof case to be bulky at all. Could be just me.

  • urgh i bought 2 life proofs and i HATE them! horrible.. first off its too bulky.. i thought they were pretty slim from the videos and such.. second of all the plastic on the front isnt even flush with the device (no matter how long you use it for) .. its good for people who work in construction or whatnot.. but for the everyday user that texts and calls.. its horrible.

  • With this case on I cant:
    Use the headphone jack……..
    The Camera………

    • we can still use bluetooth stereo headphones, which are a lot better than 3.5mm(Im talking about good quality 3.5mm which costs almost the same as the bluetooth stereos from nokia on ebay), but about the camera, yes u are right

      • Anonymous

        Bluetooth? Better? You gotta be kidding me.

        Bluetooth = Wireless = Radio Broadcast (intermittent)
        3.5mm = Wired = Direct (…duh?!)

        Think logic bro.

      • thats my opinion, I tried a lot of 3.5 headphones from $10 to $60 from samsung, lg nokia and a few other brands, and my bluetooth headphone makes me feel like the $60 headphones

      • Anonymous

        No, he’s not right. Even the website states you can take pictures with the case. But you’re wrong too about Bluetooth having the same or better quality than a wired headphone…unless of course it’s crappy wired headphones. Wired has the ability to provide MUCH better audio quality than any Bluetooh audio device. So for the future, if you’re looking for a device with the absolute best sound quality, then forget about Bluetooth alltogether, unless it has the ability to provide a wired solution as well.

        The lite marine case looks good though. I never liked the Lifeproof due to the bulk coupled with the price. I don’t mind too much about about paying $80 for a case as long as its thin and good. The lite version of the marine case is only $15, paper thin, and I can easily slip it in when I go to the beach. Looks like a win in my book. Definitely getting one for my iPhone 4 when I can.

      • you guys are right about better quality, but I have a bluetooth which haves a very good sound quality, and it is wireless, I dont have any problems with the wires being blocking or giving me problems, with the wires if have the hassles to put the wire trough your t-shirt, or be careful to not disconnect or drop your phone by mistake, it works for music, videos and games on my iphone also, so for me it is a very good accessory

    • Not being able to use the camera is a dealbreaker. Why the hell would I want my phone underwater if not for filming?

  • But no headphones right? Mhmm not for me then..

  • demure demeanor

    It looks like a one time use case, for the beach or something…
    You can’t charge, and it looks like a one time application…

  • its finally here, the official condom for the iphone!

    • thats what I tought when I saw the video huahauah

    • ok soo some one must make a vibater app for iphone

      • What a notion! I bet nobody’s ever thought of that.. why would you give away such an awesome unique idea?

  • Ok, you guys realize there is no headphone jack, and how about speaker, it’s blocked as well right? :/

  • What do you people expect from a case that makes your phone waterproof? A headphone jack is a HOLE that needs to be covered. Waah Waah Waah… If you need your phone waterproof this is a great solution. Of course some things are compromised… if you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to use it. Stop whining.

    • with Lifeproof you can actually plug-in headphones and you can actually play music under water, is a bit bulky though

  • just put your iphone in a sealed ziploc bag, and you’re good to go

  • The website says the camera works. That said, I don’t see a purchase option on the “you can purchase” linked site above.

  • I can’t figure out how to buy it and when I sent their contact an email it was returned…weird

  • Looks good and all but you have to remove the case anytime you need access to the 30 pin connector.

  • Anonymous

    Perfect. This will work great for my trip to Vegas. I was wondering what I was going to do with my phone during those pool parties…I’ll keep it in my pocket.

  • Cris Benson

    Remember kids practice safe sexting with the iPhone condom.

  • Like said above. One time use I most likely. And in that scenario use a disposable condom or ziplock bag at the beach

  • is it avilabile for purchase?

  • I’m Waterproof, can play my musics, deep away, deeeep away ♫