If you’re looking for a tweak that’s practical for every day use, then you might as well move along now. iLettars is anything but practical, and on top of that it’s pretty expensive at $1.59.

On the other hand, for those of you looking to show off some funky animations to your friends, and don’t mind dropping the cost of a cheap drink at Starbucks to do so, feel free to continue…

iLettars is a jailbreak tweak that allows you to increase the animation time and delay for mundane actions like opening the app switcher, swiping pages on your Home screen, etc.

Yes, I said increase; this tweak will actually give the perception that your phone is running slower than it is. Sounds fun right?

You can watch the video for yourself to see it in action, but I’m pretty sure the above sentence is likely the last thing you read from this post.

If you’re still with us, tell us; what you think about iLettars and its $1.59 asking price?

  • FakeClockUp anyone?

    • Personally I use Speed Intensifier.

  • This is neat

  • It’s pretty glitchy.

  • We want the original intro back!! The new one kinda weird

  • sucks……why we want it slower?

  • Anonymous

    Another pointless tweak imo but what’s new.

  • Anonymous

    The new intro looks much better.

  • Crappiest app I’ve ever seen :’)
    You select the animation times using I/O switches and apply the changes using an activator action?
    dafuq were they thinking?
    Late april fools joke?

  • Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure they had a tweak like this under a different name for a while. Nothing more than a .plist extension for UIView. Still cool nonetheless!

  • Anonymous

    No if they could make a tweak to control your normal animations set by apple then that would be awesome

  • Anonymous

    SpeedIntensifier is free and it’s been around for ages. Who cares about this?

  • Anonymous

    lame and silly..

  • I believe springtomize has the ability to change custom animation speeds as well.

  • Eh, makes life even harder…

  • you know what’s cool? automatic scrolling of springboard pages.