Liquipel Waterproofs Your iPhone without a Case

To most people, iPhones and iPads are fairly expensive. That’s why we all put cases and screen protectors on our devices — to keep them safe from drops and other accidents. But how do we protect our gadgets from water damage?

Well, there’s a handful of case options that claim to make your iPhone waterproof, but they’re either bulky or extremely unattractive (see DryCase). Liquipel, however, is trying to change that with its new invisible waterproof coating…

TheNextWeb says Liquipel’s latest invention, a microscopic coating that protects electronics from water damage, could change the world of electronics forever. And we might have to agree. Watch.


Although the company won’t divulge any specific details about what it is or what it’s made of, it describes the product as an invisible coating that bonds to your device at the molecular level (inside and out) to repel water.

Don’t get too excited though. Liquipel’s product isn’t available at your local Best Buy. You actually have to send your iPhone (or other handset) into the company along with $59 to have them apply it, and we’re not sure the average person is going to be willing to that.

But the mere fact that the technology exists is still incredible. Here’s hoping manufacturers eventually pick up on this and start applying Liquipel to their products before they ship them.

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