With Android devices typically sporting displays measuring between 4.3 and 4.8 inches diagonally (and beyond) and the usually credible Wall Street Journal throwing its weight behind recent reports asserting a four-inch iPhone, we’re eager to learn about your take on this drama.

Would you prefer the next iPhone to sport the same 3.5-inch display as prior iPhones? A four-inch iPhone, you say? How do you feel about a monstrous 4.8-inch iPhone?

Here, cast your vote now.

Just to give you some guidance, this is how a 5.3-inch device looks like in real life.

That’s why wielding a phablet in public makes one look stupid, in my opinion.

The above render depicting a regular 3.5-inch iPhone 4S next to a four-inch iPhone and another one featuring a widescreen form factor is credited to The Next Web.

  • sn0wbaLL

    While Apple makes some nice products, I typically still find myself turning to my Android devices over the iOS ones. ICS is more intuitive, customizable, and just a better experience, IMHO. Widgets on Android provide glanceable info that iOS lacks, and browsing/Media is a much nicer experience due to higher resolution (phone wise, browsing on the iPad is a good experience save for he lack of Flash) and while the iPad has lots of apps, there are very few I find myself without that I use/need on Android.

    Settings are easier, frequent App access is better, and Voice Controls on Android provide more information through search results than Siri does.

    If I want to toggle Wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, or anything else, widgets let me do so immediately, it’s buried in the Settings app on iOS. 3rd party launchers let me access frequent apps faster than paging through screens on iOS. People say settings are buried in menus on Android, but it seems worse on iOS because app settings are typically in the Settings menu rather than the App itself, meaning I have to leave the app, go to te home screen, and try to find the setting I want to change, which seems cumbersome.

    Flash browsers on iOS are a subpar experience, but seamless on Android. Sharing content with intents is much easier on Android, instead of launching an app to upload to Facebook, Dropbox, or what have you, in order to do so.

    Navigation and Maps on Android is a far superior experience, turn by turn voice nav on iOS is only achieved with third party apps that don’t have the detailed level of info that Android does.

    Lack of a back button sucks. I miss that probably most of all when using iOS.

    Being able to use and compare both directly has been educational and enlightening, and makes me appreciate Android all the more.

    About the only thing I like better on the iPad is the better resolution, although I don’t have a newer high res Android tablet to compare it to.

    ICS is truly a game changer, and I can respond to criticism of Android by iOS users with much better insight after having more experience with Apple’s high end products.

    I can easily recommend Android over iOS devices to friends now, not just because I am a fan of the Android platform, but because I’ve now had direct experience with both and can trumpet Android’s advantages with more nuance and detail than I was able to before.

    If iOS is your cup of tea, then by all means use it. I’m OK with that – users should have choice and the presence of both platforms in the market spurs competition and innovation, but I can definitively say that people who blindly say Android has copied iOS or that iOS is superior clearly haven’t used both platforms to the extent needed to make such generalizations.


  • Anonymous

    I may opt. for a 4″ retina display iphone on the upcoming generation. As for me, 3.5″ is ok also, but it feels cramped to me, especially when your replying to an sms message in horizontal mode that the keyboard almost blocked more than half the screen size that you can no longer read the past/new messages of your contact. And yes, it does drag down, when you want to read, but still it would look better on a 4″ so you can scroll down while typing/txting. This goes also while texting on vertical mode, since I usually like texting using both thumb finger, texting in vertical mode on a 3.5″ screen is so cramped that my thumb is hitting on each other especially that the keyboard buttons are smaller when vertical. So yeah, FOR ME, 4″ retina display is the way to go.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, I would like a 4-inch display but also a MUCH better battery.

  • Iphone 3.5 inch is ridiculus front to 5.3 inch of Galaxy Notes. For read book, web sites, movies 5.3inch is excellent! a Tabled is too large y it isn’t smartPhone.

  • Bigger screen and it will look ugly stick to same size better guts and thinner to bulky in ya pocket