Earlier this month, Marketplace’s Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Schmitz found his way into Foxconn‘s Longhua facility, where many of Apple’s iPads are made. He’s only the second reporter ever to be allowed on to the company’s factory floor.

Schmitz uploaded a video of his visit to the plant today, which included a tour of an iPad assembly line and an inside look into the lives of Foxconn’s employees. Want to see how an iPad is made? Make sure to watch the clip after the break…

Aside from the sneak peek at iPad production, the video reveals some other interesting details about Foxconn. For instance, the assembly line workers switch positions every few days to avoid redundancy. And they start out at just $14 a day.

I have to admit, as I sit here and play on my iPad, it’s actually pretty interesting to see how the thing was built.

What about you? What did you think of the video?


  • Its amazing that Foxconn is actually considered one of the BEST factories in china even through all the reports of people attempting suicide and how terrible the conditions are. Just shows you how depressing the rest of the factories in china must be like. Thank God for living an working where you are now. I feel sorry for these people.

    • Anonymous

      Working? Im sorry, you must be thinking of a countr that actually supports a stable economy and letting citizens work and get payed, this is America.

    • China has one of the highest suicide rates of any nation. The ratio of people doing it per capita at Foxconn were actually lower than the rest of China. It was just blown out of proportion due to their affiliation with Apple.

  • $14 a day? They should get paid that per hour!

    • Then they would be paid like Americans and apple can’t have that because then they wouldn’t be as profitable

    • Then they would be paid like Americans and apple can’t have that because then they wouldn’t be as profitable

    • you’ll have to pay a lot more to own an iPad then 🙂

    • 14 dollars an hour would be unrealistic. but they should be paid more than that for a day. how much more? I don’t know .. what i know is how bless it is for me and my family (perhaps all of us who are visiting iDB everyday) to be given an opportunity to live and work here in the US or other rich countries. I always tell my kids the reason why most poor people here in the US poor because they complain, whine too much and yes they love to do nothing (laziness) to better themselves and their families.

      • Anonymous

        Laziness may be a factor a portion of the time…but have you never went to school? Systemic discrimination is built into our justice system.

  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or does that guy sound like Steve Jobs?

  • $14 a day sounds low to everyone (me included), but I’d love that to be put in perspective. I’d like to know average prices for accommodations, food and transportation etc. I’m not justifying anything here, just curious.

  • It may seem little but $ 400 per month for the work they are doing enough to live in China. Is 4 times the average wage.