We’ve recently seen some great options surface for unlocking our iPhones. For instance, AT&T recently started unlocking off-contract handsets. And then of course there is the new SAM method that popped up over the weekend.

But the competition hasn’t stopped GEVEY from releasing a new SIM interposer. In fact, it’s stepping up its game. The new Ultra 5.1 for the GSM iPhone 4 supports more basebands and has more features than ever before…

  • GEVEY Ultra 5.1 works with any iOS version between 4.1 and and 5.1
  • It works with 1.59, 2.10, 3.10.1, 4.10.1, 4.11.08, and 4.12.01 basebands.
  • New chipset operates under the 3-volt standard to save battery power
  • Enhanced signal strength for strong, consistent voice and data connection

As with previous interposers, the GEVEY Ultra 5.1 only works with jailbroken iPhones. And although Furious Mod will keep you from having to dial 112 after every reboot, we are assuming you still have to do so initially — which is illegal in some countries.

Regardless, if you don’t qualify for AT&T’s unlocking terms, and you can’t get the SAM method to work, the GEVEY Ultra 5.1 appears to be a viable option. And if you’re interested, it looks like Applenberry has them in stock for just $49.99.

  • Is it useful anymore? You know, SAM and stuff…

  • The SAM method took me literally 2 minutes. I doubt they’ll be seeing many sales =/

  • for $19.99 i would still buy it. for $49.99 no thanks so much

    • Panayiotis Philippou

      +Delivery!!! they need 38 to deliver to my country for the delivery!!

      Thanks Sam If Gevey was released a week ago the would have earned a lot!

  • This is an unreliable solution at an extremely high price
    don’t you think?

    • yeah, if was little cheaper i might invest, but SAM was so easy, and well, i cant see spending that kind of money when this is free!

  • Nir Haddad

    hi i have a blacklisted iphone 4 that iv baid from a person…a solen iphone…this will work for me?

  • … Everyone was waiting on something ANYTHING!!!! To unlock their iPhone(s) and some was willing to pay upto $189 just to unlock it. Sorry SAM is our savor…. Love you SAM :0)

  • It would not work with Baseband 4.11.08

  • Anonymous

    Good luck to them selling those things! Gevey is done and over with until the SAM method is patched.

  • Anonymous

    please help, from where i can get this gevey sim ?? i hv iphone 4 MC603B firmware 04.11.08, and please advise this will work on my iphone

    • Panayiotis Philippou

      Check the tutorials on Sam…. This will unlock your iPhone

      • dear plz advice from where i can buy this sim, sam was great but now my sim is no more, thanks

  • Anonymous

    Dear Panayiotis Philippou, thanx a lot, i did all the steps but at the end itunes shows that “the sim card inserted into the iphone does not appear to be supported” plz help me out from this

  • Wy would you pay 50$ just for a temporary unlock that will eventually be useless?

  • I have iPhone 4S Verizon, i tried to unlock it with SAM and the status on Apple server is showing active, sometimes my Warid Sim (Pakistan carrier) shows signals as well but no carrier name with it. After all this i am still unable to use my iPhone 4S CDMA Verizon with SAM. Any Solution????

  • is this illegal in Ontario?

  • yass

    why no carrier name when used gevey sim ?

  • Bean S

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