Back in 2008, Apple made the decision to allow Best Buy to carry and sell its beloved handset. And that choice is proving to be a fantastic one today as reports are coming in regarding the retailers’ iPhone sales.

Citing a study from Consumer Intelligence Research Partners, AllThingsD reported this morning that Best Buy outlets have been selling almost as many iPhones as Apple itself…

CIRP tracked iPhone purchases over a three month period from December 2011 to February 2012, and the results are rather interesting. Over the test period, 76% of iPhones were purchased in physical retail stores, and 24% of them were bought online.

The most notable find, however, was that Best Buy was responsible for 13% of all iPhone sales during the period. That’s not bad considering that Apple itself was only responsible for 15%. But this phenomenon can actually be explained with simple math.

For starters, with 1100 retail outlets worldwide, Best Buy has roughly four times the amount of stores that Apple does. It’s also worth noting that Best Buy is one of the few third-party iPhone resellers that carries all three carrier models (Sprint, Verizon, AT&T).

Regardless, the electronics giant is still performing at a high level. Especially given the fact that “other stores,” including Walmart and Radio Shack, only accounted for roughly three percent of all iPhone sales during CIRP’s research. Interesting.


  • I always by my families iDevices at Best Buy for one reason – the rewards program. No other store gives me points for purchasing the items there that can be used later on other items. Considering the price on most of the iDevices, it adds up quickly.

    • Aric Bolf

      Every time I walk up to a register in a Best Buy, the register person always asks “Do you have reward zone?” I always answer no. Why? I have no idea what it is. They never ever bother to ask me “Would you like to know what it is?” or “Would you like to try it out?” or hand me a pamphlet about it.

      Super America and Barnes & Noble do the same blunder. Took me about 10 trips to the book store to decide to ask them “Why do you ask me that?”

      Makes me wonder what the point of the program is if they don’t bother telling their customers about it? Am i supposed to be be sold on whatever it is just because they asked me if I have something?

      • The problem is not the store, is the lazy ass cashiers, that ARE obligated to offer it to every client, instead they just ask if you have the reward to prevent from voiding the transaction in case the client has it. Of couse the clients should always question those requests of personal data but humans are like that.

        BTW whats the news here focused on BestBuy? I mean I could understand that big news AT&T sold more than Verizon, or that AT&T sold more than Red Grey and Blue together in the graph, but BestBuy is just another.

  • Keep rocking, Best Buy!!!