Semaphore, also known as notcom, has just announced that he has pushed out an update for TinyUmbrella, bringing it to version 5.10.11.

The new software contains a feature that allows users to save their BBTickets from their iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and CDMA iPhone 4 for later use…

Notcom has been hinting at this feature for quite some time now, so it’s nice to see it finally implemented. While we’re not positive how it will all play out, we’re assuming that saving BBTickets will make downgrading A5 devices possible at some point.

As usual, TinyUmbrella 5.10.11 will also save your SHSH blobs — which we recommend doing with all of your devices. We have several tutorials on how to do this, but if you know what you’re doing you can grab the utility from our Downloads page.

Update: Version 5.10.12 was pushed out shortly after this post was published. We’re assuming it was for minor bug fixes.

  • Nenad Kalabic

    So how do you actually save these bbtickets? I don’t see that option anywhere? I’m on iPhone 4, 5.1, 04.12.01. I just saved my 5.1 shsh blob, which was already saved on Cydia…

    • Same question. Is it automaticly saved with your shsh?

      • Nenad Kalabic

        It saves them automatically with the SHSH, update to the latest version, and save again!

  • Anonymous

    what is BBTickets ? ^.^

    • If I am correct, it is a new type of authorization code from Apple like the SHSH which is a unique device restore authorization like the SHSH but it is required each time a device is restored and is different each time unlike the SHSH.

      Just a theory from what I’ve read.

    • Nenad Kalabic

      BaseBand tickets… It will allow you in the future to downgrade the baseband along with the firmware…

  • Anonymous

    He updated it to 5.10.12 now, guessing a minor bug fix.

  • TinyU used to work for me,but now when I try to save, I get no internet connection. Does anyone know how to solve this? TinyU won’t save anymore.

    • Add it to firewall? Have you tried? If you don’t know how just turn it off.

      • Yes, I’ve added TinyU to my antivirus program and window firewall for full access. It used to work on my old comp, then i had this issue. I got a new laptop now n i still have the same issue

    • Nenad Kalabic

      If you are on win 7, right click and run as admin.

      • I’ve done that too.

  • please help me i have TU program and i connect my iphone 4s but it didn’t show in TU ?!!