AppleInsider is reporting today that it has obtained a research note from Barclays, an investment firm, that contains some interesting information regarding Apple’s next iPhone.

The note states that Apple is moving along with development of its next iPhone, and is now in the process of reviewing components submitted by suppliers for use in the new handset…

“Among the parts Apple is expected to utilize are Qualcomm’s “MDM9615” LTE chip, which supports both voice and data connections on high speed 4G networks. That chip would be a change from the new iPad, which features Qualcomm’s “MDM9600.” But that hardware only offers data connections over 4G LTE, not voice.”

The report goes on to suggest that the next iPhone, like its predecessor, will be a world device. This means that there will be a single CDMA/GSM model offered around the globe. We’ll see.

Although the new iPad features LTE technology, there has been some doubt on whether or not Apple could include it in its next handset while maintaining decent battery life. Especially since the battery life in the iPhone 4S has been such a disappointment.

  • Anonymous

    Hopefully by the time it is out LTE has widespread coverage

    • Anonymous

      Also didn’t one of the tear downs say apple was able to double the battery capacity with out using more space. If so they can use the same tech in the iPhone and not sacrifice on battery life. Maybe even get an improvement.

  • I hope they improve the battery + new design 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I currently have AT&T with my iPhone4 and I absolutely LOVE the feature of talking and being able to surf the net at the same time!!!

    When I originally heard of this feature, I personally thought it was “STUPID”…. Why is that necessary I asked myself.

    Well, you don’t know how many times I’ve been talking to my wife, and she wants me to pull up a map for her, or look something up! That alone has been a great feature instead of running over to a nearby computer that has internet.

    Additionally, I tether my laptop and iPad2 with my iPhone – this has come in handy many times when I also needed to make a phone call. No problem, because my AT&T iPhone4 supports this function. 🙂

  • im scared for the battery life its gonna have on 4s already sucks..

    • 5.1 should fix that issue. Did u try that?

  • Can’t wait.. Tomball tx and 4G LTE everywhere… Love AT&T

  • IDK… the iPad gets 9hrs of life on LTE. Why can’t we have about the same with the iPhone? The i4S isn’t really a disappointment, but it is definitely a step back when compared to the i4. LTE and more RAM are the big upgrades that I am hopping for in the next generation iPhone. I obviously will not be buying next year’s generation because I just bought an iPhone 4S, so I will be purchasing an iPhone when my 2 year contract runs out. Depending on what carriers decide to do with the 4G/3G data packages, I may switch to Verizon or Sprint. I am grandfathered in on an unlimited 3G plan… but that may not apply to 4G. fingers crossed.

    • does unlimited really matter anymore what with throttling and all?

  • Anonymous

    Don’t make it hot like the new iPad.

  • Christina Bryan

    I really like the concept picture they’ve used for this article. I’d buy a phone that looked like that; it seems like a logical next step for the next phone.

  • Francesco Lariccia

    I wish they would also let us use it in EU. Since it’s not working right now, I guess it’s not a good thing to define it as a World-ready iPad.

  • this concept is nice..but do something with the battery