Looking to sell your old iPad to help pay for a new one? Well, we’ve already shown you a number of places to sell or trade-in your old tablet for cash. But now it looks like you can take your iPad straight back to its manufacturer.

As noted by TheNextWeb, Apple has updated its Reuse and Recycling program to include trade-in values for iPad 2s. The company is now offering up to $320 for the year-old tablet, depending on its model and condition…

If in perfect condition, Apple will give you:

  • $205 for 16GB WiFi iPad 2
  • $250 for 16GB WiFi + 3G iPad 2
  • $245 for 32GB WiFi iPad 2
  • $280 for 32GB WiFi + 3G iPad 2
  • $275 for 64GB WiFi iPad 2
  •  $320 for 64GB WiFi + 3G iPad 2

The money comes in the form of an Apple Store gift card, so unless you’re planning on using it there, you may want to reconsider. Otherwise, the trade-in values appear to be on par with other services like Gazelle or ecoNew.

If you’re looking to get top dollar for your old tablet, Amazon still appears to be the best choice. The online retailer is offering up to $500 for used iPad 2s, but keep in mind that Amazon’s payment also comes in the form of a gift card.

  • Anonymous

    I will definately keep mine for that price, I would rather give it to someone that needs it before getting that bottom of the barrel price.

  • I sold my iPad 2 (16GB WiFi with iOS 5.0.1 Jailbroken in Mint Condition) on eBay for $391, sorry apple 😛

  • Dan

    I paid 800$ for my iPad 2 64GB wifi about 5 months ago, I’d rather give it away than sell it for that price

    • Yeah, my wifi 64gb would go to my mom before I GIVE it back to apple for $275. And i prob wouldn’t even get that. They would find tiny scratch on the back and mark it down to $200.

  • Got $545 for my iPad2 64GB (no 3G) on ebay a couple days before the NEW iPad launch…

    • You got a great price. Thats $5 less than the refurbished I believe.

  • Anonymous

    I cannot figure out where the hologram setting is on my iPad 2. I have followed the directions to find it in the settings, general, restrictions, but it’s not there. can someone tell me what to do from here. Isn’t it on all iPad2s? Help!

  • total rip off. i’d never sell my device back to apple. i’d rather smash it with a hammer.