Last week’s childish Wake Up protest outside Apple’s retail outlet in Sydney has really infuriated fans of Apple as well as a bunch of observers – yours truly included – who pointed the finger of blame at Samsung on shady clues.

While the South Korean conglomerate denied organizing the flashmob-style stunt, coincidental evidence and the ambiguous official wording have left room for some speculation.

New strong pieces of evidence that surfaced last week link the campaign to the embattled BlackBerry maker, Canada-based Research In Motion, as part of their upcoming BlackBerry OS 10 launch on Wednesday. Who knew, right?

Now, according to a MacWorld Australia story yesterday, a DoubleClick ad code found on the Wake Up website sporting a mysterious countdown timer can be traced back to Research In Motion:

So it appears it’s Poor Old RIM who put together this embarrassing campaign. It’s heartbreaking that even when RIM try something cool, they end up screwing it up so badly that no-one even imagines it could be them.

Another clue:

Blackberry OS 10 will be released at 12.30pm Pacific Daylight Time on July 2 (5.30am EST, July 3 in Australia), according to an anonymous email received by Macworld Australia. The source shows that when the Wake Up timer was at 5,493,696 seconds, this equated to 63.584 days, which in turn showed that it would expire at 12:28:36pm on Monday, July 2, 2012.

If this proves true, I’m gonna have to do some mea culping over my strong commentary linking the original smoking gun to Samsung.

The following bit is also interesting about this dude who filmed the protest video:

It’s also worth noting that Blunty, the lucky man who just happened to be at the Apple store to capture the video of the protesters, has worked with Blackberry in the past. He posted a three part glowing preview of the Blackberry Playbook in the lead up to its Australian launch.

It looks like Samsung was telling the truth when they denied staging the protest.

What’s your take?

Did RIM, already screwed enough, embarrass themselves with this campaign?

  • Anonymous

    To be honest, I think you embarrassed yourself Christian.
    Hope you’ve learned a valuable lesson.

    • Anonymous

      Can someone explain this to me? I’m obviously late to the party, I wanna be in on this inside joke!

      • He put Samsung in the title of the original article about the ‘Wake Up’ buses, implying that they were related to the stunt without a shred of real evidence. Even though it seemed likely, there was nothing directly tying them together.

      • Anonymous

        The title of his original article was:

        “Childish: Samsung stages douchebag stunt urging Apple store shoppers to ‘Wake Up’”

        He then went on to slate Samsung, without a shred of evidence.
        He hasn’t supplied a link to the original article here (unsurprisingly), but you can search for it.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t forget the follow up article to that article where Samsung came out and denied they were involved with the ‘wake up’ protest. Christian Zibreg then went on a whole paranoid rant about how even though Samsung denied involvement they were still the ones that staged the stunt. Samsung embarrassed? RIM embarrassed? No, Christian Zibreg is the only one that should be embarrassed. 

    • Anonymous

      LOL even Alex (a longtime writer of iDB) liked Loopthree’s comment xD

  • Do we even still sell Blackberries in Australia? Doesnt make sence that it was them in Australia to me but hey i could be wrong (like the author of this article 😛 )

  • Just to let you guys now that 86% of RIM’s apps will not be compatible with OS 10

  • It’s apple

  • ahahaha the guy talking in the video is cracking me up

  • Actually, the date in the article is wrong. Here’s the correct one, straight from the site’s javascript:

    var D1 = new Date(“6 May 2012 14:59:59”);

    There’s even a line that’s been commented out below that one, implying the release date was meant to be earlier:

    //var D1 = new Date(“16 April 2012 7:57:59”);


  • Anonymous

    Vergüenza ajena…let’s just hold all the wild accusations until the timer runs out. How about that?

  • Anonymous

    I was wondering why everybody assumed it was samsung. There was no evidence at all.

  • Who are you going to blame next, Nokia, LG,Dell, Motorola…………….

    • …………..Kellogg…..or Purina?

    • Anonymous

      Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. 

  • *double post*

  • Whats a blackberry? Whos RIM? lol

  • Anonymous

    Wait a sec, you mean to tell me that you posted those two articles about samsung being behind this, without any proof. Got pissed off because people flamed you in the comments on the first article, and then after all that, posted this article about rim being behind it. You see. Another Apple fan boy strikes again. NEXT TIME WAIT UNTIL YOU KNOW ALL THE FACTS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Anonymous

      ziberg jumped the gun and made himself look silly but what about the many idevice users who was ready to insult samsung? we said in that post no proof = redface people need to stop loving the tech corp’s so much to the point of blindly defending them. im a idevice fan but not a Apple guardian others should be the same.

  • It’s blunty3000!!!

  • Anonymous

    Christian I honestly don’t think you belong on the team of fine writers at iDB because you are far too childish.

  • What if it was actually Apple? I mean, this could be a massive black ops publicity stunt. It’s a working formula. Animosity generates interest, and negative publicity for the one that gets blamed.

  • Anonymous

    Would help explain the use of the old people…

  • I find the whole thing funny. I really don’t give a rats butt-hole who staged the event.. all the whining from Apple supporters are enough to make me spill a gut.

    I own several Apple products, but also refuse to close myself in a small, air-tight box-o apple that sensitive fanboys seem to enjoy oh so much.

  • Anonymous

    How does everyone know that samsung is targeting apple with the sheep? Pathetic fanboyism is all