Technology moves at a lightning pace and nowhere is this more evident than in the cell phone industry. Today’s latest and greatest smartphones quickly get obsoleted and there’s no end in sight to the upcoming devices that vie for your attention. Some people call this phenomenon a fad, others blame it on Android carpet bombing.

It is surprising then that a reputable survey has found out that prospective smartphone buyers are still lusting after the six month old iPhone 4S. Specifically, nearly six out of ten want Apple’s device. Mind you, six months is an eternity in the smartphone space.

Not bad for a phone critics and rivals dismissed as a minor bump up in specs…

ChangeWave Research, a division of 451 Research, is out today with an interesting survey (via Fortune) based on a poll of 4,413 consumers, primarily early adopters from the United States. These are the people who know their gadgets inside out and won’t settle for anything but the best device the money can buy.

Knowing this, it’s surprising that a whopping 57 percent of respondents who plan to buy a smartphone in the next three months are eyeing an iPhone.

That’s a healthy two percentage points increase over ChangeWave’s previous research conducted during the holiday shopping season, shortly after the iPhone 4S got released.

During the same December 2011 – March 2012 period, demand for Motorola handsets decreased by a single percentage point.

South Korea-based Samsung remained flat at 13 percent.

No Samsung, your anti-Apple campaign isn’t working.

Surprisingly, Research In Motion actually recovered a point to score three percent.

If that didn’t blow you out of the water, you should know Apple’s 56 percent is the second highest score ChangeWave has ever recorded.

Now, the effects of Apple’s entrance into the mobile market in 2007 are painfully evident when glancing over the Apple vs. RIM demand chart below.

RIM held onto its share pretty much throughout the original iPhone and iPhone 3G release. But Apple really hit the sweet spot with the iPhone 3GS release in June of 2008 and it’s since been pretty much a downhill ride for the BlackBerry maker.

Similarly, ChangeWave found out in December that 96 percent of respondents were satisfied with their brand spanking new iPhone 4S. Apple being the top dog in customer satisfaction matters a lot because customer satisfaction is the key metric with technology we keep in our pockets and turn to a couple dozen times a day.

Not sure about you, but I find this survey pretty surprising, can’t say I saw those numbers coming.

To me, the fact that a phone which on the outside looks the same as its predecessor is still capturing the attention of early adopters at the expense of shiny new devices from other vendors is simply mind-boggling.

And I think we can all thank Siri for that.

If it weren’t for her, those numbers would no doubt have been drastically different today.

Do you think Siri is the only reason why so many future smartphone buyers are considering an iPhone?

Feel free to chime in with your thoughts down in the comments.

  • I think Siri has a small roll in it, I think truthfully Apple’s commercials have played a huge effect on the number of iPhone 4s buyers. People see the beautiful commercials and think the iPhone is just as great and then go buy one. The camera also has a nice effect on those numbers

    • Couldn’t agree more. I am a long time Android user (Evo 4G and Evo 3D) and before that I had an iPhone 3G.

      Now I am on the iPhone 4S with Sprint, and despite the smaller screen, slower data, and locked down OS; I am having just way too much fun with the iPhone now.

      I find myself playing games way longer than I ever did on my Android phones. Overall I am enjoying the clean and well maintained user experience on the iPhone. I am in no way biased between the two OS’s at all. I take pride in knowing both of them very well, especially being a company IT guy.

      The camera on the 4S is unbeatable in my book. Very happy with it.

      • Anonymous

        “The camera on the 4S is unbeatable in my book..”

        Try reading the Book of HTC One.

        And well, you admitted it, features are ho-hum but you still bought iphone.

        Android=Mini Computer…

        So don’t give us your “being a company IT guy” stuff, it sounds a little disgrace to hands on programmers IT company Guys…

        Well, Tech Support are considered IT too.

      • ”iPhone: Appliance
        Android: Mini-computer”

        Screw you.

      • Anonymous

        @ iPraveen 4S 

        Then prove me wrong… you’ll just eventually find out that…. you’re Screwed.

  • Apple could put out a phone like the “Jitterbug” and people would still but it.

    • Anonymous

      Hands down.. Read the post of @Tyler Piderit just above this post.. That “IT Guy” supports your statement. admitted everything.

  • LOL… its quality is undeniable. Siri, the camera, and the TV ads are just details that gather around a great product…

    • Anonymous

      Quality you mean?..
      – Cancelling Corning Gorilla Glass and placing a China made glass?
      – Apps crashes (A LOT) more compared to Android counterparts?

      Well, maybe what you meant to say is..

      “The unexciting and small boy, gay looking compared to superphones concept is undeniable”

      Just admit that passion and obsession runs in buying an iPhone.. don’t use exaggerated words.. undeniable..

      • Dan

        Give it a rest, people have a right to like iPhone over android.

  • wallpaper name plz 🙂

  • I think a big factor is just the “status” an iPhone gives you. Also, the hardware is sexy. And the A5 is more than a good enough processor for most tasks. It’s just the best overall phone, and more people are realizing that.

    • Anonymous

      Sexier than Droid RAZR? ah.. no?

      Any high end phones are packed with good enough processors, oh except HTC One.

      Overall phone? Maybe overall dumb phone that any status seeker can use. very basic whack-an-app..

      “I think a big factor is just the “status” an iPhone gives you” – Hands down..

      • Anonymous

        Dude has Google paid you to write these comments? Lolz!

      • I really don’t understand why you android lovers come to apple blogs and take the time to write negative comments. If you really didn’t like them, you would just go on your marry way, but you just want attention. Juat go away. Your not doing any good.

  • Anonymous

    A survey doesn’t measure actual demand I’m sorry to say. Sales figures do.

  • Hatyrei

    Hi I have a question: My iPhone 4S got hairline scratches like 3 of the front. it’s only visible at closer look or if light/shine is reflected in the screen. I’m cautious and never put it with my keys. Can this problem be covered from my warranty?Maybe bad quality screen? thnx.

  • steven beattie

    I have been an iPhone user for the last 3 years starting with the 3G. Just recently, for the heck of it, I sold my iPhone 4, and got myself a brand new Samsung Galaxy S II, but I wasn’t satisfied.

    The main issue was even though it had better specs and android is less restrictive, etc, the software was nowhere near iOS fluidity or reliability. By that I mean, it wasn’t stable, I would be playing music and all of the sudden the player would quit for no apparent reason. Other times, I would have to restart the phone in order to be able to send text messages. It was a brand new phone, but I gave android the benefit of doubt, and got myself a brand new Motorola Razr XT910.

    Let me tell that was a pretty bad decision, the Razr would overheat, the music player would freeze, and it would give a lot of headache and finally I traded it for guess what … an iPhone 4.

    So, the thing I learned from all this experience is even though android as whole is advancing and improving, it is not yet at the same level as Apple’s iOS operating system, and I think iOS is the main reason for the iPhone’s sale success.

    Let me tell you, if it wasn’t for the fluidity and reliability of iOS, I would instantly change it for galaxy S II, galaxy nexus, or whatever android has to offer.