There’s no shortage of rumors pertaining to the next iPhone nowadays. The latest tidbit comes from iLoungue editor Jeremy Horwitz who apparently learned that the new iPhone – and you can bet Apple will call it this way – is longer and thinner than the current-generation iPhone 4/4S.

It’s also said to feature an all-metallic backside and a taller display four inches in diagonal, thanks to the use of Gorilla Glass 2 which can be manufactured thinner with identical strength to the earlier iPhones’ Gorilla Glass.

Also in the cards: A new dock connector, possibly with fewer pins…

The iLounge story claims that the new iPhone will measure 125mm by 58.5mm by 7.4mm. Compared to the existing iPhone 4/4S, it’d be 10mm taller, nearly 2mm thinner and have the same width.

As for the metallic backside:

According to our source, Apple will make one major change to the rear casing, adding a metal panel to the central back of the new iPhone. This panel will be flat, not curved, and metal, not ceramic.

The metallic backside is rendered at the article top.

Here’s a quote on the display:

As the new iPhone won’t widen, this appears to confirm that Apple will change the new iPhone’s aspect ratio for the first time since the original iPhone was introduced in 2007, adding additional pixels to the top and bottom of the screen.

It was about the time, cynics might add.

A change of this sort took place between the fourth and fifth generations of the iPod nano, but didn’t impact any third-party software. This obviously will.

I disagree.

Yes, a taller display would prove problematic because apps are optimized for the iPhone’s 3:2 display so they would need re-writing to take full advantage of the bigger canvas.


Should Apple really switch to a widescreen 16:9 orientation, they could use the extra space to, say, render banner notifications unobtrusively, right above the running app.

Another solution: drop the physical home button and replace it with a virtual counterpart occupying extra space at the screen bottom, as shown in this Liquidmetal iPhone 5 concept.

As for the new dock connector, it’s going to be smaller and rounder, the author claims:

Apple will also introduce its new Dock Connector on the new iPhone. The new port will be a little larger than the bottom speaker or microphone hole on the iPhone 4/4S. It’s believed to have fewer pins than the prior 30-pin Dock Connector, perhaps only 16, and the shape of the hole is apparently closer to a pill shape than the prior rounded rectangle. It will be used on all upcoming devices, including an update to the iPod touch that’s expected this year, and will almost certainly feature a similarly updated screen and CPU.

And here’s an artist’s rendition depicting the smaller dock connector.

It should be noted that most of this stuff is basically a rehash of a 9to5Mac story from more than a year ago.

Also noted that while Horwitz has proved to be a reliable source of Apple-related leaks in the past, he’s had some missteps as well.

Is this what you hoped the sixth-generation iPhone 5 would be like?


  • I HIGHLY doubt Apple would screw over consumers by changing the dock connector. It’s the same on every iDevice, and that’s one of the advantages to upgrading so easily…

    • That’s not really a big concern for most people. Not everyone have multiple iDevices and and since they all come with their own cord, it’s not a problem. I’ll say, change it however they want!

      • Falk M.

        @ you and pegger1:

        People use the dock connector for more than charging and guess what happens when people upgrade their phone/iPad/iPods?
        You have a second device (the first one being sold or not).

        There are accessories that use the dock connector and stay compatible for more than one generation of devices, so yeah, this is the actual issue.

      • It doesn’t sound like you have an actual example where it would be a problem, and you’re just making stuff up.

      • Falk M.

        Nice try, but do you really want me to post an accessories list on here?

        There is a bunch of extending modules for iOS that use that port, here are some examples:
        -video cables
        -external battery packs/battery cases
        -fm radios
        -Camera Connection Kit (SD and USB slot)

        there’s more than that, too.

        So, that’s me making stuff up? Before you object someone’s arguments and valid concerns as BS, first do your homework and research the stuff others are talking about.

        Sure you could get an adaptor for some of those, but really, the port is okay IMHO and leaves us with an adaptor-less way of hooking all kinds of stuff up to it.

        @ anyone praising micro USB, really? I think it’s one of the poorest port designs ever. Fiddly sh** and doesn’t belong on the iPhone. It’s almost as bad a design as SCART and boy that is deep shite!

    • Anonymous

      But they have changed the dock connector over the years. I have the first ipod that came with the dock connector, although the shape and connection is still the same, it’s not operated the same. I can’t use any of the old cables with my iPhone 4S for charging or data connections. It gives a warning on the screen unsupported accessory (or something like that). Apparently the power consumption changed.

    • Screwing over is a bit dramatic, especially if it comes with a connector. What would it matter?

  • YAY MORE RUMORS, ooo wait….

  • Anonymous

    I would hate to see this.

  • Luke Row

    I really don’t like rumour posts. All the rumours conflict with each other so which is true?

    Make them stop, please.

    • They’re all true and all wrong at the same time. Apple must have a boat load of prototypes that encompass all these variations. You just never know which ones will make it to final production. (until the unveiling of course!)

    • Anonymous

      You must new around here huh? We’ve had a vote and chose to continue for iDB to post rumour posts.

  • I want micro USB the Apple TV allready has it.

    • That’s not really synchronity. It doesn’t look as good as the rounded 30 pin connector hole.

    • Falk M.

      I can’t stand the micro USB port design.

      One of the most horrible designs ever, just shortly after SCART.

  • Kok Hean

    If the there really is a screen with a different aspect ratio, I’d expect a capacitive home button on it.

  • Donovan Wynter

    that would be fucked up ugly….i think they should just try to thinner the border at the top and bottom of the current iphone and make it a bit wider

  • That’s not really a big concern for most people. Not everyone have multiple iDevices and and since they all come with their own cord, it’s not a problem. I’ll say, change it however they want!

    • Anonymous

      Yes it comes with the one cable. But it’s all the people they may have other accessories, car chagers, speaker systems, etc…

      • That’s a problem with most new iDevices. The iPhone 4 had an entirely different shape and didn’t fit into most speakers made for the iPhone, but that’s the way it is. It’s the same thing with Android. When you buy an Android powered phone, you have to like it the way it is, because there’s no guarantee that you’ll get any future update. So if you buy an accessory that can only be used by 1 kind of iDevice, you can’t expect it to be supported forever. But that’s mostly for things like extra battery dongles or speakers, because car chargers and other things just uses the USB male, so it isn’t really a problem.

  • Anonymous

    This looks utter shit, not to mention the fact that the screen size can be increased without making the phone bigger and turning it into this FUGLY thing but yet again iDB never fail to report the same old rumour shit as everyone else … Way to be original guys.

    • I agree. Someone stretched the 4S in photoshop and somehow it all makes sense? I dont think so.

  • Anonymous


    We need more battery life, stop taking it away whenever you’re wanting quad core, high res, brighter screen, and more memory, all of which suck more battery.

    I would gladly add a few mm to my iPhone 4S to go a full day without needing to charge it while at work.

    • Falk M.

      I’m amazed how all your points but the higher resolution screen argument are actually wrong.
      And even latter one is very weak, let me explain:

      Quad core -> If implemented well, will save tons of battery, as you can have something like a “Standby core”… -> Tegra 3

      Brighter screen -> Just lower the brightness then, lol? I’m thankful for Apple using so bright screens, because sometimes you can’t help it and need it, or just have it looking better, obviously not when you’re on your last 20% and still need to get through a day haha

      More memory -> RAM or NAND? Either way, no actual difference.
      This is a classic example of flawed logic, NAND doesn’t need electricity flowing to keep data, whilst RAM pretty much is the same usually and the differences lie in other aspects.
      I’d even rather take twice the RAM and have less paging going on, THAT will increase battery life. NAND -> chose a smaller capacity model if you hate capacity 😛 You’re not doing it for the battery though. 😉

      Higher res -> I’ll give you that, then again I think the biggest energy sucking part of it is how I actually adore looking at it as opposed to sub 200dpi screens *shudders* Seriously, once I went Retina, I couldn’t look at any other mobile phone and be similarly pleased with the visual experience.

      Other than that, well, I think I have to agree with you, add a millimeter or two and give me more juice.
      Then again, maybe move beyond Li-Ion, that technology is aging and it’s the bottleneck of every mobile device.

      • Anonymous

        Wow, maybe your should do a little research and get past high school before going into that much detail while being completely wrong. Try getting an advanced computer or electrical engineering degree before you attempt to belittle me again.

        Yes, doubling the running cores of the phone will drain the battery life of it. No, there is no perfect OS that will implement the cores properly; regardless, most people will be multi-tasking and actively using 3-4 cores, which will significantly bring down battery life. Which would make you completely incorrect in your assumption of perfect software, sure, standby times will be the same, but active usage will be significant.

        Maybe you’re retarded and lack reading comprehension. My clear point was that they’re taking away battery and yet people still want more brightness on their phone, where, more brightness will require more power. It’s a very simple argument, and yet you’re arguing something different.

        Clearly I’m referring to RAM memory, and yes, larger amount of memory does indeed utilize more power. Maybe you’re unfamiliar with the technology, but when the transistor is switching states, it uses power; therefore, when you have more transistors switching state, there will be more power usage. Very simple concept.

        Woah, it finally clicked on something for you. And yet, you still decided to add your personal opinion on the matter as if everyone cared.

        Well, I’m glad you finally agreed on my main point, but thanks for nitpicking the shit out of the meaningless part and still being wrong about it.

    • You need to set up your power options better. 4S can easily last all day unless you have the screen on full blast with all its radios on constantly.

      • Anonymous

        My power options are optimized. Maybe you need to realize that you shouldn’t have to cut the features of the phone off in order for the phone to last a day. Regardless, you can only use the GPS radio for ~5 hours and the 4S will be dead, would love to be able to play 36 holes of golf with my 4S as the GPS instead of hoping it will get through 18.

  • I prefer the last concept that you showed. I hope apple make it that way instead of this.

  • Anonymous

    If they remove the home button for a virtual on screen one, then they could shorten device even with the bigger screen. Or they’ll end up with a lot of empty space.

  • Anonymous

    The iPhone 5? What is that? The 5th generation iPhone? I already own that, it’s the iPhone 4S.

    • Falk M.

      This. Haha.

      I think it’s the driving reason why Apple decided to remove numbers from iPad and iPhone now and not maybe a year later.

    • 4S is a revision on the 4th generation.

      Going to go with what the engineers say, not you.

      • Anonymous

        The iphone 4S is still the 5th Gen iPhone. It has nothing to do with a ‘revision’ or not. The iPhone 3GS is the 3rd gen iPhone, even though it’s a ‘revision’ of the 3G (2nd gen iPhone).

        Like the author of this article said said “Is this what you hoped the sixth-generation iPhone 5 would be like?”

        And what ‘engineers’ are you referring to?

      • Falk M.

        Keep in mind that in the long run Apple will want to keep things simple…
        It just feels wrong to call a device a “device #n” when in reality it’s not the n-th iteration.
        And I’m pretty certain Apple want the iPhone 4s for example to be seen as more than a revision.

  • If the display goes to 16:9, does that mean when you mirror your iPhone to your HDTV, it will be full screen display? That would be great!

  • If the display goes to 16:9, does that mean when you mirror your iPhone to your HDTV, it will be full screen display? That would be great!

  • If they bring out a new dock connection my bet is they’ll sell you a handy dandy adapter for your other iOS devices. Cost to apple for this little thing 40¢. Retail $29.99!

  • Ugly

  • Ahmad Ahmad

    I would like it if apple just put 5 antennas like the iPhone 4 one above and at each curvy corner they put one, so there will be 4 at each corner and one in the upper part, just to make the 4G LTE speeds rock the ground with the New iPad, it should be faster, then, if the apple designers think about a glass screen same as iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S but with a full aluminium back so then civilians and I would really buy it


    Same shape of the iPhone 4S but thinner with a 4 inch screen… wow what a creative, original design – square with round corners. Wait a minute… doesn’t that make it a bigger version of iPhone 4S?

  • idk, i find glass elegant and beautiful i dont know why would apple go back to metal

  • That is way too big a guess for how long it would get. It might get to 120mm. MIGHT. 125 is too huge a change for 1/2 inch screen change. The 4S has plenty of room on either side and top/bottom to toss engineers at it to squeeze 1/2 without even making it longer at all. If they do make it slightly longer I believe the main reason would be to make it more thin. Now it they wanted to go 4.5 where most of the bigger smartphones are at now I can believe 125mm.