As expected, the new iPad will be available for sale at your local Apple Store this Friday, at 8am. The confirmation comes from 9to5Mac‘s Mark Gurman who managed to get a photo of one of the marketing materials that will be hanging on the windows of Apple Stores around the country this Friday.

If the date doesn’t come as a surprise – it was officially announced by Apple last week – the time was kind of an X factor until now…

For those of you who don’t like to get in line for hours, Apple has made the new iPad available for pre-order since last Wednesday. However, facing huge demand, shipping times are already slipping and if you pre-order your iPad today, you definitely won’t be able to get it by the 16th.

I am expecting mine to be delivered by FedEx before 3pm on Friday. What about you? Will you be getting the line, or have you already pre-ordered?

  • Pre-ordered, same arrival time as you

  • Mine is still sitting in Philadelphia!!

    • I know right! Mine has been sitting in TN since the 10th and is still setting there!

      • Anonymous

        its over night shipping….mine is in PA too. gonna stay there till thursday

      • Man I’m telling… I’m like checking the tracking almost every second.. Can’t wait bro!!

  • Mine is in Nashville, TN. Hopefully comes early in Thursday!

  • I’m gonna disguise myself as a huge iPhone and stay overnight in the apple store and when the shipment comes in I’m gonna put on a blue shirt and be the first one to meet the FedEx driver sign for the iPads and simply walk out the front door past all the people in line waiting !! Ha ha ha genius!!!