While we’ve seen several watch bands and other accessories made to ensure your iPod nano is with you at all times, we’ve never seen anything like this. Dave Hurban, of Newfield New Jersey carries his iPod with him via magnets in his arm.

That’s right, this Dynasty Tattoo tattoo artist had four powerful magnets implanted into his left arm to hold his late-generation iPod nano in place…

While we have to admit the end-result is sort of cool-looking, we can’t imagine that surgically installing foreign objects into your wrist is a good idea.

Not to mention, as a lot of other sites have pointed out, what is Hurban going to do if Apple changes the Nano’s design next time around?

[Gizmodo via You Bent My Wookie]

  • Anonymous

    Sick… But original! Welcome to the cruel future world…

  • so he cut into the awesome tattoo on his arm to do that? WHY?

  • Grade A horse shit….bro watch band 2bucks in store

    • I’m pretty sure he didn’t do it cause he has no money… Bro

      • Propably right, no brain is more like it.

      • People like you should be drug out of your home away from your computer and beaten.

  • Whats next? implant magnets on his forehead to hold iPad with a wallpaper says “You are looking at an idiot? lmao

  • WTF….! Seriously…… Cool man… But is it need to do shit like that….?

  • Anonymous

    All that to sport a iPod Nano without a band? No thanks.

  • Ragin when the new model comes out

    • Anonymous

      When the new model comes out, the current one will still look sick as shit on his arm.

    • Yes, it will be so sad, specially since the magnets will stop working…

  • The original title of the story on ‘You Bent My Wookie”: “iDermal – Because Some Apple Users Are Just That “Cool” — many adjectives come to mind to describe this guy, but “cool” definitely isn’t one of them…!

  • I think it’s a sick idea. I wouldn’t do it cause I don’t like dermals but the underside of my wrist is tattooed so I never wear watch bands. Great idea

  • Freak

  • I wonder what airport security would do if he tried to fly??
    Say hello to the no flight list lol

    • Anonymous

      My ex-girlfriend has 5 microdermals and she never once had an issue with airport security. As long as they are made out of titanium and not steel, he will have no issues with metal detectors.

  • Like a magneto.

  • Anonymous


  • Mersim Hasanbašić

    dude -_-

  • Rich Morano

    ugly…hate those style!!!!

  • Imahottguy

    I must admit the end result looks pretty cool. I am not into nor do I have the $$ for dermal mods like that, but it is quite unique and actually functional. To quote a great mind: “That’s hot.” 😉

  • Not for me but bad ass. I got tats n all but, no dermals…I do have a glass eye with a fish in it… That’s hot.

  • One of the stupidest and hotness things I ever seen.

  • hi, begging for attention much?

  • Anonymous

    Why didn’t he implant them underneath the skin instead of cutting holes into his tattoo and leaving some basically open wounds in his wrist?

  • Anonymous

    Like I have heard a million times…There are people for everything!

  • Fly Much? Prob not. Wonder how he explains that.

  • I won’t ever do it. I dont have the guts, but thats awesome! Wait, Apple, please inject me magnetic liquid metal 😀