The 4-inch iPhone. According to just about every major news publication — The Wall Street Journal, Reuters, etc. — it’s coming. But where does that leave the 600,000+ apps designed for a 3.5″ screen and their developers?

Well the most popular theory for how Apple will go about making a 4-inch iPhone is to give it a resolution of 640×1158, and an aspect ratio of 9:5. So Overdrive Design decided to show us what that would do to current apps…

Not only would this route make it easier for developers to update their apps, but it would also allow for them to display a considerable amount of more information on the screen — all without making the iPhone itself much bigger.

A screen that’s just half an inch larger may not seem like a very big deal. But for folks who spend more time on their iPhone — browsing the web, reading iBooks and emails — than they do on their computer or iPad, it could make a world of difference. Not to mention that a larger display would call for some kind of hardware redesign, something iPhone users have been clamoring for since last fall.

If you like the above mockups, Overdrive Design has several more high-quality renderings showcasing different apps.


  • Great, but this mocked up iPhone looks kinda ugly. I don’t know if I will buy it. I really need total redesign from Apple!

    • Kok Hean

      Not ugly, although it resembles a Samsung Galaxy S II.

  • Maybe we finally can get HD videos without wasted black space!

  • I’m usually an every-other-gen upgrader with Apple, but I think at this point a 4″ screen is the only thing that would convince me to upgrade my iPhone 4 this gen.

    Wouldn’t mind being proven wrong though.

    • I have to agree. I’m not too excited about Siri and the faster processor is nice and all but I don’t need it. And honestly, I’m not really too crazy about a 4″ screen either but a total design refresh might make me spend my $$$.

  • Anonymous

    I would love a taller screen. But it has to be taller, not wider, I don’t like the wide screens, if I wanted that I would just turn my iPhone to the side…

    • Anonymous

      You’re right it has to be taller, not wider….or maybe…just a bit wider if absolutely necessary.

  • It just look like it got most space to view , it don’t look any bigger . I hope they don’t turn an iPhone it too some big screen phone like the competitions , I like texting with one hand grip .

    • I’m reading this article lying down with one hand and typing do I agree completely.

  • this kind of enlargement is really meaningful??
    it is elongation ! the stuff on screen show no difference as before !

    • Anonymous

      Seriously !?!?! they clearly show you will see more of the webpage without scrolling when you have the 4″ screen.

      Why do people not want a larger screen, EVEN when they show it won’t make the physical phoene bigger.

      • 1. Because it looks like an android
        2. Because you can’t reach the corners with one hand
        3. Because a homescreen with 4×6 icons looks ugly

      • Max Katzmann

        It looks like an android, because these mockups are just a larger screen on an “old” phone. I’m pretty sure apple won’t just enlarge the screen and keep the rest as it is.

        I used a Galaxy Nexus with its 4.65 inch screen and didn’t have any problems regarding the screen size. (the OS is crap though.) I don’t use my iPhone with only one hand very often. And even if i would, it wouldn’t be a problem if the screen is larger.. Maybe it’s because I have large hands and can reach the top of the iPhone with my thumb and was able to reach the top of the Nexus’ large screen with it as well.

        And lastly, put the 4 apps that are too much on your home screen page onto the next one and you’ll have 4×5 again.
        I, personally, hope they will enlarge the screen.

  • Anonymous

    The mockups are ugly..

  • Thats a perfect size..but it need some of redesign..

  • this size require hard app transition to the new layout. and bunch of problems between old apps and new apps. and apps only for The new iPhone. So it looks good, but i don’t think Apple will change screen aspect ratio. Only 5% probability.
    Earlier I read good articles about 3:4 vs 9:16.. Apple choose 9:16

  • Metroview

    Based on this mockup, you’re basically going to have to have a long face in order to use both mic and speaker when on the phone?

    • I don’t think so. The physical size of the phone hasn’t changed,

  • That is the most realistic mockup I’ve seen till now of the next iPhone

  • Well ! Anyone would kill for a bigger screen. Apple seems to be finally woken up. If not (4.7″- Talking about Samsung S-III), I am sure Apple fans will be still happy with a 4″ screen rather than the old 3.5″.

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for making the iPhone more like current Android phones, Apple 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Apple, please don’t redesign the general shape. I think the 4 & 4s look absolutely incredible.

    Increase the screen size, sure, but I would love if they kept the glass and steel on the sides.

  • Anonymous

    Fantastic !!!! that’s what I was talking about….the iPhone 4S should be already like that!!

  • sn0wbaLL

    too small. love the big phones

  • You gotta love the hater/fanboys/hateboys/ and literally everyone that is ignorant enough to say that this upgrade would assimilate an android phone, first of all, android phones are assimilated to iphones, even if you could argue about it.

    Then there is the fact that you dont have to change the physical size to make a bigger screen, I ask myself, how does people think my finger wont reach the longest corner if the corner is in the same length, how would my face have to be longer to reach the mic.

    These are the times i realize how manipulable the civilization is.

    About the size, I’m more of the keep-the-size-but-make-the-screen-a-lil-wider-too kind of guy, those 3mm are begging for it.

  • Don’t want it, won’t buy it.

    • Anonymous

      I Do want it, I will buy it…..100%