Remember those 1st generation iPod nanos that Apple recalled recently? You know, the ones that were prone to overheating and, in extreme cases, catching fire? It turns out Apple didn’t quite get them exchanged quickly enough.

A Japanese judge has ruled in favor of a couple from Tokyo who were unfortunate enough to own an original iPod nano, purchased in 2005. Five years later, the device was found to be getting unusually warm during charging and, once in the hands of a poor Japanese lady, burst into flames.

The result was badly burned hands which took a month to heal, and a court case which resulted in Apple being asked to cough up some cash by way of compensation…

The judge has ordered Apple to hand over ¥600,000 (about $7,425) to pay for the couple’s medical expenses and by way of an apology. There is currently no word as to whether Apple Japan plans to appeal the judgement, but considering the fact it has basically admitted a fault by issuing a recall, we don’t see any real reason for an appeal to take place. Throw in the fact that Apple probably has $7,500 down the back of the sofas in its lobby, then we hope it does not decide to push back over this one.

Have any of you had an original iPod nano, or anything else for that matter, overheat and catch fire?


  • Anonymous

    I have one of those, but it dosen’t work anymore …

    • If you ever burn your hands,rubbering or heat,you will get some money.Dont forget to burn you ipod hehe.

  • Aaron de Silva

    Apprantly apple product are prone I overheat and catch fire. Remember that iPhone 4 that exploded? An also that guy who plugged in his iPhone and it burst into flames?

    • Anonymous

      Cause they’re just so “hot” ^_^

  • i have 1 working. i will sell for 500.00

  • lol 7500$$$$ thats not much lol and lol i used to hav one it used to get rely hot so i got some ice and put it on it then the next day i couldnt be bothered getting any ice so i just started playing around with the button and BOOOOOM blows onto my hand then me go AWWWWWWWEEEESOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMME i ruvz di fire

  • Apparently tort law is more reasonable in Japan, than in the US.

    I bought a broken Nano 1st from Craig (with several other broken ipods) and sent it in, got back a new Nano 6th.

    • Kok Hean


      • Anonymous

        Yup. If you have a 1st gen iPod Nano, you can send it to Apple and they’ll replace it with the latest iPod Nano.

  • I’m still using my 1st gen iPod 20GB (2002).. Damn fine device, but could be better if it could hold a charge over 4 hours now.

    No.. no heat issues here.

  • Anonymous

    OOOh, $7.5K! I wonder if Apple can afford that? LOL