While Apple’s co-founder Steve Wozniak could probably stroll into Apple’s HQ in Cupertino to pick himself up an iPad, he’s made it very clear that he’d rather join in on the excitement and wait in line. Wozniak was first in line for the iPhone 4S this fall.

This time around isn’t any different. Wozniak has joined other enthusiastic Apple fans to wait for the new iPad to go on sale. It’s already hit the East Coast this morning, and will be available on the West Coast in about an hour.

Wozniak has been in line for the iPad since yesterday afternoon: 

Whats Trending was able to get an interview with the Apple co-founder, who has never been camera shy. Woz admits that he wasn’t first in line, but that his wife was.

Woz played a key role in founding Apple and could probably obtain an iPad pretty easily if he wanted. However, Woz is a tech geek just like the rest of us, and loves to stand in line.

Woz and his wife are awaiting the new iPad’s launch at the Westfield Mall Apple store in Century City, Los Angeles with other brave Apple fans. Hey, maybe they’ll get Wozniak to sign their new iPad.

Did you brave the lines this morning?

  • why be among the first and suffer with initial bugs of device?…..best is to get it 3-4 mths later IMO.

    • Sina

      I call it Geek’z Rule ! (Needless to say I’m also a Tech Geek)

    • Damani Brown

      Software updates fix most of the problems… They won’t change the hardware until next release… So why wait?

      • coz i hate to queue !…haha…3-4 mths later when demand subsides, just need to order online and it be delivered to your home…keke…….hardware wise, nothg left for apple to improve besides the front facing vga camera and maybe become 8mpg camera….configuration to support 4G frequencies in other countries……..or facetime using data network?……..12GB plan is impossible for me to finish….haha

      • First off, waiting 3-4 months before you get one is queing. And second- you literally want Apple to improve almost all the new iPad features so maybe you should queue 12 months instead.

    • Bugs are good for jailbreaks 😉

    • iOS Devices? Bugs? The software is almost 6 versions old now.

  • I think he likes that attention, but thats ok. If it were not for him and Steve Jobs we would not have our beautiful Apple products. I had FEDEX hold my iPads at the location, bout to go get them!!! I could not wait for them to deliver, lol. Still better than waiting in a line for HOURS or DAYS.

  • Anonymous

    WOZZZZZZ DA MAN!!!!!!!!

  • Luke Row

    Felt the interviewer could have been better at interviewing

  • What a humble guy.

    Tim Cook should keep him company for what he had done and contributed to Apple, I would. Hehehe!!!

  • Gregz0r

    Even though he hasn’t really been relevant since before the first Macintosh, we will always be indebted to the Woz.

  • Dan

    Either they are paying him, or he just wants attention

    • After watching this video of the Wozinator at 1:00 the interviewer said something to the effect of him obtaining an iPad directly from apple. I was like whoa he does not have the resources to even obtain one even if he wanted too. Go ahead and take alook folks he’s just trying to get attention to make people believe apple still loves him

  • First thing on my mind; Attention seeking

  • Too poor 🙁
    I’m a tech geek too though 🙂

  • to Max Kaslick, i mean queuing physically….3-4 mths later, just walk in any store, and you get it straight away….and no one says anythg abt wanting everythg to be improved, you think too much….i said there is nothg much for apple to improve further already…it is almost a monopoly of the tablet segment for them…

  • he’s like the child star everyone has forgotten… and he really wants attention.

  • Either way the next iPad (coming out in probably another year) will feature significant hardware changes …

    * significantly thinner * that’s about it.