As Apple and Samsung continue to duke it out in courts the world over, the iPhone maker has filed an unusual request with the U.S. district court, seeking to conceal from jurors the Samsung logo seen on television sets used in the courtroom. Apparently, Apple fears that the subconscious effects of the Samsung logo on court-owned TV sets might potentially skew their perspective…

Apple, whose CEO will meet with his peer at Samsung for court-moderated mediation on patent issues May 21-22, doesn’t want jurors to constantly stare at the Samsung logo on television sets officially used in the courtroom in the Northern District of California.

Moreover, the company wants to exclude Steve Jobs quotes from Walter Isaacson’s authorized biography ahead of the July 30 patent infringement suit with Samsung.

According to patent expert Florian Müeller, who tracks the ongoing Apple-Samsung litigation on the FOSS Patents blog, it’s all about preventing unwanted subliminal messages:

At first sight, this may seem very funny, but I actually understand why Apple would make this request: act a conscious level, it can show to jurors that Samsung actually contributes technology to the U.S. government, and at a subconscious level, it creates the impression of the court being Samsung territory.

That’s an interesting explanation.

I can sympathize with Apple’s reasoning here.

The company is involved in 20 high-stake patent lawsuits across continents.

That said, Apple is certainly entitled to argue that jurors watching video evidence on Samsung-branded televisions could affect their judgement, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Is Apple’s request out of line?

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  • Should use Apple TVs then..

  • airbreak

    Not releasing their own television is biting them in the but now.

  • Aric Bolf

    Smart move!

  • Anonymous

    one of the most effective types of advertising is the subliminal you don’t see

    • Anonymous

      Whiiiiich is why they don’t want people to see the logo ?

  • Anonymous

    Such a ticky-tack argument, wow.

  • Jude Johnpeter

    We might get apple Tv because of this patent lawsuit (if we do I would like to thank Samsung for my new apple Tv)

  • Might lead to an Apple iTv release yeeeeeaaayyy 😀 but NO way in hell that i’ll buy it, too expensive esspecially for us WHO lives outside US (europé, asia and so on…)

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