Last night, AT&T unveiled a new home automation and security service called Digital Life. The carrier describes the service as one that will give users “unparalleled control and security of their home using any web-enabled device.”

The Digital Life system is integrated into the home via Z-Wave, a popular wireless protocol, and can control a number of connected utilities including cameras, door locks, thermostats, window sensors, and appliances…

Say you are at work, and the repair man stops by your house to look at your dishwasher. A tap of a button on your PC or smartphone, and you can unlock the front door for him. Another tap, and you can see a live feed of your kitchen to ensure that he gets right to work. Cool.

But don’t think that Digital Life stops at your standard home control. Users can also operate their garage doors, check the status of their smoke/carbon monoxide alarms, and — get this — even turn off their home’s water supply in the event that the system detects a water leak.

Of course, anything can look good on paper. The true test will be to see how the system performs in real life, and if customers buy in to it. You know, Verizon has had a similar service for over a year now that has yet to gain much market traction.

There’s no word yet on when Digital Life will become available to customers, but  AT&T says that it plans to start testing the service in markets in Dallas and Atlanta sometime this summer.

What do you think of Digital Life? Are consumers ready for this kind of home control?


  • Anonymous

    i think its the way to go in the future, i am a buyer if i had money to buy a house lol xD

  • Its seem cool, but i don’t think its an eviroment i’d feel comfortable in. Sometimes too much technology puts me off.

  • They’re talking about saving money but they didn’t told how much does that technology costs.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been doing this for over 3 years on my own. I don’t need AT&T to do it for me and charge me between 30 and $50 a MONTH…I pay NO monthly fees. Purchase your own Zwave and install it.

  • X10 has been doing this for years

  • I would absolutely love to use this.

  • Anonymous

    ugh! i dont want to stick to a ipad 24*7 …this is too much!, yeah its cool… but u still want to make ur tea. what to open doors. what to do stuff and not let programs do it for you…. how much more easy do u want your life to get…

  • I think it’s useful to Older People whom forget things and don’t feel like going downstairs to turn off something when they can just do it with their iPad. I’d use this..BUT..I don’t own a house.