Yes folks, it’s finally here: the highly anticipated centralized Action-Bar for the SpringBoard called Deck. We’ve had countless people asking us when Deck would be released, and we’re happy to finally be able to say: now.

If you haven’t already read our Deck preview, then be sure to check that out along with our video walkthrough of the tweak above.

Deck is available right now on Cydia’s ModMyi repo for $1.99. What do you think about it?

  • Can’t find it 🙁

  • jose castro

    way better the superswitcher

  • I DON GET IT. your paying 2 dollars for 43 kb. WHYY?????!!!!!

    • jose castro

      it prob took some time to make, i think it fits perfeclty with the ios

    • Siv

      You’re kidding right? Idiot…

    • Go ahead, pay more to fill your phone up with junk. Idiot. Size means almost nothing about what a tweak will do, some of the most useful ones (FiveIconDock) are in Kb’s in size.

    • File sizes don’t represent how many features there are. That being said, images usually have a large file size; this tweak probably has less images than others.


    • File sizes don’t represent how many features there are. That being said, images usually have a large file size; this tweak probably has less images than others.


  • It’s slick, but I just don’t know how many shortcut tweaks I really need. Especially considering I can get NC on the lockscreen with ISX and just about all of those features are tweaks already available for NC.

    • Tom

      I’m exactly the same. I have WeeToolbox and Intelliscreen X installed. WeeToolbox gives me shortcuts that let me Tweet, update Facebook, text and open camera, whilst Intelliscreen X gives me toggles for Bluetooth, wi-fi and plane mode.

      I can see that Deck could be useful to some people, it’s just not for me.

  • jose castro

    also i wish they will add color to it soon lol,

  • Can you use it on the lockscreen? I’ve been looking for a decent way to open up apps straight from the lockscreen – using Slideaway at the moment, but it’s really annoying me cos with compact mode on, it cuts off your lockscreen notifications :/

    • jose castro

      lol why, whats the point of a springboard then

      • Sometimes it’s more convenient to jump straight to an app, like the tube map when I’m on the underground for example

      • jose castro

        ya i can see what good point

    • The description says; Centralized Action-Bar for SpringBoard, so I don’t think it will be working on Lockscreen. I’m not getting it so I’m not sure and it might get updated to support it in the future.

  • I paid for this tweak and it’s doesn’t work on my iPhone 4S. Maybe the problem is the resized icons by springtomized.

    • steven Hadjez

      Same for me. I paid for deck and it’s not working. I have the resized icons too. Do you think this is what’s blocking it?

  • Eric Morgan

    Can’t get it until activator is fixed for ios 5.1. Yes I unfortunately upgraded amd am tethered. Activators actions (except sbsettings) crashes the springboard. I want this though.

  • Can’t find it

  • Can’t fInd it

  • I got it and it is pretty slick and easy to use. I just dont think ill remember to use it. I use SBSettings for my toggles and such and the shortcuts are redundant cause its easier to just tap the app icons already on your springboard. My opinion tho, but i like a simple and clean OS

  • No Whammy

    I found a tweak that let’s you have a full screen “Deck” and you can have multiples by swiping left or right anywhere. All of the icons are full color designed by graphic artists. Each of the icons can have a badge that informs you of any alerts. You can also rearrange them without going into a menu screen and you can even do folders. On top of all this, it’s free!

    It’s called I Didn’t Do A God Damned Thing To My Phone.

  • Tried a hacked copy of this and that could of lead to a brought copy of this.. Yes it looks and works well but sbsetting has all the toggles I need. As for the other setting I can live with opening up the app I need..
    It’s now been deleted .. a try before you buy should be on all payed tweaks . It can be done, Just look at all the intelliborn apps/tweaks

    • Dan

      I tried your ”version” too and I didn’t keep it. I like to try tweaks before I buy them. Imo, this tweak is too clumsy for my taste and I took it off after 2 minutes, I’ll stay with superswitcher and sbsettings toggles.

    • Yah. I agree. intelliborn=no customer support and no constant updates to fix bugs..

  • Installed but now my mail icon is blank and none of my apps on my springboard open unless I restoring

  • does it work with dreamboard themes?

  • I like the simplicity of my phone. Don’t need this. >.< might be helpful to some though

  • Kind of reminds me of SBSettings and Dock mixed together.

  • Jeff can you explain about a tweak name “iPhoto501fix”

    • Yes, you can! For doing this you need to install iFile on your 4S running 5.0.1. Open iFile and access /System/Library/CoreServices. Tap on SystemVersion.plist inside the directory and choose to open it using Text viewer. Now tap edit and where is saying 5.0.1 you need to change for 5.1. Exit iFile. Respring your 4S. Normally install iPhoto from App Store. Before start using your new app open Cydia and install “iPhoto501fix”. Respring again and enjoy iPhoto!

      • Anonymous

        Thx, but to change the .plist file did it cause any problem?

      • Of course

  • This is RiDECKulously nice.. XD

  • jose castro

    i dont like when you push 3G on deck because it boots to you the setting app 🙁 hope he changes that

    • It’s a pseudo-toggle. The guy asked everyone on his twitter account whether people wanted it released quickly because the 3G toggle would take a few weeks to develop. It will be fixed in a future update

  • Installed but now my mail icon is blank and none of my apps on my springboard open unless I restoring

  • Anonymous

    This tweak doesn’t work on my 4S. I want a either fix or my money back!

  • Just downloaded it free from repo dont know if there’s any difference in the paid tweak and the free version but file is the same size.

  • Anonymous

    Why wont it work on my phone?!?!?!?

    • Same for me. Not working. Tried reinstalling. Clean uninstall reinstall. Reboot. Restoring. Different activators. Nothing works.

      • Anonymous

        I FINALLY got mine to work a few mins ago. Try this.

        -Reinstall Deck, reboot, disable deck in settings, respring, reenable Deck in settings, respring, set your activator action from the Deck settings, and activate it from the homescreen.

  • If it doesn’t work, just Disable it then reEnable it in Deck’s settings.

  • does it work on jb devices with ios 5.1.1?

  • this app does not work under iOS 6.1 it should be updated but its not