Now the new iPad is here, attentions have begun to turn to Apple’s next big thing. While it is true that the iPhone 5, or more likely the “New iPhone” will be that device, the proposed Apple Television is the thing that we are all getting excited about.

There are plenty of things we don’t know yet about what Apple has up its sleeve. In fact, it’s true that we know absolutely nothing for certain. As is so often the case, we are running on rumors and guesswork right now, not least when it comes to a potential release date.

The latest rumors surround just that, with Business Insider reporting that the Apple Television will debut in 2013…

A research note from Hong Kong-based research firm CLSA is the source of the new rumor, and while it may be nothing more than another researcher having a wild stab in the dark, we’re always willing to listen to as many opinions as possible. Whether we believe them or not is a completely different matter!

According to the note, Foxconn’s recent investment in Sharp is likely related to a deal with Apple to manufacture a shiny new Apple Television.

“We continue to view Apple TV hardware as a 2013 event.

The timing of Hon Hai/Foxconn’s equity stake and partnership with Sharp along with Hon Hai Chairman Terry Gou’s separate 46.5% investment in Sharp’s Sakai City plant lends further credibility that Apple TV is in the works. This also follows reports that Apple is investing ~$1.3bn in equipment destined for Sharp facilities.”

We’re really on the fence with this one, and even though rumors of an Apple Television simply will not die, there is still a nagging doubt about many of them. We’d recommend a handy dose of salt from here on in.

  • Whatever happened to that apple tv jailbreak to use apps in fullscreen and mess

  • unrelated. Im having isuess with my iphone 4s absinthe jailbreak. After I delete some app or tweak from cydia my home button and power buton stop completely working. And the i have to put it into dfu mode and springboard crashes and all that junk is there a fix? another unrelated question my otterbox defender for 4s has a defect you see the top right corner has i huge space between the plastic and rubber is there a fix? RSVP

    • Anonymous

      My case is the same way. Just the way it is. About your app problem, do you let your phone sit idle for about 20 seconds or so ? Mine does the same thing, I let it sit then everything is just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Well if you keep making predictions, you’re bound to get it right eventually

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