Last October, the iPhone 4S launch set a number of records for both Apple and its carrier partners. AT&T claimed that it sold more than a million units of the popular handset, making it the most successful launch in the company’s history.

But apparently the operator believes that it can top that with its upcoming Nokia Lumia 900 launch. The Windows Phone handset, which is scheduled to go on sale early next month, will feature LTE and a tiny $100 price tag…

AT&T device head Jeff Bradley spoke with CNET today regarding the device. He said that between its specs, price tag, and an upcoming advertising blitz, the Lumia launch will be the biggest thing AT&T has ever done. And that includes the iPhone launch.

“AT&T and Nokia are readying a massive television marketing campaign to raise consumer awareness. The Lumia 900 will be the centerpiece at AT&T stores, with massive signs and posters promoting the device. Nokia and AT&T spent considerable time training store reps, and a majority of them will be carrying one with them at all times.”

Although this may all seem like overkill, there are a lot of folks riding on this handset’s success. There’s Nokia, for starters, who is trying to regain some of its smartphone market share that it’s surrendered to iOS and Android over the past few years.

And then there’s Microsoft. The Redmond company also held a nice chunk of the smartphone market at one point. But its latest mobile platform attempt, Windows Phone, has failed to garner much traction in the space. The company desperately needs a breakout hit.

AT&T also appears to have a lot invested in the handset launch, which is weird because it’s been known as “the” iPhone carrier since 2007. It’ll be interesting to see, with the weight of three major companies behind it, if the Lumia 900 can live up to all of the hype.

What do you think? Can Nokia’s handset launch top the iPhone?


  • So instead of calling my AT&T store and hearing about “The new and exciting iPhone 4S” It’s gonna be the “The new Nokia Lumia 900 with Windows Phone 7”

    Good thing I memorized which numbers to hit to bypass those messages…

    • Hopefully you can admit that the Lumia 900 is a much better phone than the other one.

  • Anonymous

    I guarantee it will be a very good phone both hardware and software wise but I’ll just keep using an iPhone because it’s an iPhone.

    • you just wanted a lot of likes so you said what you said 😛

    • So just to use an iPhone you’d accept a lower quality phone and experience? Jump to the Lumia 900, jump into the future and enjoy a true phone.

  • The lumia 900 is no doubt a good phone, but I can’t see it as my everyday phone

  • Anonymous

    I don’t buy it, people aren’t ready to jump on the Windows phone band wagon yet. It may be a great phone but they need to prove themselves before it becomes a iPhone sale. And do you think the manufacturer will have that many phones made for launch day for something that hasn’t proven to sell.

    My boss just got rid of his Windows phone, he liked the phone but he said app selection sucked.

    • Maybe your boss didn’t even know how to create a Windows Live Account to download the apps. There is plenty of apps, and if there isn’t your official one, there’s a generic one that usually gets the job done even better.

  • Sounds like AT&T are trying to push up sales with this will sell more than the i4s .. In the hope that people will think its better than the i4s..
    Please let us know on lunch date how well it sells and if it does sell more

  • the only reason why people will buy it is because of the pricetag. Windows os isn’t very fun.

    • Anonymous

      Care to give a reason why it isn’t fun or just using Apple fandroid status to bash something you’re unfamiliar with? I’ve heard great things about Win7 phones; however, I’ve also heard it’s too late for Windows to get into the game.

    • Anonymous

      Speaking of price, Apple is still selling iPhone 4 and 3GS for $99 and $0 respectively, also, these two remain the 2 of the 3 best selling phone on AT&T’s chart.

      • Anonymous

        Apple is not selling anything for $99 or $0. The carriers are selling them subsidized with a contract.

      • Anonymous

        Of course I’m talking about subsidized price with a two year contract, so is the $100 price tag for Lumia 900 mentioned at this article.

    • Exactly! That’s they’re only REAL selling point…

  • Steven Fisher

    It’s possible. iPhone sales were constrained by available stock. If Nokia has more stock, they’ll sell more in the first weekend even with less demand. And that’s assuming they have less demand.

    It doesn’t matter to me; I still like my iPhone 3GS. Maybe next year I’ll get a new iPhone.

    But in any case: Care you make a prediction? Or afraid to actually say anything?

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  • And one way to attract customers is to sell a shitty phone with a shitty OS on a shitty network. Yup, they’re going to sell millions.

    • Have you even used a Windows Phone?

      • Tested one, yes. Sorry but the drum machine UI isnt appealing.

      • I have and Carlitos is right.

      • Anonymous

        i’m not biased towards any OS so i decided to give WP7 a go…had the focus s for 4 days and immediately went back to my 4S….decent OS but not for me

  • Anonymous

    AT&T pulling April Fools jokes already

  • Ummm like I always say any phone can beat iPhone but iPhone has a better resale value 🙂 $500 16GB 4S.. Lumina $500.. After 6 Months iPhone resale value 425$.. Lumina $200 lol

  • To answer your question



  • Spec wise maybe, but then they just catching up to a phone that will most likely be upgraded this fall with the iPhone 5. From a design aspect they’re crazy no one has been able to match the beauty of the iphone 4 with the glass front and back panels, retina display, and metal antenna band.

    Windows lacks in that area immensely, the UI is soooo boring. It’s like a smartphone for old people with BIG icons on the display that only present themselves in two colors. I’m a hug fan of minalmalist but they’re just plain boring….they aren’t even touching android they’ve got one up on blackberry but is that something to brag about?

    • On iOS, the grid of apps looks soooooo borrrrrinnnngggggg, the design is so fragile (the sun’s rays could crack that “gorilla glass” screen). The design on the Lumia 900 looks 100000000000x better than the iPhone 4S and 4. Tell me how it’s soooo boring, please I would like to listen, I think the UI is new and different, unique for sure, and incredibly simple for something so fast, so ingenious, and so integrated. IT JUST WORKS! For once, Microsoft can say Apple’s whole “It just works” thing, despite the iPhone 4 losing service if held wrong! Windows Phone 7 is the future because it’s so organized, plus Microsoft doesn’t claim that 116 degrees for a tablet is just fine and not charging fully is a feature and make ridiculously stupid words like “resolutionary” and they do not claim everything is magic. By the way, I have had a blackberry, iphone, captivate, and finally a focus s which I’m selling to buy a Lumia 900

      • What service is the iPhone 4 losing? The beauty with Apple is there ecosystem and security.

  • It will flop just like the rest.

  • if i would change my iPhone (or more correctly iOS) i would change it only to a WM and if they get a bigger app store (Market) they can actually tack many users from android

  • I wouldnt really call myself an Apple fanboy, but I can’t really imagine using any other phone than an iPhone. Think 10 years from now. Will apple still have a handset? I hope so!

  • Here’s what I have to say about Windows Phone:
    I own a Nokia Lumia 710, I like it. It is a good device, it works well, and I never have problems with it. The app selection does not suck. The reason the number of apps on the marketplace is not as high as Apple’s or Google’s Android marketplace is because it is younger. Give it time and it will grow. Another reason is because people refuse to give Windows mobile a chance. This is because people are so obsessed with how others view them. And if they don’t have that iPhone, they are afraid others may judge them. I am going to tell you this, every phone OS is buggy. They all have their own problems.

    I also own an iPod Touch 4. I like it. It has a simple layout. But so does Windows Phone 7. I like having iOS on my iPod. I like to listen to music on it as well as play games. However, I can’t see me owning a phone that runs on it. But that’s my personal preference.

    There will always be people saying things like, “Window Phone doesn’t have this, or that.” With “this and that”=a feature that is in iOS. Well here is your answer, duh. WP is not iOS. It won’t be the same. Also you must remember how long it took iOS to get some features.

    So I leave you with this. Give it time, WP will grow. You have to be respectful as well.

    • So instead of buying a grown up phones you chose to buy windows phone 7 and wait for it to grow up. HAHAHA.

      • Here is why I bought it:
        1. I believe it has potential
        2. I like the UI better than iOS
        3. I bought a phone not a toy

        People who constantly bash WP7 phones only do so because they either, don’t like the lack of apps, are super die hard ios/android fans. What they fail to realize is that what their buying is meant to be a phone. As a phone it is great. I own an iPod so that I can play my Real Racing, Infinity Blade, and all those other apps. If people would stop whining about the things that don’t really matter when it comes to a phone, then maybe there would be less arguing.

        As for saying I didn’t buy a “grown up phone”, I see nothing grown up about a phone that hasn’t changed a whole lot in the past few years. I mean be honest, aside from a couple of things, the iPhone hasn’t changed much.

        tl;dr I bought a phone. Not an overpriced play thing.

      • Your point 1 & 2 is understandable. Its your choice and i respect that. But point no. 3 is pointless and very offensive. All the iphones and android phones is a toy, are u serious?? These smart phones are being used in our private/professional life everyday. It has changed the way we live/work. You calling it a toy will just make you look like a dumb guy who has no idea what he’s talking about.
        Iphone hasn’t changed much in its design and even i don’t like that but internally it has done lot of progress. If iphone doesnot make its screen bigger in its next update then i’m going to get some android device but i’m sure as hell that i won’t be getting any windows phone even if it has a bigger screen because it lacks the most important thing and that is “APPS”.
        I can’t say much about price because it is really expensive and i wish it to be cheaper too, but i guess you get what you pay. And its definitely not a play thing. Its all up to you to get the best out of these smart phones. Don’t just play games. There are tons of apps that will come handy in your private/professional life.
        Why don’t you use iphone/android phones until windows phone becomes a grown up phone. Why waste your time waiting for it to grow up. When windows phone will have a wide range of app selection then may be people will cosider getting one of those. But as of now its just a waste of time and money to buy Windows phone.

      • I bought Nokia Lumia 800 with WP7.5 on it. I haven’t had any trouble finding any app that I want to use in day to day life. I have an iPod Touch gen 3 with iOS5 on it, any buyers for $200 as you guys love iStuff so much? If you do then tweet me on my twitter account, I will add free shipping.

        Windows phone is not an iOS and that’s what I like about it. If you know how to use it then it is much more personal than iOS will ever deliver with its current version. You can have unlimited music for $10 with Zune pass if you are music lover. Nokia drive, maps, transport, music and many valuable apps come for free and really FREE. You don’t need data for Navigation, give me that feature in iPhone and I will buy it. People pay like $50 for maps, with Nokia Lumia phones you can download maps for any country for free.

        Finally, I like fresh breeze and I get that feeling while using WP. I feel suffocated when I use my iPod and I haven’t touched it in months and I am serious. Apple should stop calling it iPod touch, its untouchable.

  • sasa ramic

    I m dumping my iphone 4s for windows phone…I hate small screen and i dont care for retina on f 3 inch screen..Also everbody have iphone now days so time for changes just come.

  • Anonymous




  • Shouldn’t even post these stories everyone is obviously gonna gang up on anything not Apple and be immature about it.

  • Imahottguy

    I have never liked the interface. I have played with the Windows Phone (or whatever it’s called) UI and couldn’t get into it. It is just weird to me. I don’t like the “tiles”, I am too accustomed to icons. The Lumia 900 is a formidable device, but it will never be an iPhone, nor will it will be an iPhone “killer”. In my opinion, the same can be said about Android as well.

    • I am glad that its not an iPhone, maybe you need to refer dictionary more. There is a whole world other than iCrap. No one is going to beat iPhone, why are you so scared that you have to come here and bash something. Are you loosing your sleep over it? Jealous that some other phone is about to steal the “cool factor”.

  • Anonymous

    In my opinion the awareness campaign on TV will have to be very convincing for others except me. My wife has the iPhone 4s and she loves it. My son has an Android phone and he loves that. I have a windows phone, the Samsung Focus S and I love it. It has the 7.5 Mango platform and a 1.4GHz processor. It seems as fast as my wife’s 4s. Others at work love to tease me about my WP7. Most of them have androids, a few have iphone and a couple are interested/curious about the WP7 and the new Lumia 900. I’m sold on WP7, to have it is to know it and why. Sure, there are a couple more apps for Android and iOS but, that’s not a deal breaker for me, I found plenty that work great. I like the navigation on my phone better than I do on my wife’s iphone 4s. I’ve used the Zune software to sync music to my old Zune 30GB and like the Zune software better than iTunes. That’s why I initially stared looking at the WP7’s. Windows the Skydrive with 25GB free and that works great, 20GB more than iCloud. Also, one of the tech guys that has an iphone told me that the Siri on the 4s is still in “beta”. Why let the public test it ??? Back to my son’s Android, there is a micro HDMI on it and he connected it up to my home theater to play pandora and that was awesome but, still, I can connect my laptop up to do that. Maybe WP7 could employ a micro HDMI, still, not a deal breaker. I know there are many more Android options like pocket cloud to remote on to a User’s computer but, that’s a pretty small remote access device. I think Windows will keep on evolving their WP7.

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    the lumia 900 looks like an awesome phone but it’ll be a cold day in hell when ANY windows phone tops the worlds best selling phone…people just arent using WP7

    • Simply because people ignore it. Why? Because it’s not “perfect” like the iPhone in their eyes.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t care about +500,000 apps in business phone ! A good and practical sync with corporate email, smooth (and best) navigation and a good camera is all I need. Skydrive is a nice cream on this cake.
    If you really love to pay 50% extra for nothing on your iPhone, just good luck !

    • Princess Pushy

      How do I unlock the Lumia 900 from AT&T when I buy it at the no-commitment price of 450 dollars? Jailbreak for Nokia?

  • Princess Pushy

    How do I unlock the Lumia 900 from AT&T when I buy it at the no-commitment price of 450 dollars? Jailbreak for Nokia? I don’t want service from AT&T.

  • jahanzeb aamir

    Just can’t wait to get my hands on that baby! … iPhone display is boring now … If in the coming years they didn’t do much to change the display … they’re going down … WP7 is a new iPhone … It just need a memory slot and we’re good to go … More mega pixels won’t matter … speed and apps is what we need … WP7 here I come … and in a shape of an sexy lumia 900 … I think it will break records … a new status symbol … much better then Android (the copy cat) and his cousin iOS. Something new to look forward to.

  • Best phone in the world, period. Beutiful display, lightining fast not only while launching apps and switching between them, but with the internet browsing and thethering side of things as well. There”s no need to mention the green droid or the bitten rotten apple, they have nothing against the Nokia Lumia 900. This phone doesn’t just kill them, this phone sets a new standard in photo quality, data speeds and design.