This is probably one of the more intuitive ways to adjust your iPhone’s brightness from anywhere. Swipebright allows you to adjust your device’s brightness by means of a simple swipe of the status bar.

It may not sound all that exciting, but it’s a fairly convenient tweak to have, and it only costs $0.99 to add it to your jailbroken iPhone.

Take a gander inside for a full video demo of Swipebright in action…

The developer could have easily stopped at creating a bare, yet functional tweak, but as you can see from the Settings panel it’s quite robust in features.

Swipebright can be purchased from Cydia’s BigBoss repo. Would you consider using this tweak as a replacement for your current means of adjusting your iDevice’s brightness?

  • Or just use SBSettings and have one less tweak on your device.. Oh and it’s free .. More Devs reinventing the wheel at a cost..

  • Finally! I’ve been waiting for this.

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  • It comes in handy tho I think I stik to Sbsettings as I still wanna use Deck and Sbsettings, which would be blocked on the statusbar as it would use up the gestures.

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    Another lame, silly and stupid tweak. Give that $1.00 to charity.

  • I was looking for this on iOS 4 but never found anything good. I had to make do with Activator and some brightness action I found on Cydia

  • Jeff how do I get in contact with you about reviewing a tweak that i have worked on?

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    SBsettings is so old and archaic. That and winterboard use to be my must have tweaks but I don’t have either installed on iOS 5. I try to keep it as minimal as possible because the 4S and iOS 5 eat my battery alive and I always seems to be low on RAM. NCsettings is a much cleaner and modern tweak for toggles than SBsettings and it doesn’t have all that extra junk packed into it.