OmniFocus for iPhone4 Siri

OmniFocus for iPhone is a great productivity tool. With Apple’s new iPhone OS came integration with Reminders and Siri. When enabled, OmniFocus will check the Reminders app for new tasks, add them to your Inbox, and remove them from your Reminders list. This holds true for Reminders created using Siri in addition to those entered manually.

However, for some reason, The Omni Group limited the powerful new iOS 5 integration to iPhone 4S users. The good news is if you’re an iPhone 4 user, you can enable Reminders and Siri integration with a little bit of preference file editing. This trick does not affect the OmniFocus app’s performance, stability or existing functionality. Here’s how to do it…

This tutorial the iFile app from Cydia, but there are certainly other ways to accomplish the steps.

  1. Open iFile and navigate to the OmniFocus app in /var/mobile/Applications
  2. Scroll down to Info.plist, tap to edit, and open with Property List Viewer
  3. Tap OFRegistrations > NSUserDefaults > defaultsDictionary
  4. Scroll down to DebugEnableSiriOverride and enable it by tapping the On/Off switch
  5. Also enable DebugSiriCapture
  6. Tap Done
  7. Respring your device

Now you are able to turn on the new features within the app. Here’s how.

  • Launch OmniFocus and open the Settings view via the gear in the lower right corner
  • In the Capture section, tap iCloud Reminders
  • Enable iCloud Reminders. Enter your Apple ID credentials.
  • Tap the Connect button and enjoy the awesome new features

It doesn’t end at merely adding new tasks; if you specify a date or location, OmniFocus will add the appropriate details for due date and contexts. You can view the OmniFocus video tutorial on using these new features below.

Is this a life changer for you? Let us know how it worked for you in the comments.

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    • Metroview

      Bad to be the last as an option to get laid.

  • Matt Lewis

    Check it out. How about apple does something deeper with Siri.
    Example- you set a reminder to “call mom”. When the reminder goes off, Siri says, “Would you like me to call your mom now?” If so, she calls and if not, you tell her to reschedule the call!! Pretty cool uh? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      Or you could just not be a lazy/forgetful fucker and ring her yourself, maybe Americans love the Siri integration because they’re such lazy fat knackers but apart from the odd thing, Siri is purely for lazy people who find it such hard work to open the messages app or phone app and type, maybe their fat fingers don’t help, who knows.

      • Matt Lewis

        Uh, first of all you must of woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning picking fights for no reason. All of those things you’ve said about Americans are very stereo typical and ignorant. You must not know much if that’s what you think. I was just sharing an idea I thought of to the world. Someone needs to put you in your place. And something’s VERY wrong with you.

      • Dan

        I’m far from fat, not an american, can be forgetful (who isn’t) and I really like using Siri (ie: texting and creating reminders).

      • @BatesOut- Cool story bro

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  • Jim, how do you make a video like that? what program did you use?

    • Please answer me.

    • I don’t know who Jim is… You might be thinking of Jeff, our video guy. But Jeff didn’t make this video.

      • Oh yeah sorry I meant Jeff lol and I need to know how to make one like this, do you know a program I can use?

  • Anonymous

    for $20 it better take me to dinner and wash my car!

    • Osorio11

      Iknow it is frowned upon, but if you think the app is too expesive: ever considered installous?

      • Anonymous

        nope. and not gonna.

  • Does this actually enable Siri on the iPhone 4? if it does I will consider spending $20. Otherwise I would rather wait.

    Can someone enlighten me?