When Apple announced that it was going to continue selling the iPad 2 for $399 alongside its new tablet, the company never mentioned any changes. After all, it’s the same iPad 2 that it’s been selling for more than a year. Right?

Not exactly. The folks over at AnandTech uncovered a minor, but perhaps significant, change in the discounted tablet’s A5 processor that gives the slate nearly two hours of added battery life. Keep reading to find out how…

Apparently Apple traded in the iPad 2’s 45nm A5 processor for a much more power-efficient 32nm chipset. You may remember that Chipworks made a similar discovery in the third-generation Apple TV’s A5 processor last month.

So what does this mean? Well for folks with a “new” iPad 2, it means substantially longer battery life. AnandTech found that the 32nm A5 tablet could browse the web for an extra 1.6 hours, and could play games for an additional two.

But perhaps even more interesting are the implications. It’s certainly feasible that Apple will use a similar 32nm processor in the next iPhone — meaning greater battery performance. And with the handset rumored to include resource-draining features like LTE, and possibly a 4-inch display, that’s terrific news.

It’s also worth noting that, even with these new processors, Apple is still selling the iPad 2 at $399 (and Apple TV at $99). So essentially the company has found a way to manufacture the 32nm chips for the same price as the larger, less-efficient ones. That’s actually a pretty big deal.


  • Really interesting. Time to sell my old iPad 2 and get a new one. LOL.

    • Why sell? Just ask for a replacement at the last month of warranty. By then, refurbished sets will have the new chipsets. 😉

      • Hmm what should I say is wrong with the iPad 2?

      • Anonymous

        Just tell ’em your Data/WiFi keeps getting disconnected and fake your anger when talking to the Genius-es. ;P

      • Does that really work?! Omg… But meh, will not cause the jailbreak won’t be available (since they update it to ios 5.1 for you, and there isn’t a public tethered/untethered for the iPad 2 on iOS 5.1)

      • well today i actually showed my iphone with the front camera not working also the speakerphone… and so i was is still in warranty and they decided to replace the whole unit :DDDD well it was my mistake of opeening and messing around with it until my front camera stopped working , but i got a replacement just need to wait until thursday

  • John Whitworth

    Can this version if the iPad 2 be jailbroken too?

  • Anonymous

    The 4S’s battery life is terrible! I hope they add more than just 2 hours of use. I get 10-15 hours of use – and thats if I listen to music in the iPod.app with the screen off!!!!! Its supposed to get like 40 hours of music time!!!


    • Please, use some more exclamation marks. I’m sure that will help getting your point across.

  • “So essentially the company has found a way to manufacture the 32nm chips for the same price as the larger, less-efficient ones.”

    It isn’t magic. They get more chips per wafer as the chips are smaller.