This 0.25 mm case makes your iPhone waterproof

Water damage. It’s a concern on the minds of nearly every major smartphone manufacturer out there, and their customers. And while companies like HZO and Liquipel are trying to change that, their technologies aren’t quite there yet.

So while we wait for some of the new-aged tech to mature, there’s still plenty of physical case options to choose from to make your iPhone waterproof. And if you happen to be a minimalist, you might want to check out the Case Marine…


Gizmodo points to the Case Marine, an iPhone case that measures just 0.25mm thick and promises to protect your handset from all water damage. And we’re not just talking about a few rain drops here, but up to 32 ft. of H20. Wow.

The accessory, however, has a few caveats. It won’t protect your iPhone from bumps and drops, and there’s no opening for the headphone jack. Now, at 0.25mm, you could easily fit another case on top of it. But you’re on your own with the headphone thing.

At any rate, you can purchase the lite version of the Case Marine for $15, or a thicker, premium version for $38. And if you’re in the market for a water-proof case, and can deal with the caveats, this seems like a fairly decent option.

What do you think of the Case Marine?