Environmental friendliness has been an important subject for Apple over the past few years. It’s currently building one of the largest solar panel farms in the U.S. to power its North Carolina data center, and plans to do the same thing in Oregon.

But apparently that isn’t enough for the folks at Greenpeace. The environmental organization recently staged a major protest outside of Apple’s headquarters in Cupertino, CA, pleading with the company to increase its ‘Green’ efforts…

But this wasn’t just a couple of folks holding card board signs, this was an all-out protest. AppleInsider reports:

“In addition to projecting messages of support from Twitter and Facebook users onto the side of the building, Greenpeace activists also barricaded themselves inside an eight-foot-tall, ten-foot-wide “survival device” that has previously be used to prevent Arctic drilling.

The demonstration also featured four Greenpeace members dressed as iPhones, with fully functional screens across their torsos that displayed messages from supporters via Facebook and Twitter.”

Greenpeace Executive Director Phil Radford says that the organization has collected more than 215,000 signatures for its “Clean our Cloud” petition, which asks Apple to use clean, renewable energy to power its iCloud service.

“Apple’s executives have thus far ignored the hundreds of thousands of people asking them to use their influence for good by building a cloud powered by renewable energy. As Apple’s customers, we love our iPhones and iPads, but we don’t want to use an iCloud fueled by the smog of dirty coal pollution.”

Apple has said that its massive data center in North Carolina will receive 50% of its energy from its new solar panel farm. And, once built, it says that its Oregon-based data center will run completely on clean energy.

It seems like Apple is doing quite a bit to reduce its environmental footprint. So why is Greenpeace spending so much of its time and energy on it?

  • They should focus on other companies

  • aren’t there many more pollutant things they could be protesting?!

  • Ignacio Irigoyen

    This is ridiculous, Apple is obviously trying to improve, to me this is a big hit to Greenpeace credibility. I mean it is not like Apple can use a magic wand and solve the problem and even if they did Greenpeace will say that magic contaminates….

    There are other companies out there contaminating and doing nothing about it (this is a fact, not an opinion) so why bother one that is already working on been more green?


  • The employees should start chucking green apples at these fools and post it on YouTube.

  • Anonymous

    Ignorant responses.

    • Ignorant responses from ignorant Activist Groups. What do you expect?

  • Greenpeace may be pushed by another company in exchange of logistic help

  • Lol, so other Company, which are perhaps doing more pollution, isnt’t on their list? Or is Apple always the bad guy of some reason? They are already trying their best, even at improving the working conditions at Foxconn! So please, Go and save some whales Or something…

  • Anonymous

    I would really like to see the reactions if they posted the following title instead :

    Greenpeace protests outside of Samsung HQ for cleaner cloud.

    You fanboys would probably all say that they are killing the environment and should be banned…

    • Anonymous

      Nope, if they were just protesting Samsung (and Samsung was trying to improve) then they would still be wrong..

  • I have first hand experience in this stuff.

    Those data centers run on electrical typically next to a Dam. Maybe they are complaining about their diesel generators when they kick on. I use to work at Microsoft data center and they city made a big deal about the generator but the town is a farming town and the have so many tractors running. Typically they only run for testing and well when you lose power which usually isn’t often. Trust me those things don’t run often as they cost so much in fuel to run.

    Air quality is still better in the rural places where these data centers are. Even when the generator running.

    • for the Dam, they probably aren’t complaining about the diesel generators. they would be more concerned with the fish that can’t ‘happily’ swim as they please up and down the rivers. i say it in a joking manner but that’s actually their concern with dams

      • Lot of the Dams were built during war time and they were built quickly and they didnt factor in the fish cause they didnt care at the time. Most Dams along the Columbia (Washington State river dont support fish. Actually non of them do but its kinda too late to fix it now. Sadly thats why most area are populated with fish. More and more unnatural things. They are protesting something that can be fix and wasnt apples problem to being with. They are just complaining to them because Apple has money.

        Lets ask the protestor to pay our bills I bet they wont like it. Its not fair to ask someone else to flip the bill for something that was not your problem.

  • Anonymous

    I commend Greenpeace. They are focusing on a world leader. Apple and other companies like them, when they lead, others follow and therefore change happens. Is apple trying? Sure they are. Doesn’t mean you can’t protest and make sure they’re doing their best. And whose to say Greenpeace hasn’t done this to other companies? I’m sure they’ve done thousands before apple and another thousand after Apple. Example: why is the USA always looked towards to make changes for the world, it’s because they are a world leader, right? You’re not going to call on Sri Lanka or Cuba to change the world (no offense to those countries, just trying to prove a point). I think people need to stop making love to Apple romantically and look at these topics subjectively. Use your brain and not your privates and take your d*cks out of your iPhones and Apple’s mouth. And yes I own an iPhone.

  • It is so damn pathetic. I’m usually a big supporter of Greenpeace but with their anti-Apple campaign and their anti-apple emails every damn day they really get on my nerves..

    • it’s funny when liberal greenpeace goes after apple who is run by some extreme leftists

  • It is so damn pathetic. I’m usually a big supporter of Greenpeace but with their anti-Apple campaign and their anti-apple emails every damn day they really get on my nerves..