Carrier options for US iPhone customers have dramatically multiplied over the past two years. The handset, which was once only available from AT&T, is now offered on nine wireless providers across the country.

Actually, 10 carriers if you count Straight Talk. You may or may not know this, but the nationwide prepaid provider is compatible with the GSM iPhone. You don’t even need to unlock your handset to switch to it…

How does it manage to pull this off? Well, Straight Talk is an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) of sorts. It piggybacks on Verizon and Sprint networks for CDMA coverage, and AT&T and T-Mobile for GSM.

When you sign up for the service, you pick your carrier and your SIM card — it comes in both standard and micro. So for instance, you could order an AT&T-branded micro SIM, and your iPhone would never know the difference.

Why would anyone want to switch to Straight Talk? Price. The operator easily undercuts the larger carriers by $50 or more with its $45 all-you-can-eat plan. That’s unlimited voice minutes, text messaging and HSPA+ data. Wow.

While this all sounds great, we haven’t actually tried this for ourselves (yet). So we don’t know what Straight Talk’s coverage or service is like, and we aren’t sure if all of the iPhone’s features — Visual Voicemail, MMS, etc. — continue to work.

Still, for $45 a month and no hassle of unlocking your handset, Straight Talk appears to be a viable carrier option for those who are looking for a way to dramatically cut down their monthly expenses.

Are you using your iPhone on Straight Talk? We’d love to hear about it below.


  • Ernesto Carrillo

    I currently use H2O but next month i plan to switch over to Straight Talk. I currently pay $60 and i only get 1gb of data. Better than paying for edge data i think. But on youtube i saw a video, an asian guy showing how to set up an iphone 4 with straight talk. Pretty simple i beleive. Only thing if u want mms, then u have to jailbreak ur phone. Other than that, next month, Straight Talk here i come!!!!

    • That Asian guy is a pirate. He had installous. Yet he told his viewers to pay for TetherMe.

      • Ernesto Carrillo

        Plus if u have cydia tether me is free if u add insanelyi.repo as a source.
        Asian guy is a rip off!

      • Insainlyi is a hack repo.. All the tweaks on there are hacked

      • well some people use installous to try out apps, then pay for them if they like them, and delete and not pay if they don’t

      • some people use installous to get old version of apps for their old iphones. don’t be so quick to label people unless you want to quickly be labeled an idiot.

      • Mathew Rice

        The actual developer of “Install0us”, puy0, does not condone the cracking of apps, period. Any use of current versions of “Installous” distributed by Hackulous or other sources is an intent to pirate as the default search source produces results for cracked apps.
        The only legitimate way to install old or trial apps is to either have the actual ipa file for the older version of the software or to download and install the free version of the app if it exists (as seen with apps like Calvetica). These are the terms and conditions everyone is required to agree to when using the software originally distributed via the App Store.

        I agree though, trying before buying is import for a user to make a sound decision on a purchase, however, Hackulous and the current versions of “Installous” do not promote that aspect of usage.

        Lastly, an easy way to discern the differences between the versions of the “Installous”/”Install0us” software is in the name. Developer puy0 uses the number zero in the app name and does not provide any search sources in the app itself. Sadly, puy0 discontinued development of “Install0us” after receiving a cease and desist order from Apple a long time ago.
        The intended use of puy0’s “Install0us” was to facilitate legitimate ipa installations as seen with services like Test Flight. At one point in time, puy0 and the Hackulous team had a falling out which was also the result of the differences in the naming conventions of the app (the letter o versus the number 0), meant to distinguish the two pieces of software and its owners/developers.

        Regardless of what I said, what you choose to do with your device is your business, however, at the end of the day, the cost of mobile software on the iOS platform is pennies in comparison to other platforms (desktop and mobile). Obtaining a VISA, MasterCard or American Express prepaid card is possible for practically anyone anywhere in the world. There really aren’t any plausible excuses left to defend the downloading and installing of cracked apps for iOS.

    • Anonymous

      They changed it to 2GB of data this month for H2O

    • Metroview

      you do not need to jailbreak your phone to enable mms…

      • Joseph McKinney

        Then how do you do that then jw

  • Anonymous

    OLD news, I’ve been on Straight Talk for almost 2 years since my iPhone 3GS days, continue with the service with iPhone 4 (cut the sim card) but freaking iPhone uses slow modem so I couldn’t take advantage of HSPA+ network so I switched to Samsung GSII and super happy with it. The coverage is exactly the same as the official AT&T coverage. For iPHone users, the straight talk sim card works without any unlocking or modification to the phone. The only thing that doesn’t work is the MMS that required jailbreaking of iphone.

    • Anonymous

      Note the line in the second paragraph: “you may or may not know about.” We know this isn’t breaking news, but we’ve never covered it on iDB and felt it was worth telling our readers about.

    • Metroview

      Again, you do NOT need to jailbreak your phone to enable MMS.

      • Anonymous

        How do u enable mms?

      • Metroview

        Since my post never showed up here, first you need a T-Mobile SIM card to enable APN editing. Google Search “straight talk data and mms howardforums wiki”. It’s the first link labeled “Straight Talk iPhone – HowardForums Wiki”. Go down to MMS & Data in the wiki and there’s instructions on how to edit the APN without having a jailbreak.

      • After you do this do you then put your straight talk SIM card back in?

  • Ernesto Carrillo

    An i just found out u dont even need to pay for a phone. Just buy a sim card and pop it into ur iphone. Asian guy making people pay for a phone they dont even need.

    • The Asian guy is show the old way of getting the iphone to work with straight talk. Look at the date the video was posted! Duh lol. Straight Talk Just started the Bring Your Own Phone deal were they just sell you the sim in Feb. So now that video is no longer needed! Just go buy a sim and google APN settings for straight talk for watever phone you have. And bam you have a cheaper plan with no contact!!! Whats is so crazy is i work for Verizon as a CSR. And found out about the Straight Talk Sims thru a customer that called in… LOL

  • I’m currently on Straight talk with an Iphone 4s although speeds aren’t as fast as if you had AT&T direct it is faster than Sprint 3g and Edge in my area I average a download rate of about 2.5 mps. Can’t beat $45!!!

    • Depending on how close you are to a tower I can get up to 3.0 mbs I’ve had them for 5 months on my 4S the mms works fine and so does data the plan is great for the price however be forewarned if you are a heavy data user they will warn you first if you start exceeding 3 gb then they probably will cut you off!
      But for the price it’s a deal just have to count data because unlimited is never truly unlimited!! Somebody should sue these so called unlimited companies

      • Hi I’m trying to get straight talk on my iPhone 4s, does it need to be unlocked? I am having problems with getting my service up, it is staying on searching when I activated the sim, any help?!

      • Carloz

        Try turning your phone on then off 🙂

      • montyhend

        I am having the same trouble. My ATT iphone 4s is unlocked according to ATT and Itunes but will not find either the Straight Talk Tmobile or ATT network, and I have used two different Straight Talk Sim cards. I have reset network settings and restored with Itunes without any positive result. Some suggest jailbreaking while many more say that it is not necessary. My phone continues to display ‘no service’ even though if I click ‘carrier’ under the settings, it detects both the ATT and T mobile networks. I have even tried swapping the sim with someone elses active ATT sim, and it wouldn’t connect to the network and still said ‘no service’. So either something is wrong with the phone, or it may need to be jailbroken. I would love to hear any suggestions.

  • if it supports several sim cards… possibility it will accept other sim cards?

  • Nathan Litkowski

    Can you use a sprint iphone 4s CDMA for this service?

    • Anyone else comment on this regarding how to get the CDMA Sprint 4S onto Straight Talk?

      My best guess (now that the SAM unlock is not working) is to pay up about $60 for the Gevey Ultra S to unlock for a SIM then use the AT&T or T-Mobile Micro SIM from Straight Talk.

      However with the CDMA iPhone 4S Gevey unlock you must Jailbreak so you need to have iOS 5.0 or 5.0.1! Reading the posts here sounds like you could get MMS working, 2.5 Mb/s data but no visual voicemail.

      What am I missing?

  • And yet we still don’t have T-Mobile

  • I currently have been using straight talk on my i4 and my 4s. Love the coverage, on the 4s, I show 4g and 4, I have 3g. MMS works perfectly fine as long as you set it up. I have also devised a method to get the MMS and Data working natively without anything like apn editors. They called me once I hit 2.8gb in a month saying I would be throttled if I continued my current usage. I had AT&T and honestly, it feels exactly the same, just the customer service people are a pain.

    Also, Currently Visual Voicemail does NOT work.

    • same here everything works but visual voicemail…it is a great deal at $45.00 per month,

    • how do you get the mms to work without jail breaking…. please help thats the only reason y I aint switch yet

  • Wow, Im out of contract and still very happy with my iPhone 4. I am seriously thinking of telling AT&T to take a hike if I can use the system under an MVNO for half of what I pay now, and UNLIMITED data!

  • Thanks for bringing this topic back up and Thank You to the INFORMATIVE commenters.

    Sprint iPhone 4S 64GB Black. Pissed I missed the SAM unlock and looking to ditch this 0.35 Mb/s data network.

  • You’re not jailbroken? What are you doing here?

    • Metroview

      What difference does it makes? I’m going to assume 100% that you didn’t think I was jailbroken. In case you haven’t noticed, this site isn’t truly dedicated to jailbreaking and last time I checked, you weren’t running this site, nor the internet so i’m just going to keep coming back and you’re going to love it kid. Hurrr.

  • Anonymous

    I set this up on my girlfriends iPhone 4 and my brothers 3GS everything works great. You just have to install an pan certificate from unlockit and presto. Service is amazing

  • Anonymous

    Ok I’m kinda slow on this whole Iphone thing and recently purchased two for me and my son, one of his friends is telling him that we can use our old carrier straight talk and it really works. Can anyone tell me if this really works?

  • Anonymous

    Does angone know if you can use a verizon droid global 2 or a blackberry on straight talk? I was told all i needed was the sim card. Is this true?

    • Kit Kat

      I’m not sure about the Verizon, but blackberry does not work with straight talk right now. Supposedly their “looking into it”.

  • Anonymous

    I ordered an “AT&T compatible” microSIM from ST.
    After receiving it, I just activate it and pop it into my iPhone 4S.

    Eveything just work automatic. Data and MMS works automatic.

    I don’t have to jailbreak or edit any APN setting.

    Seem like the phone think it is an AT&T sim.

    It shows HOME at upper left corner, not AT&T.

    Is this true for anyone else ???


    • what carrier was ur device originally wit before u switched to straight talk?

      • E Vital

        is it working for iphone 4s from verizon ?? or do i have to unlock it?

      • Dane Fritts

        I have a verizon iphone 4s version 5.1.1 and i use straight talk. I got a special sim card holder that make the phone unlocked while a sim card is in. You need to first jailbreak with absenthe then use a “gevey” sim card for cdma phones unlocking tray. You put the straight talk sim card in the gevey holder and then you can do a wifi search for a program that changes your apn settings from unlockit dot co dot nz “remove “dot”” unlockit co nz. Then you should be set… If you ever wanna switch to verizon again you can. Or any other gsm service. This works amazing with faster data than i got with verizon. Just be sure to not use more than 2gb a month. They will drop you.

      • I had have an iphone threw att and i just switched it to strait talk. I did the unlockit co nz. and now my 3g works.. But do you know how to get the mms to work?

      • I have an iphone threw att that i just switched to strait talk. I used the unlockit co nz and i now have 3g.. but do you know how to unlock it so i can get mms messages?

  • viviane francis

    Is it true that the Iphone 4 DOESN’T need to be unlocked to use with straight talk? Please answer with yes or no because I need a confirmed answer.
    Also did anyone tried to transfer their number to straight Talk without using Straight talk phone (on ur own AT&T phone)? on their website it says “In order to transfer your number to Straight Talk you must have a Straight Talk phone”?!!

  • I’m using straight talk on my 4s in my area. works perfect, talk , text, data, and mms. no visual voicemail. no jailbreak or unlock. had to tweak for mms and data, was very easy since no jailbreak was needed. I am getting the full speed of AT&Ts network. speed test hit 6.73mbps download. I recommend this to everyone.

    • jay

      how do you tweak for mms and internet without jail break ? i have straight talk 4s too i was told i have to jail break to do yhe mms and 4g internet

      • whitetalon92

        You could root till the cows come home, and your 4s will not have 4g internet.Could jump ship to a different carrier every week and you would also have zero luck with getting 4g internet.

    • How do u get mms without jail breaking please help that is the only reason y I haunt switched yet

    • My data is not working on my iphone 4. What could be the problem?

      • Noel S

        Mine isn’t working either just happened recently.

    • franw

      how do you insert micro sim card?????

      • N. Dansereau

        Stick paper clip into tiny hole on right side of phone. Out pops the sim tray!

    • what were the tweaks? im having trouble finding these solutions… thanks!

    • N. Dansereau

      How did you manage to change the APN without jailbreaking it? I have AT&T and can’t seem to find where to access it

      • Jenna King

        You could use the tmobile sim method. Pop a tmobile sim card into your iphone doesn’t matter if it’s active or not. Then go into your settings, then your network settings. You can change the apn from there. Hope that helped you!

    • Is this phone CDMA or gsm?????

  • Ok simple question,need a simple answer.How do I get my MMS to work on my IPhone 4?

  • I have the $30 Slide-up straight talk phone and I dont know if its a micro-Sim or a standard SIM card. I am getting the iphone 3G in about 3 weeks and I’m hoping it will work. Its originally an AT&T iPhone and it was my grandmothers. she got the 4S and now she said she’ll give me her 3G. Will it work ok?

  • Jenna King

    for all of you wondering how to use mms on the iphone with straight talk, yes, you MUST jailbreak the device. then go into cydia, and add this source ( ) to your source list. to do this, go into cydia, then go to manage, then click “sources”, then edit, then add. add the source. then click the source once it adds (it could take a few tries before it finally takes, then ignore any warnings, it is not harmful) and scroll down to the Ts and click and install “TetherMe APN Settings”. Once that is installed, go into your settings and scroll down to tetherme. turn off “automatic apn selection”. then click “cellular data network” and edit the settings as so.

    Cellular Data
    APN: att.mvno
    Username: (leave it blank)
    Password: (leave it blank)

    Visual Voicemail
    APN: (doesn’t matter what you put here, it won’t work on straight talk)
    Username: (blank)
    Password: (blank)

    APN: att.mvno
    Username: (blank)
    Password: (blank)
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Max Message Size: 1048576
    MMS US Prof URL: (blank)

    i hope this helped all of you having questions.
    If you need help getting internet to work on your iPhone without using wifi, I can explain that if someone asks(:

    • cami

      My internet was working (not wifi) on my iphone with ST but just stopped. Can you help?

      • Jenna King

        Apparently that’s happening a lot lately, I have a friend who still has an I phone 4 on straight Talk and is having that same problem. I have been working on some research about the problem and have not had any luck yet. What I will do is continue looking for the solution to this problem and get backfto youyou within the 24 hours with what information I can provide you. It seems straight Talk is having a problem with their network. It may be apn related but I can’t say for sure. Give me 24 hours to get back to you and I pray ill be able to help you. And thanks for coming to me for help(: makes me feel appreciated lol(:

  • Can someone please tell me what it means when someone says no jailbreak or unlock needed?

    • Kit Kat

      Unlocking a phone means using a phone you purchased through say AT&T, on another company’s plan such as straightalk. Typically it would involve entering a code which allows you to then use it somewhere else. Only with iPhones you don’t have to enter a code etc for it to work on straighttalk. Only put in the sim and activate the sim through them. Jailbreaking however voids the manufacturers warranty (so apple won’t help if anything goes wrong) but then allows your phone to run apps and programs the manufacturer has blocked.

  • I’m looking to transfer my straight talk plan to a iphone 2s and would really like to know if its possible…..someone told me about a sims care wth is that?

  • Carloz

    Im usinq it on my iphone4 too but i cant use the web can anyone help me :/ and how to send pics?

  • Does anyone know if it’s possible to use a Verizon iPhone with straight talk??

  • nestor

    Were do they sell the micro sim for straight talk for my iphone 4 ? Anybody please help me

  • Skyook

    I just unlocked/jalibroke a CDMA iphone 3gs…who are my service provider options to go with now?

  • lidia mada

    Please I have an iphone 4s with verizon .. do I have to jailbreak to use it with straighttalk?

  • I have a iphone 3g and my calling and text messages work fine i just cant get mms and i really want it but dont know how to jailbreak my fone.
    Please help…

  • Kit Kat

    I bought a used iPhone 3G for $50(works perfectly), and a new $15 sim with straight talk and have been loving it! I have not played with it enough to get mms working but everything else works perfectly, besides the visual voicemail but whatever. That isn’t a must for me. :3 I’ve been a faithful straight talk fanatic for two years and my iPhone just makes me love them more.

  • I have the 4s, do I buy the sim or micro sim online or through straight talk? Who activates it? Straight talk?

  • Theresa Perry

    what is my iphone has no sim card?

  • i have an at&t locked iphone but when i inserted my straighttalk sim it just displayed no sim card installed. i did the sim card removal and insertion and its still displaying the same message

  • Phillip Treadway

    I bought my 4s 3 months ago the sim cost 29 dollars I get 3G almost any where the only complaint I have is sending pic it seems the only place I can send them is to another IPhone can someone help me and I don’t get 4G

  • Jean-Luc Picard

    I have an iPhone 4 and a 4s that I recently picked up. I’ve been using StraightTalk successfully on the 4 for over a month. Phone, data, etc. all work fine. There is NO visual voicemail (there is voicemail but you have to push “1” to get messages, press “9” to save, etc. just like in the good old days – you can use Google Voice if you want to simulate the visual VM, up to you). I had to jailbreak the phone in order to install TetherMe which gets you access to the phone’s APN settings which then have to be modified in order to enable MMS (multimedia messaging services – being able to text photos, videos, etc.)

    StraightTalk does NOT work on the iPhone 4S for data. When I put the StraightTalk SIM in, I get texting, voice (phone) and voicemail – NO data (e-mail, web, etc.) regardless of reboots, resets, etc. Beware. I am not certain why this is. Unfortunately this phone was upgraded to iOS 6 by the previous owner and cannot be jailbroken in the way my iPhone 4 is (there is no reliable jailbreak available for iOS 6 at this time and it’s unlikely we’ll see one for a while). I also cannot downgrade to iOS 5.1.1 since the SHSH blob files weren’t saved by the previous owner (thanks for that dumbass!) My next course of action is to buy a Gevey SIM; this is the ONLY way I’m aware of that’s trustworthy to unlock a non-jailbroken 4S phone (the online “pay to unlock your EDMI” sites are 100% bogus/scams – I know of NOONE who has used one successfully but I do know a few people that have had their money taken in exchange for nothing). I have contacted AT&T to unlock the phone but naturally they’re no help either – one more reason I dumped them to go with StraightTalk in the first place. 🙂 AT&T’s “request unlock” process is deliberately convoluted, impersonal and systematically just rejects requests for it – even legitimate ones. I am not aware of anyone who has successfully submitted an unlock request to AT&T via their online form and gotten an approval. Maybe it happens, but I haven’t heard of it.

    So the bottom line is that I SUSPECT that unlocking a 4S phone (via a Gevey SIM) will result in data working via StraightTalk. If it doesn’t, I suspect 4S owners will need to jailbreak in order to get it working (as well as getting MMS working – as I said above the ONLY way to get MMS working that I’m aware of is to jailbreak the phone and use TetherMe to edit the APN settings). If (like me) you’ve got a 4S on iOS 6 you’re likely gonig to be unable to do this for the foreseeable future until a reliable jailbreak becomes available. Caveat Emptor. I’ll just wait for the JB, oh well.

    Moral of the story is if you want to use StraightTalk on an iPhone 4, it should work great, albeit with no visual voicemail or MMS. If you jailbreak it, you’ll get the MMS. If you want to use it on an iphone 4S, good luck. I’m hopeful that a Gevey SIM will allow it to transmit data but I obviously won’t have visual voicemail and won’t have MMS until a Jailbreak becomes available.

    Remember when this stuff used to be easy? 🙂

    • Jb

      I tried several combinations to make MMS work on Straight Talk using the T-Mobile SIM swap, totally not reliable!! The only way as stated herein to have reliable MMS messaging is to use TetherMe. Unlocked or not, you must use TetherMe for repeatable consistent results.

    • NoTeckGuy

      just bought iphone 4s att.ios 6.0 unlock it install StraightTalk card (cut it myself) Apply APN settings via Tmobile card. everthing works mms data text calls says 4G but no such thing att just change it to 4g you will never see 3g on any att phone again. even the old 3g iphones. YOU DO NOT NEED JAILBREAK,

      • Jean-Luc Picard

        By George you’re correct! I was able to pick up a SimpleMobile (essentially T-mobile) SIM and update the APN settings on my 4S. The only caveat is that the phone is factory jailbroken, so if yours isn’t you might be S.O.L. I know there are guys on Ebay and elsewhere that claim to be able to perform this service for a modest fee but YMMV and you’re on your own with that one. But if you’ve got a factory unlocked phone, this method definitely works.

        Also as an FYI don’t bother with SimpleMobile’s service – it blows. Their coverage areas are very limited and the data transfer rates are horrible compared to StraightTalk at the same price (and no I’m not affiliated).

        Good luck and thanks for the info/update.

  • I told my two nieces, both fresh out of college and complaining endless about money, as well as my other newly married niece and her husband (both who complain about “how hard it is” financially) they can run the iphone on Straight Talk for $45 a month, like my husband and I. What did they do? All four signed two year contracts with ATT, which cost them close to $100 a month each. Nice going kids! Good to know you’re starting out on the right foot!

  • Lee

    can the iphone 5 be used with straight talk

  • Anna

    I’m buying an iPhone 3 from a friend of mine who has updated her services & no longer wants the phone. I currently have Straight Talk & have been told that I can use my ST with the IP3. How do I accomplish this and still get to use the MMS & Safari on it?

  • did you buy the sim from straight talk? I still have the micro sim from AT&T, and I would like to activate my 3G iphone with straight talk.

  • Guest

    I tried to reply again to your comment to me so I could ask you a question but it wouldn’t let me so I’m doing this instead lol okay what method did you use for getting your data working on your I phone? Did you use the profile from Or an alternate method?

  • I was just given a iphone 3GS and am totally confused with this whole SIM card thing. The phone is locked by AT&T but I really want to go with Straight Talk. DO i have to have the phone unlocked or can I just go buy the Straight Talk SIM card and put it in my phone? Do i have to change any settings to get Picture Messaging to work or anything else?

  • My mom just gave me her old iPhone 3GS. I want Straight Talk but I’m confused about this whole SIM card thing. THe phone is LOCKED by At&T. Does that matter? Can I just buy a Straight Talk SIM card and put it in the phone? Do I have to reset anything? Does the phone need to be unlocked? Do I have to buy a T-Mobile SIM card first? HELP!!!!! 🙂

  • Kyle Aaron

    Mine says no service and I have done everything I’m told. Do I have to buy a new iPhone?

  • Jasen Sloan

    straight talk keeps telling me i cant use my iphone 4s from verizon. what do i have to do?

  • Jolene Mitchell

    I have a sprint 4s iPhone and I’d like to know what needs to be done to use my phone in straight talk as I am moving home and there is no sprint service there…..

  • Rebekah Arnold

    I have used Straight Talk for over a year now with a AT&T I phone 4 and it works great have no problems with it at all . I can get six months service for 255.00 for unlimited everything! I love It , you can get monthly also for $45.00 Unlimited everything!

  • yournot

    I just got Straight Talk after 6 years of AT&T’s high prices. I find the lack of visual voicemail or even a voicemail indicator really annoying, and Straight Talk actually told me over the phone that data was NOT supported! Worst tech support ever!

  • Zachary Giles

    Can I use SAM to switch my verizon iPhone 4s to straight talk? Please help sick of havin only 4 gigs and paying $70 a month!!!!!